Survey: China, Sweden Least Religious Countries In The World

According to a recent survey, China is the least religious country on earth, while Sweden is the least religious country in the Western World. Nations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are among the most religious.

A survey of 63,898 people in 65 countries was conducted by Gallup International and the WI Network of Market Research between September-December 2014 and released this week.

They simply asked “Irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not would you say you are: a. a religious person, b. not a religious person, c. a convinced atheist, d. do not know/no response.”

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

61 percent of Chinese said they were convinced atheists, making the communist nation the least religious on earth according to the data. 78 percent in Sweden identified as not religious or are convinced atheists.

The Nordic country officially cut ties with the Church of Sweden, an Evangelical Lutheran denomination, 15 years ago. Its government even predicts a drop in church membership on its website.

Sixty-six percent of the Swedish population are members of the Church of Sweden. It is only since 2000 that Swedes don’t automatically become a member at birth and record numbers of Swedes have left the church in recent years.

A continued decline in membership is predicted as young Swedes fail to take the place of older members. Surveys also indicate that only eight per cent of Swedes attend any religious services regularly.

Thailand is the most religious country in the world at 94 percent. Armenia, Georgia, and Morocco are next at 93 percent.

65 percent of Israel’s population said they were not religious or are convinced atheists, while only 30 percent said they were religious. This is compared to 70 percent of Russians who considered themselves religious, 56 percent of Americans, and 30 percent of residents of the United Kingdom.

Overall, 63 percent of the world population considers themselves religious.

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Hollywood Reporter French-Kisses China In Sweet Surrender


The Hollywood Reporter just gave a big sloppy French kiss to China. When offered an opportunity to expand their readership in the Land of the Dragon, they agreed to the terms of surrender: censorship of stories. The Hollywood Reporter said: No freedom of the press, no problem. And for an undisclosed about of Yuan, they sealed the deal with Chinese online giant Tencent.

Tencent is not as big a brand name in the United States as Fifty Cent, the popular rapper. But make no mistake about it: Tencent can buy and sell a hundred  and Fifty Cents out of their petty cash fund.

As a leader in Chinese social networking and gaming, Tencent gladly paid for the right to license content including articles and videos owned by The Hollywood Reporter. Of course, the final editorial approval lies in the hands of the Red Dragon–but who cares? Think of those millions of active new readers and online junkies on the other side of the world.

Tencent is quickly gobbling up influence in American entertainment circles. Recently, they partnered with Time Warner and Warner Music Group to stream HBO TV shows and more.

As a benchmark, the Hollywood Reporter’s website had about 10 million unique visitors in February of 2014. That’s double the number of 5 million views for Variety Magazine’s website in the same time period.

But with the new Dragon marriage, including more Chinese news-gathering, we can expect those numbers to possibly double before the end of this Year, designated on the Chinese calendar as the Year of the Sheep.

Only time will tell if this merger was sheer genius, or if the bulk of the Hollywood Reporter ‘s stories will get sheered either by Chinese censors or in voluntary surrender–I mean compliance–no, I meant surrender.

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What Was Flying At Washington Capitol Building Prompted These Patriots To Yank It Down

Communist Flag Flying

Men holding the Gadsden flag – a flag associated with the Tea Party – were seen taking down a Communist Chinese flag at the state capitol building in Olympia, Wash., on Saturday. The flag was rumored to have been put up by Governor Jay Inslee, D-Wash., who met with China ambassador Cui Tiankai.

A Washington State Police officer is seen assisting the group, to the cheers and approval of the small crowd.

“Now that’s an oath keeper, making sure the communist flag comes down,” one man said. “That’s an officer I can support.”

According to flag code, “no person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory of possession thereof.”

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China Now The World’s Lender Of Last Resort – With Money Comes Power

As the United States approaches $20 trillion in debt, on its way to $30 trillion in a few years, China has become the new lender of last resort for the global community.

The latest recipient of China’s lending largess is Petrobras, the state-owned Brazilian petroleum company. It goes without saying that Petrobras has vast oil reserves that China hopes to access.

Zero Hedge reports that China has lent Latin America over $100 billion dollars over the last ten years–and plans to ramp that number to $250 billion over the next few years. Most of these borrowers are in the backyard of the United States, putting to rest any remaining vestiges of the Monroe Doctrine.

At the risk of extrapolating too much, it appears as though Beijing isn’t opposed to throwing billions behind serving as a lender of last resort and we can’t help but wonder if the new round of Petrobras financing is indicative of where China will steer initial AIIB funding — that is, into oil and Latin America. What’s interesting (and very ironic given how we’ve characterized the AIIB), is that it appears Beijing may look to channel the bank’s lending straight into Washington’s backyard, effectively slighting the original Monroe Doctrine even as China tacitly implements its own take on an official policy of regional influence and control.

Meanwhile, US allies continue to fall in line with France, Italy, and Israel set to jump on the bandwagon.

Our profligate federal spending and ballooning debt are coming back to haunt us now in the geopolitical realm. Economic weakness leads to military weakness, and we are seeing this play out in our own backyard with China and Russia looking and paying for access, basing rights, and natural resources. The old World War II-based institutions are now facing strong competition from the Chinese.

Money equals power, and the power is shifting to China.

But hey, let’s offer free college to everyone! Someone will pay for it, right?

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How Can We Let Our Freedom Slip Away While These People Are Risking Their Lives?


I was struck by the photo I saw today of the hundreds of thousands of people jamming the streets of Hong Kong, risking their lives to protest the loss of freedom due to recent actions by the Chinese government. The protests consist of mostly students, but many Hong Kong residents have joined them in recent days.

The students have been demanding that the leader of Hong Kong resign his position for accepting Chinese demands that they vet any candidates for election going forward. This would mean the end of any type of self-rule in the formerly British city. These people are risking their lives. They are risking their lives for freedom, as they realize once it is gone, its gone forever, or at the least, very difficult to get back.

Here in America we have lost this understanding. We are allowing our freedoms to slip away, right before our eyes.

We have a president who is using the agencies of the federal government to attack and harass the political opposition. How is this different from the way things are done in China? Or in Russia?

The fact that nothing is being done about this situation in America is astounding. Why aren’t the people in the streets? Why aren’t we demanding people go to jail? Why aren’t we demanding that the IRS emails be revealed, before the election? Why aren’t we demanding a special prosecutor be appointed? Why aren’t we demanding impeachment?

The answer is much of our population has forgotten what it means to be Americans. Now the U.S.A. is just a gravy train to milk. A place where you go to get all you can get before the lights go out, kind of like a store being looted in Ferguson. We have forgotten that freedom isn’t free.

We are forsaking the millions of lives over the last two-hundred years that were lost for our freedom. These brave souls must be turning over in their graves.

The students in Hong Kong know that they very well could be killed by the security forces at any moment, yet they remain. The thugs in the Communist Party of China will not allow them to succeed. Yet as Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones that do.” 

Is the light going out on the shining city on the hill Ronald Reagan talked about? I hope not.

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