It’s Easy As ABC: Anybody But Bush Or Christie

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With 21 months until the 2016 presidential race, the GOP field of candidates is large and impressive. Approximately two dozen prominent Republicans have expressed an interest in running for President. Most of the candidates are strong conservatives with solid credentials. Unfortunately, the field also includes two well known moderates, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who both have the ability to raise large sums of money and become a major factor in the upcoming election.

The most serious establishment candidate is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is the odds on favorite to secure the presidential nomination. Bush is actually leading in the polls with the most name recognition. With a brother and father who served as President, Jeb Bush will be difficult to beat.

In recent weeks, he has been aggressively working to lock up big donors and key activists. His campaign organization has been growing so steadily that it forced former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to exit the race. In early January, Romney announced to a small gathering of donors that he was interested in running for President a third time. However, when he started trying to build a campaign network across the country, Romney realized that Jeb Bush has already signed up many of the top GOP contributors and consultants. Romney soon came to the realization that he could not raise enough money to seriously challenge Bush for the nomination. Thus, three weeks after floating a trial balloon expressing interest, Romney officially decided not to run for President.

Bush is a good man from a good family; but he is wrong on an array of issues such as taxes, immigration, and common core. He made the ludicrous comment that Romney lost in 2012 because he ran too far to the right. The country does not want or need another person with the last name of Bush as President. Even Barbara Bush admitted as much in an interview last year. Unfortunately, too many big Bush donors do not realize this fact, showing how seriously out of touch they are with real Americans.

For those moderates who are not enamored with Bush, they have a viable alternative: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is currently in Europe trying to burnish his foreign policy credentials. Christie met with Romney last week, as the former Massachusetts Governor left the race. Christie is considered a moderate on social issues such as gay marriage. He is soft on immigration and has supported the Dream Act. In addition, Christie is a strong supporter of strict gun laws, which may be popular in New Jersey but is likely to be very unpopular in the South. Sadly, like Bush, Christie is just wrong on too many issues.

The moderate wing of the Republican Party, otherwise known as the establishment, has controlled the GOP nomination process since the Reagan years. This wing of the party is usually at odds with the more conservative or grassroots wing of the party, which is often associated with the Tea Party movement. Most moderates view the Tea Party activists with disdain and will work tirelessly to prevent a conservative from achieving the nomination in 2016.

The problem with this scenario is that the moderates are very successful at winning the Republican Party nomination, but horrible at winning the presidential election. As evidence, we can view the failed presidential campaigns of George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. The last true conservative who won the Republican nomination, Ronald Reagan, won a 49 state electoral landslide.

If the Republican Party wants to win the White House again, a conservative needs to be nominated for President. This should be a foregone conclusion, but it is a subject of much debate within the GOP. The establishment wing of the party believes that only candidates like Bush and Christie can reach the Independent voters who are in play for every presidential election. In contrast, only a conservative nominee can reach the blue collar Reagan Democrats who are not typically Republican voters and unite the various groups within the party such as libertarians and evangelicals. Only a conservative presidential nominee will be able to draw a sharp distinction with a liberal Democrat candidate, such as Hillary Clinton, on the critical fiscal, social, and foreign policy issues that will be addressed in the campaign.

In 2016, it will take a strong conservative to win the White House for the GOP and defeat the Democrats. By the next election, our country will have suffered through eight years of a dangerously liberal President. It will be essential for a true conservative to become our next President and rebuild our economy and bolster our national security.

Conservatism works as a framework for both governing and winning elections. Hopefully, a majority of Republican Party voters will come to this realization in time to save their party and, more importantly, save their country.

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‘Morning Joe’ Defend Chris Christie From NYT Article By Highlighting The Clintons’ Royal Lifestyle

Joe Scarborough

A New York Times report about New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie’s lavish lifestyle stumped the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday. They wondered what said article would have looked like if it were about the Clintons.

People have talked about Hillary Clinton recently due to her potential 2016 presidential bid; last summer, her erroneous and callous claims of being “dead broke” and “truly not well off” were largely frowned down upon.

Co-host Joe Scarborough expounded on those talking points, remarking that it would be interesting to see an article placing the Clintons under the same scrutiny:

They talked about the one night that Chris Christie was around Bono. Would we like to count the nights that the Clintons have been around Bono, Beyoncé, rockstars, kings and queens? They have lived an extraordinarily lavish life that very few people, not only in America but on the planet. They have lived like kings and queens.

“I’m just curious if the New York Times is going to write a story about Hillary Clinton and the lifestyle that she has had over the past 30 years, along these lines,” he added.

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What Mitt Romney Just Did, Say Insiders, Shows He’s Made Up His Mind About 2016


In an interview with ABC News less than two months ago, Ann Romney said that her feelings about her husband running again for president were quite strong — she was against it.

“We’re not doing that again,” she said.

“It’s a no,” adding that when friends, family and former aides urge them to give it one more go, she says it’s “kind of cute.”

The former Massachusetts governor, 67, has himself been vague on the subject of another bid for the White House. Romney told The New York Times in September, “Circumstances can change…. We’ll see what happens.”

Now, one might ask, if circumstances may indeed be changing, considering what the two-time presidential contender has just done. And one might ask if Ann Romney, Mitt’s wife of 45 years, thinks that her husband’s apparently renewed interest in running is “kind of cute.”

According to a post that’s generating a lot of renewed speculation, Mitt Romney held meetings in New York this week with big donors from previous campaigns. This left at least one attendee, a Romney insider, convinced the governor has made up his mind — he is running again for president.

A member of Romney’s inner circle who spoke to Business Insider said the former governor of Massachusetts traveled to New York City on Monday where he met with key financial backers of his past campaigns to lay the groundwork for a 2016 White House bid.

This reported donor meeting came the week after a fresh poll of New Hampshire voters showed Romney a clear favorite among potential Republican rivals for the nomination. As reported on

Romney leads with 30 percent of the vote in a Bloomberg Politics/St. Anselm New Hampshire poll released Monday.

It is a healthy 19-point lead over other possible GOP names, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who trails at 11 percent.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie received 9 percent, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush won 8 percent, and Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and conservative commentator, follows with 6 percent.

Business Insider also notes that Romney’s meetings this week are among several recent efforts to reconnect with former donors and campaign staff.

In October, The Washington Post reported on a “flurry of behind-the-scenes activity” that Romney’s “friends” said was leading him to “more seriously consider” running for president again.

This activity included multiple meetings with donors and “supporters in key states” as well as an October dinner in Boston that Romney and his wife hosted for “former campaign advisers and business associates.”

So, given that she was apparently at his side for the Boston affair, maybe Ann Romney is, herself, softening to the idea that Mitt will step up to the presidential plate for a third swing at the home run ball that has twice eluded him.


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Christie Tries To Salvage Relationship With Major GOP Donor

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is known for his sharp tongue and direct approach. While this has earned him kudos in some circles, his comments have also cost him plenty of support along the way.

One of the most devastating losses the expected presidential candidate has endured recently came in the wake of a phrase he used to describe Israel that many consider not only insensitive but inaccurate. Speaking before a gathering of Republican Jewish Coalition members last week, he described the nation’s Judea and Samaria region as “occupied territories.”

Not only did he receive significant backlash from a variety of sources almost immediately; reports indicate a leading voice within the community has since withdrawn his support of the Republican heavyweight. Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein has recently announced he will not endorse Christie ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Furthermore, Klein is influential in the life of Sheldon Adelson, a Republican donor who contributed more than $40 million to the GOP in 2012.

Soon after Christie made the comment, Klein said he approached the governor in an effort to explain why many in the Jewish community were upset.

“The term occupied territories is a false term used by the enemies of Israel to make it sound like Israel has stolen Arab land,” Klein said, recalling his conversation with Christie.

“To be occupied you have to have taken over someone’s legal sovereign area,” he continued, adding he explained to Christie that “the Jewish people have a greater religious, cultural, and historical claim” to the area “than any Arabs and that the term used to refer to the West Bank should be ‘disputed territories.’”

Instead of responding with understanding, Klein lamented that Christie largely dismissed the concern, saying, “I saw you shaking your head when I used that term.”

At that time, Christie was reportedly unreceptive to the request to modify his language. In the interim, however, he seems to have reconsidered. Klein noted that the governor has since apologized to Adelson privately, though his sincerity remains in question.

“He is worried about Sheldon supporting him financially,” Klein explained, noting Christie revealed “the real answer with me because there was no ulterior motive there. I don’t believe his apology for one second.”

While Klein maintains it would be inappropriate to directly advise Adelson to curtail any financial support of Christie, he is making his opinion on the matter perfectly clear.

“Governor Christie either has no understanding of the truth of the issues affecting Israel, or he is hostile to Israel,” he said. “Either way I am very uncomfortable.”

–B. Christopher Agee

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Is Christie Becoming The New Bloomberg?

During his time as New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg was consistently ridiculed for his intrusive policies aimed at modifying the behavior of citizens through bans and taxes. He has since been replaced by Bill de Blasio, a man many consider far more dangerous, though Bloomberg’s “nanny” moniker remains up for grabs.

It seems that a Republican heavyweight in a neighboring state might have his eye on the disreputable title. Recent reports indicate his latest target is the increasingly popular e-cigarette industry.

While these devices offer a far safer alternative for smokers, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing a tax that would raise the price of e-cigarettes to the same level as traditional cigarettes.

His state has already approved legislation banning the use of the smoking substitute in public, despite the fact that the devices release only vapor and no toxin-filled smoke. Some feel Christie’s latest attack on the e-cigarette market will further solidify the perception that he favors undue government intrusion into the free market.

Despite the fact that experts (including at least one former surgeon general) tout the potential benefits of the nicotine-delivery instruments, Christie seems firmly entrenched in a leftist mindset that would relegate these products to the unfavorable level of traditional cigarettes. Medical professionals across the nation contend that e-cigarettes are not only safer for smokers and the general public; they also indicate that use of such products can be a catalyst in an individual’s decision to give up nicotine completely.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to issue any report detailing adverse health effects found in the use of these devices.

Nevertheless, lobbyists working on behalf of other smoking cessation products are reportedly working with elected officials to curtail the sale of a product they consider a threat.

Whether Christie has been influenced by these forces or simply believes in imposing prohibitive taxes on products he doesn’t like, his advocacy of this policy could clearly hurt his already tenuous relationship with conservatives.

–B. Christopher Agee

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