The King’s Speech

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Last night, what is supposed to be a regular accounting of our nation’s direction and general health was instead just another play for continued license and sustaining aggrandizement of our new king, his wife, and political cronies.

Of course it is normal for a president to put the best face on his administration, but American TV viewers have rarely witnessed such judiciously edited deception so artfully parroted as the trash we heard from the 2nd term Obama in his speech. Since his coronation, he has never demonstrated even a nodding acquaintance with humility, shame, reverence for the truth, or genuine responsibility – and this event was no exception. He and his writers have simply discovered that there are no limits to what a president and his teleprompters can achieve. Playing fast and loose with the truth is a career politician’s stock-in-trade – and, given that so much of our citizenry prefer the restful ease of allowing the television to do their thinking for them, last night’s address amounted to just another lullaby.

With all the modesty of a Benito Mussolini, Barack spent the hour touting successes that were either not his to own or haven’t materialized. What appears to be our currently mellowed unemployment rate, for example, is actually attributable to fewer people (the underemployed or those no longer eligible) filing for unemployment.

Through our history, we have learned the hard way that a free economy left to itself will find its own best way to bounce back. Not even the deadly assaults of Obamacare, the vicious impositions of entrepreneurial restraints and tax burdens, fuel prices, the threat of ‘Cap and Trade’, or a host of other black holes that seem designed to snuff any hope of prosperity can keep American business from stretching to invent a better mousetrap. And our poser president – who is bleeding our economy to death – tried to impress us all with the idea that any economic advancements made within the last five years have been solely the result of his expertly mandated prodding. What a shuck.

His alleged ‘feat’ of the 8 million new jobs he bragged about is quite misleading, given that the BLS puts actual newly created jobs at closer to 3 million–now hovering at about a million less than when the slump began in ’07. And how many of those jobs are part-time or low wage? While the manufacturing sector has indeed provided over a half-million jobs since 2010, we are still a half-million down from when his presidency began. If our nation’s largest-ever budget deficits have indeed been cut in half, as he claims, it’s only because he’s using numbers that help to ignore the massive deficit he’s built in the first place. Of course, he lauded the triumphs of his Affordable Care Act, in spite of the fact that it is a disaster in every respect. Nevertheless, we know that the data will confess to most anything if you beat it hard enough.

But that’s how the whole evening went: ‘If anything good is happening, it’s because I’m here.’ What an insult, his conceit, to the American worker, business leader, housewife, college student, John Q public – all of us who have to keep clawing regardless of the ridiculous, lavishly overpriced packages he has relentlessly thrown at us since his takeover. What’s left of conservative America should be applauded for whatever resiliency it’s managed to muster during this demagogue’s rampage.

But the scariest feature of his long-winded presentation were statements that amounted to warnings preparing us for his continued demolition of our Constitution. He very deliberately paused, at key points in his delivery, to inform us all that he will prevail regardless of the sluggishly overbearing presence of a House of Representatives (please mark the word ‘representatives’).

He was so adamant in saying …

“So WHEREVER and WHENEVER I can take steps WITHOUT LEGISLATION to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”

And again …

“But I will act ON MY OWN to slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects, so we can get more construction workers on the job as fast as possible.”

Hiding behind altruistic words like the above, he is doing just the opposite and has shown that he intends to continue on his path of destruction.

And he made other, similar declarations intimating his contempt for whatever might challenge his omnipotent rule. Any president prior to this one could have said the same words without arousing much caution. But Barry has amply shown us that his governing autonomy is rooted in selfish arrogance and worthy of our suspicion. Of course, the Constitution provides for a president’s use of executive orders – but the spirit of that document promotes such care in the face of any potential abuse. We the people are given the responsibility to see that those abuses don’t happen. Obama, however, knows that he is safe to do what he wants since his burgeoning constituency have shown that they really don’t care anymore, one way or the other.

Lest we forget, America’s freedom, on every level, is born out of conflict. That’s why we have a ‘House of Representatives.’ Those representatives – our employees – are in place to champion the wishes of the people. We are not paying them to accommodate the demands or augment the power of our president. Neither are they in office to explain to us how our president’s authority can trump the rule of the people. No. They are there as our REPRESENTATIVES and not as arbiters placating whining wards of the state.

During OUR State of the Union Address last night, I didn’t hear a single word spoken regarding our president’s commitment to preserve and protect our right to bear arms. I didn’t hear any assurance of our maintaining the qualifying, exclusive effort it should take to become a United States citizen. I heard not a word about who would be brought to justice in the engineering and execution of the ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle. There was not a moment of apology uttered in even minimal respect for the dear Americans butchered at Benghazi. Instead, it seems we’re just supposed to laugh and smile with our president and his nodding sycophants. And I guess we’ll just idly watch as they vilify a Congress that was deliberately designed to make a potential dictator move slow enough for us to identify and remove him – before he could enslave us.

“Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Congressman Explains Why He Bailed On SOTU Address

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

For millions of patriots, Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night was yet another frustrating reminder that he views Congress as an obstacle to be avoided in his pursuit of a leftist utopia. He repeatedly expressed his desire to act unilaterally in imposing his will on the American people – even as he directly addressed the legislators he promised to bypass in the process.

One of those lawmakers, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman, apparently had enough of his imperial rhetoric and actually excused himself before the speech was complete.

“I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross the clearly-defined boundaries of the Constitutional separation of powers,” he explained, adding he was “deeply disappointed in the tone and content” of the speech.

Stockman, a proven conservative with strong Tea Party support, did not mince words when he accused Obama of “abusing his Constitutional powers,” breaking his presidential oath, and “enacting his own brand of law through executive decree.”

The congressman’s remarks reflected those of many of his colleagues – not to mention millions of Americans outraged over Obama’s continual power grab.

Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador, for example, issued a statement blasting the speech for its “hostility toward our foundational principles, condescension toward a co-equal branch of government, and a general aversion to common sense and bipartisanship.”

By walking out on the annual event, however, Stockman was able to bring attention to the tyrannical policies Obama endorsed in the address. He then capitalized on that publicity by lambasting both the speech and its orator.

“This is a wholesale violation of his oath of office and a disqualifying offense,” he added, suggesting the speech should have included Obama’s admission that “his policies have failed.”

Stockman, who is hoping to oust Republican Sen. John Cornyn in the upcoming election, is often outspoken in his criticism of Obama and leftism in general. Sometimes, as evidenced by his early departure from Tuesday’s speech, actions truly do speak louder than words.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

Congress Finally Unleashes Its Killer Robots


Today’s U.S. Army doesn’t look anything like the Army of even a decade ago, and that’s a very good thing. For starters, our troops are safer now because of huge advances in force protection.

On top of that, technology is  giving ever-smaller groups of men greater “power projection,” which the U.S. Department of Defense defines as a nation’s ability to “apply all or some of its elements of national power – political, economic, informational, or military – to rapidly and effectively deploy and sustain forces… to respond to crises, contribute to deterrence and enhance regional stability.”

And now, the use of robots is about to give power projection a quantum leap forward.

An Unstoppable Robot Militia

Of course, robots are already being used by the Army, especially to deal with improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Early in the Iraq war, IEDs were killing soldiers, destroying equipment, and making travel inside Iraq difficult.

But today, the standard TALON robot is used to identify and eliminate IEDs. In fact, TALON robots have been so effective in military operations that they’re now used in chemical, biological, and nuclear detection, and even as part of HAZMAT units nationwide. Though unarmed, TALON robots have proven their resourcefulness.

Better yet, they’re durable. During one engagement in Iraq, a TALON robot was blown off the roof of a Humvee, only to land in a river. Sometime later, the robot was driven via remote control out of the river and was retrieved on the bank.

The Next Logical Step

Given the success of the unarmed TALON, the U.S. Army has decided to push ahead with armed robots, mirroring the progression we’ve seen with unmanned drones. (Drones were first used for reconnaissance, but they’re now routinely used in the projection of lethal force.)

The powerful and combat-ready Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) robot has added target acquisition to its duties, in addition to reconnaissance and surveillance missions. MAARS can “man” forward positions in remote areas where personnel are currently unable to monitor, or where it’s too dangerous to send soldiers.

These robots will play a critical role in the Army’s plan to draw down the number of troops in uniform. According to a briefing given by General Robert Cone, head of the service’s Training and Doctrine Command, the Army is considering reducing the size of the brigade combat team from about 4,000 soldiers to 3,000. The Army would replace the lost soldiers with robots and unmanned platforms.

“I’ve got clear guidance to think about what if you could robotically perform some of the tasks in terms of maneuverability, in terms of the future of the force,” Cone said. He added that he also has “clear guidance to rethink” the size of the nine-man infantry squad.

Could We Live to See Skynet?

The military’s technological revolution is happening so quickly that it’s nearly impossible for an individual to keep up with it. But don’t worry – at Capitol Hill Daily, we’ve been diligently following the changes for months. And we’re using what we learn to recommend the defense and technology stocks most likely to benefit. In fact, they’ve become the cornerstone of our extremely successful National Treasure Portfolio.

But most importantly, our military can now project more power with fewer men than at any time in our history. That’s great news for our soldiers. But I wonder whether Skynet isn’t far from becoming a reality…

How To Balance The Budget

In a recent conversation, a member of Congress told me that he thought the original Constitution was flawed because it did not require a balanced federal budget. Therefore, he was in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and saw this as a way to limit the runaway spending of the Congress.

I bring up this conversation as an example of what you might call “overlooking the obvious”—or “not being able to see the forest because all the trees are in the way.”

Here’s what I mean:

The Constitution clearly says that Congress can only tax and spend money for certain things. These things are contained in Article One and Section 8 of the document. If this prohibition on spending isn’t clear enough, our founders added the Tenth Amendment, which even more clearly says that if a power was not specifically delegated to the federal government, it is reserved to the States or to the people.

Today, the federal government pays no attention to this limited list of its authorized activities. It spends recklessly and lawlessly, doing many things that it has no authority to do.

It doesn’t do any of these things well, but that’s not really the point. The legal point—the Constitutional point—is that it has no authority to spend money on education or health care or social security, just to name a few.

If we could just limit the Congress and the President and the Courts to the lawful activities listed in the Constitution, there would be no spending problem—and no deficit.

But, if Congress won’t follow the plain, clear, unambiguous spending limitations in Article One Section Eight, what makes you think a Balanced Budget Amendment would make them behave?

Learn more about your Constitution with Michael Anthony Peroutka and his Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift.

Religion Of Ignorance!

“A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the RIGHTS which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.”– Benjamin Franklin

Goodness gracious, America – what is it going to take for the American people to bring forth justice against an administration that is willfully and purposely tearing down the Constitution of the United States? Of course, we know that this is nothing but an attempt by the current administration to recreate our country in the image that looks just like themselves … lawless!

What sort of men and woman are behind these unconstitutional and unlawful schemes being perpetrated against the American people on a daily basis?

And let me ask you, what kind of a message is it when those who have been entrusted to represent “we the people” can no longer be trusted? Thirteen percent (Gallup) of the American people say that they have confidence in Congress as an institution.

Capitol Hill Blue did some research on Congress, and here is what they found:

  • 111 members of the House and Senate have run at least two businesses that went bankrupt, often-leaving business partners and creditors holding the bag.
  • 79 of them have credit reports so bad that they can’t get an American Express card on their own (but as members of Congress, they get a government-issued American Express card without a credit check).
  • 64 have personal and financial problems so serious that they would be denied security clearances by the Department of Defense or the Department of Energy if they had to apply through normal channels (but, again, as members of Congress, they get such clearances simply because they fooled enough people to get elected).
  • 31 members of Congress have been accused of spousal abuse in either criminal or civil proceedings.
  • 33 have driving-while-intoxicated arrests on their driving records (34 if you include President George W. Bush, but he never served in Congress).
  • 24 are or have been defendants in various lawsuits, ranging from bad debts, disputes with business partners, or other civil matters.
  • Nine members of Congress have been accused of writing bad checks, even after the scandal several years ago, which resulted in closure of the informal House bank that routinely allowed members to overdraw their accounts without penalty.
  • 17 have drug-related arrests in their backgrounds, six for shoplifting, five for fraud, four for assault, and one for criminal trespass.

These are the ones that were caught, and this was in 2005.

Because they were not held accountable for their crimes back then, they have today become more emboldened to continue down the same lawless road.

People in this country need to understand that criminals mock society’s laws. America’s compassion is a weakness that its enemies do not and will not share. Criminals thrive on the indulgences of society’s understandings. The corrupt depend upon your ignorance of the Constitution and its enumerated laws. Until America calls those who break the laws “criminals,” nothing is going to change (Isaiah 51:4).

The days are getting darker, you might say; but remember, when you live in darkness, the only light that you have is truth. So turn the lights up and expose the darkness. It would do us all well, America, to stick to the light that not only exposes but also refuses the darkness (Ephesians 5:11).

Daniel Webster rightly said, “I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe. … Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence. I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing. Make them intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.”

“Study The Past/ History Tends to Repeat Itself”

“Mask Off! The Mind of The Enemy Within”