Video of the Day: A Legislative Update on the Pro-Life Movement

Obama’s DOMA Betrayal is not a “Distraction”

Ben Johnson,

One of the sad ironies of American politics is that Republicans occasionally prove that Democrats are not the only party that can be rigidly disciplined in spreading a mind-bendingly stupid message. It seems that after Barack Obama announced his administration will simply ignore its constitutional duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the talking points went out. Suddenly, a host of self-appointed “conservative” talking heads on cable television and talk radio programs had an answer for why Obama embarked on his program on constitutional negligence now. It’s a “distraction,” they said in unison. According to even many “social conservatives,” up to and including William Bennett on his radio program this morning, Obama announced rolled out this new policy to distract Americans from the fact that he has not done anything to stop the murder of demonstrators in Libya. Various conservatives have advocated everything from harsher rhetoric to saturation bombing.

The American people, they insist, are pining for a third war in the heart of the Muslim world, and surely nothing would enhance America’s security more. Since Obama has not delivered, he made this announcement to cover his tracks. Others claimed he needed to change the focus from the national debt, so he dropped the DOMA Distraction. Either way, the Beltway blatherers tell us, this is merely “politics” to get the people talking about his plan to reinvent marriage, rather than important messages.

Occasionally, listening to Republicans, I wonder if they truly are this stupid….

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