WATCH: Hillary Backer Chris Matthews Jabs Fellow MSNBCer Ed Schultz For ‘Jumping Up And Down’ For Bernie Sanders

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, jabbed his colleague Ed Schultz for “jumping up and down” for Bernie Sanders, who is challenging Hillary for the Democratic Party nomination:

Bernie got a big crowd out there in Denver. Ed Schultz was jumping up and down about it tonight.

Matthews was discussing a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that showed Clinton with a commanding 75%-15% lead over Sanders when he made his comment.

Sanders has surprised observers by attracting large crowds on the campaign trail with his left-wing populism and rants against the one-percent, leading Schultz to remark that he is “on a roll” and that the Clinton campaign should be worried.

Schultz’s support of Sanders should come as no surprise, as he has had the Vermont senator on his program numerous times. In addition, Schultz is one of the most left-wing hosts on MSNBC, and that’s saying a lot.

Watch Matthews’ comments and Schlutz’s reply:


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Watch: Lib Host Just Gave This One Reason Hillary Can ‘Scold’ Repubs In A Way Obama Couldn’t

On Friday’s edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews, the host discussed, in an exchange with Michelle Bernard of the Bernard Center for Women, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s ability to “scold” Republican candidates, something they contend President Obama could not do during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

“Is this something that a white woman presidential candidate can do that an African-American president can`t do?” Matthews asked Bernard Friday. “I mean, why didn’t Obama give this sterling point-by-point scold you, you, you, Christie, Rick Perry, calling them out?”

“She can do it,” Bernard replied. “Obama could not do it, for example, like he couldn’t have done it in 2008 or 2012 and he can do it now because he`s in the last quarter of his presidency.” The women’s rights activist added:

But remember, we’ve talked about over and over again. The image of the quote, unquote scary black man was something that Obama had to deal with.

“But she can morally indict these guys, the other white people,” Matthews answered.

“Absolutely.” Bernard said. “And if you go and look at their numbers, the people she selected to talk about, Chris Christie does well with African-Americans. Rick Perry, Jeb Bush do well with Hispanics.”

“Anyway, I don’t think they are doing it because they don`t like black people,” Matthews said. “They do it because they like more Republican votes.”

Bernard concurred with Matthews’ point. “Exactly.”

Bush is slated to officially announce his candidacy for president Monday, two days after Clinton holds an event on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Perry announced last week; and while Christie has not made any plans to announce, he said his family wants him to run, according to Politico.

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Watch: MSNBC Host Forced To Make 33-Second Admission About Hillary That Republicans Love

At the top of his show Tuesday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews acknowledged that Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is vulnerable going into the 2016 election.

“Long before they make their candidacies official, they make their contempt for Hillary Clinton official,” Matthews said, speaking of Republican contenders. “The pounding on Benghazi and the email server has been nonstop.”

“And it’s worked. We’ve got the polls to show it,” Matthews continued. “Polls that show not just lowered favorability or higher unfavorability for secretary Clinton, but lowered numbers of honesty and trustworthiness.”

In a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday, only 45 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the former secretary of state, while 49 percent hold an unfavorable view. This includes 39 percent of Americans whose views are “strongly unfavorable.”

Only 45 percent of respondents said Clinton was “honest and trustworthy,” while 55 percent said she was not.

More staggering for the former first lady is 50 percent do not approve of her “handling [of] questions about fundraising” by the Clinton Foundation, while only 33 percent approve.

Similarly, 55 percent disapprove of her “handling [of] questions about her use of personal e-mail while she was secretary of state,” while only 31 percent approve. Additionally, only 33 percent approve of the way Clinton has handled questions about Benghazi, while 50 percent disapprove.

The State Department will be releasing over 33,000 of Clinton’s emails sent from her personal server during her time in charge at Foggy Bottom by next January, while the Clinton Foundation was recently in the news for taking millions of dollars from the Qatari government and its World Cup organizing committee.

Qatar, which is slated to host the 2022 World Cup, has seen the deaths of more than 1,200 migrant workers laboring on the stadiums and is on track to lose as many as 4,000 by the time the tournament starts.

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Watch: Chris Matthews Is Not Happy The Republicans Are Attacking Hillary Clinton

On MSNBC’s Hardball Monday, host Chris Matthews led a panel bemoaning the 2016 presidential candidates, announced and otherwise, for focusing their energies on Hillary Clinton.

This is how Matthews, who was joined by Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post and April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, began his segment:

We begin with the legion of Republican presidential candidates, 19 at the latest count, that holds one abiding, unifying belief.

It’s that the best way to run for November 2016 is to bash Hillary Clinton in April 2015. It’s their number one pastime. They’re like a chorus of angels, even if angels are a heck of a lot nicer.

The panel also discussed a new book due out next month by former George W. Bush speechwriter Peter Schweizer entitled Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Fineman and Matthews had the following advice for Clinton on how to handle the book:

Fineman: She has to lay down the predicate that she just did which is this is the political season, that this is the kind of stuff you can expect, that this came out the day before she arrived in New Hampshire.

Matthews: This thing being this book.

Fineman: The book about selling access to the State Department. I think she should say, flat out in addition to what she said, that it’s baloney. And I would have liked to, if I were advising her, I would have told her to do that.

Matthews: Skip ahead to that step.

As The New York Times notes, “The book…asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return.” The duo had another exchange attempting to dissect the GOP’s 2016 strategy.

Fineman: What do they have to do? They only thing they have to do is destroy Hillary’s character if they can.

Matthews: Early.

Fineman: Early. Do it early and do it often. That is their strategy

Matthews: That’s their strategy. Get her while she’s starting.

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Uses Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination To Call GOP Racist

Today marked yet another tax day come and gone. But, it also marked the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

Over at MSNBC, Hardball host Chris Matthews chose to use the anniversary as a way to slam the GOP for being a bunch of racists by supporting voter ID laws in 36 states. (Newsbusters points out that Rhode Island’s law was passed by a liberal legislature and governor, but it wasn’t worth mentioning by Matthews because it didn’t fit the narrative.)

“[Lincoln] was killed because he fought and won a war that saved the Union,” Matthews said on Hardball. “He was killed fighting still for the right of freed American slaves to vote. And now the Republican Party he helped start is out there in a systemic effort to keep the children of those freed slaves from voting.”

These ID laws require people to have either: a driver’s license, a state-issued ID card, or a military ID card. Proponents of these laws insist that they are in place to prevent voter fraud – such as voting multiple times – while critics maintain that the laws exist to suppress the minority vote.

If you do not have an ID to vote, that means you also cannot: open a bank account, apply for a job, file for unemployment (or welfare or Medicaid or food stamps or Social Security), buy a home, drive a car, get married, pick up a prescription, or even pick up a pack of smokes.

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