BREAKING: Trump Receives Unexpected ‘Establishment’ Endorsement That Could Change Race

After ending his presidential bid in the wake of a sixth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement became a topic of speculation among political pundits.

In a press conference Friday, Christie announced which GOP candidate has his support.

“I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States,” he said.

The high-profile political endorsement came on the heels of Trump’s first congressional endorsements, which he received from Republican congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins earlier this week.

Within minutes, Christie’s announcement gained widespread traction among social media users. Several Twitter users suggested the endorsement was a step toward securing a cabinet position in a potential Trump administration.

“Attorney General then Supreme Court,” one user predicted.

“Woah!,” another replied. “I think I see a possible VP!”

Others recalled the bitter rivalry between Christie and Marco Rubio in the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary.

“Surprised he didn’t endorse Rubio,” a commenter wrote. “They are such good friends.”

A few more cynical social media users insisted the billionaire front-runner paid Christie for the endorsement.

BREAKING: Republican Candidate Dropping Out Days After Changing The Race In A Big Way

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is ending his Republican presidential campaign, according to published reports.

The Washington Times reported that Christie would issue a formal statement Wednesday afternoon. CNN reported similar news.

The announcement was not unexpected after Christie’s sixth-place showing in New Hampshire’s GOP primary on Tuesday. In the wake of the results, Christie told supporters he was canceling plans to go to South Carolina, the site of the next GOP primary.

“We’re going to go home to New Jersey tomorrow, and we’re going to take a deep breath,” he said, adding that in consultation with his family he “will make a decision on our next step forward based on the results that come in here in New Hampshire.”

Christie was philosophical Tuesday night.

“I have won elections that I was supposed to lose, and I lost elections that I was supposed to win,” he said. “It means you never know. It’s both the magic and the mystery of politics.”

“We leave New Hampshire tonight without an ounce of regret,” Christie added. “Not for the time we spent or for the thousands of people tonight in New Hampshire tonight who will have voted for us. We thank each and every one of them.”

On Wednesday morning, GOP front-runner and New Hampshire victor Donald Trump said that he and Christie discussed the latter’s exit.

“And he actually called me last night, and we had a long talk, and he’s a little disappointed because he really did do a great job, he did an amazing job during that debate,” Trump said on CBS This Morning.

On Saturday night, during the Republican presidential debate, Christie aggressively attacked Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. The attacks were cited as a reason Rubio’s political stock was falling in the days before the New Hampshire primary. Christie mocked Rubio’s scripted style and called him the “boy in the bubble.” In one exchange between Rubio and Christie, Rubio repeated the same statement multiple times, which played into Christie’s attacks.

“I think the whole race changed last night. Because you know there was a march among the chattering class to anoint Sen. Rubio,” Christie said Sunday. “I think after last night, that’s over. So I think there could be four or five tickets out of New Hampshire because the race is so unsettled now.”

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Debate Just Triggered Massive Swing In NH Race-‘One Of The Most Dramatic Drops Ever’ For A Top Candidate

In the wake of the Iowa caucuses last week, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio appeared to be a rising star who was fashioning a meteoric rise as Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary approached.

That was before Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate, in which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered blistering attacks on Rubio.

Now, Rubio’s standing has suffered “one of the most dramatic drops I have ever seen in 48 hours,” said Matt David of the pro-John Kasich New Day for America Super PAC. “A rock doesn’t do it justice.”

The poll shows Rubio, who was second in most polls last week, falling to fourth with 10 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump, with 35 percent support, was the leader in the poll, conducted Sunday using responses from 500 likely voters. Ohio Gov. Kasich came next at 15 percent, followed by former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush at 13 percent. Christie and Sen. Ted Cruz each received 8 percent support.

“The whole race changed last night,” Christie said Sunday on CNN. “There was a march amongst some in the chattering class to anoint Senator Rubio. I think after last night, that’s over. I think there could be four or five tickets now out of New Hampshire because the race is so unsettled now.”

On Sunday, during one campaign stop, someone placed copies of the Boston Herald’s front page showing Rubio’s picture with one word, “Choke,” under the windshield wipers of cars.

On Twitter, he earned the moniker “Rubio bot,” prompting some to dress as robots and greet Rubio at a Sunday event in New Hampshire.

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Trump Just Got Huge News Right Before The Debate That Might Have Him Worried

It may be too soon to dub this week’s surge as “Marco-mania,” but the polls coming out of New Hampshire in recent days point to a dramatic rise by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential contest.

Polls also show Donald Trump remains in the lead, but has seen his margin erode. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz  has seen little gain in New Hampshire after his victory in the Iowa caucus Monday .

A Boston Globe/Suffolk poll published Friday had Trump on top at 29 percent, with Rubio second at 19 percent, Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 13 percent, former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent, and Cruz at 7 percent.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll also shows Trump leading with 30 percent support, but shows Rubio moving past Cruz. That poll showed Rubio’s support at 17 percent; Cruz polled 15 percent support.

The web site FiveThirtyEight compared top GOP candidates’ overall poll standings as of Friday with their standing as of Monday.

That analysis showed frontrunner Trump’s percentage of support down 2.1 percentage points, while Rubio rose 6.1 percentage points. Cruz rose less than a percentage point while Kasich and Bush each slipped less than one percentage point.

In spite of Trump’s slip, he’s still on top. In fact, a CNN poll asking respondents who they expect to win found that 61 percent of respondents expect Trump to win Tuesday’s contest.

Rubio’s rise has made him a target.

Christie called Rubio “the boy in the bubble,” noting how he is “scripted and controlled.”

“His 60-second memorized speeches, all of which we’ve heard over and over and over again, are getting stale and tired,” Christie said.

Bush has attacked Rubio for having no experience beyond politics. The pro-Kasich super PAC, New Day for America, has slammed Rubio for opposing reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Watch: MSNBC Host Wants You To Call Terrorists These Two Words Instead Of ‘Animals’

A number of prominent Democrats have been criticized for their refusal to identify radical Islamic terrorism in terms stark enough for their Republican detractors. As MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently revealed on air, however, there are further rhetorical limits he advises Americans to place on themselves when describing terrorists.

“I mean, call them what they are,” he said, “—bad people.”

Matthews then went on to chide Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie for referring to Islamic extremists with one particular word.

“But what’s this ‘animal’ thing that Christie’s throwing around?” he wondered.

The divisive host also went after surging GOP hopeful Ted Cruz for his foreign policy proposals regarding the war on terror.

“I mean, when you hear carpet bombing,” Matthews said, “there’s no way to hear that from Cruz without knowing a lot of regular people that just happen to live in those geographical areas will die because you’re carpet bombing.”

At least one notable figure vying for the Republican presidential nomination is apparently still a big fan of Matthews despite his many attacks on conservatives.

The glowing Twitter endorsement did not sit well with a number of Republicans.

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