How Can We Let Our Freedom Slip Away While These People Are Risking Their Lives?


I was struck by the photo I saw today of the hundreds of thousands of people jamming the streets of Hong Kong, risking their lives to protest the loss of freedom due to recent actions by the Chinese government. The protests consist of mostly students, but many Hong Kong residents have joined them in recent days.

The students have been demanding that the leader of Hong Kong resign his position for accepting Chinese demands that they vet any candidates for election going forward. This would mean the end of any type of self-rule in the formerly British city. These people are risking their lives. They are risking their lives for freedom, as they realize once it is gone, its gone forever, or at the least, very difficult to get back.

Here in America we have lost this understanding. We are allowing our freedoms to slip away, right before our eyes.

We have a president who is using the agencies of the federal government to attack and harass the political opposition. How is this different from the way things are done in China? Or in Russia?

The fact that nothing is being done about this situation in America is astounding. Why aren’t the people in the streets? Why aren’t we demanding people go to jail? Why aren’t we demanding that the IRS emails be revealed, before the election? Why aren’t we demanding a special prosecutor be appointed? Why aren’t we demanding impeachment?

The answer is much of our population has forgotten what it means to be Americans. Now the U.S.A. is just a gravy train to milk. A place where you go to get all you can get before the lights go out, kind of like a store being looted in Ferguson. We have forgotten that freedom isn’t free.

We are forsaking the millions of lives over the last two-hundred years that were lost for our freedom. These brave souls must be turning over in their graves.

The students in Hong Kong know that they very well could be killed by the security forces at any moment, yet they remain. The thugs in the Communist Party of China will not allow them to succeed. Yet as Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones that do.” 

Is the light going out on the shining city on the hill Ronald Reagan talked about? I hope not.

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Obama Out-Dictates Chinese Dictators


Barack Obama, enamored with and emboldened by using executive orders and actions, got in a spitting match, seemingly challenging the Chinese dictators to prove who is the biggest dictator in world.

During the United nations Climate Summit, Obama declared that the United States and China were the two biggest polluters in the world. He went on to say that being the world’s two biggest economies bears special responsibility to lead, concluding, “That’s what big nations have to do.”

My, how far the Democrat Party has fallen from the elegance and grace of John F. Kennedy’s famous speech of “Ask not what your country can do for you, but for what you can do for your country” to such Obamaspeak as: We are the two big guilty nations. So we need to step up to the plate and wage war on coal. “That’s what big nations have to do.”

If this weren’t so sad, it might be laughable. Here we have Obama, who’s supposed to represent a Constitutional Republic, bypassing the elected legislature, ready to single-handedly render a Climate Change edit, and asking Chinese Communists to step up to the plate. It’s as if it is some macho game with Obama saying, “See, I make the decisions for my nation. What’s taking my comrades so long to render their edicts?”

Never mind the fact that China President Xi Jinping (SHEE Jin-PING) snubbed Obama by not even showing up for the junk science summit. Why should he? He’s busy beating us capitalists at our own game, and he’s in no mood to take a sucker punch from a Communist wannabe when China is enjoying their newfound toy: capitalism.

My, how quickly two countries have reversed roles. We can only hope we elect a true Constitutional Conservative to the White House in 2016, or at least someone with as much business sense as those Communist leaders in China, who apparently are considerably to the Right of Obama.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

If China Keeps Ignoring These Red Flags, The Entire World Could Be Paying For It

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We have written before about the astounding amount of corporate debt defaults expected in the near term in China, which threatens the economic growth in the Middle Kingdom that is needed to keep the population happy and prevent civil unrest.

Well now, the other shoe is starting to drop.

The Financial Times reports that the housing market in China is tanking. Home prices recently fell for the third straight month, the most since records began in 2006. This housing market decline directly threatens a nascent economic recovery that is badly needed not just for China but for global growth. Default pressure is growing not just on the corporate sector but in the lower tier housing area as well.

China is in a major catch 22. Corruption is rampant; and bad incentives for investment abound, leading to improper allocation of capital. The only way China can maintain the growth economic rate needed is to prop up the credit market by loosening standards or lowering rates. However, this just digs the default hole bigger and kicks the needed credit correction down the road.

The bottom line is that there are red flags all over the place in the Chinese economy. This will not end well.

Europe is still struggling to recover from the housing crisis. The Russian sanctions threaten major damage to European markets and could tip the balance into an economic contraction. Russia itself is most likely in recession, and things will get worse there as oil prices fall. Latin America is stagnant with Argentina defaulting, and now China is having major problems. America seems to be the only country where growth is steady, feeble as it is.

If China sinks into a major recession, this will impact the world economically. There could also be serious political ramifications that could reverberate around the globe. More to come on this situation.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

This Communist State Is On The Verge Of An Economic Collapse That Could Hurt The US

Shanghai China

Much alarm has been raised regarding the growth of the sovereign debt load in the United States, and rightly so. Out-of-control spending and retarded economic growth threatens the very future of this country.

However, America is not the only place where the debt load is becoming unsustainable. The Communist Party of China has maintained its hold on power by creating high levels of economic growth in order to keep its population happy. This has required double digit levels of expansion and has created an environment of growth with no real long-term economic benefit.  China cannot allow this growth to slow, or the population will revolt–having been promised for decades that they can have their cake and eat it too.  It’s not a question of if, but when the bubble will burst in China.

Any visitor to the multiple mega cities in China will be amazed at the empty buildings, unused expressways, and vacant cities dotting the landscape, with new construction taking place around them. This is a ponzi scheme of the highest magnitude.

The Chinese can’t stop building.  This push to build for building’s sake so people can be gainfully employed has created debt loads of gargantuan magnitude as state-owned financial institutions create more and more money to loan.  This creates more and more debt.  The corporate and municipal debt totals in China are said to be in the tens of trillions of dollars.  The problem is that in a closed society, the real figures are not released.

With a paranoid leadership determined to maintain political control, it is a safe bet that the world really doesn’t know how bad the problem is.  Chinese economic data has long been suspect and is said to be manipulated to fit the government narrative. The problem is that this secrecy could mask any leading indicators that could provide the world with a modicum of warning when the bubble does start to burst.

This can lead to a very dangerous situation. If the Chinese government does see a financial crisis that could lead to political destabilization, would they invent a geopolitical crisis in order to appeal to nationalist feelings to take the heat off the government’s economic failure? Would they see a need to steer unemployed workers into the armament industry to prevent civil unrest?  Would they need to start a war to keep the population happy?  Could we already be seeing signs of this as China threatens its neighbors and rattles its sabers internationally?

I have long said that America’s military is training and equipping to fight the last war (i.e. a low-intensity conflict.) The problem is that the next major conflict could easily be conventional.  I’m talking about ships, planes, tanks, and missiles, not special forces on a horse as in the initial fight against the Taliban. We used to train and equip to fight two wars globally. Now we can no longer fight one effectively and are shrinking our military even further. America desperately requires leadership with vision to prepare for the challenges of the future.

Sadly, this is something we currently lack.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

2.9% GDP Drop Is A Big Deal!

Photo credit: jannemei (Flickr)

Yesterday, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reported the third revision for first quarter gross domestic product–or, said in another way, the national income of the United States during the first three months of this year.  It was a doosey, to say the least!  The economy shrank almost three percent in the first quarter of 2014.  This was the largest non-recessionary contraction in forty years!  The Obama administration blamed it on the weather. Let me tell you what is really going on.

There is a direct relationship between the growth of an economy and government regulation and interference.  I’m not talking about unhealthy growth, like in China, where they can export everything and where they build empty cities because they can’t afford growth to slow down–or the population will revolt.  I’m talking about good-ole-fashioned economic growth based on ingenuity and entrepreneurship.  When the government steps in and says, no you can’t build that power plant, improve your own property, hire anyone for a reasonable wage, or keep more than half the money you earn, the economy naturally contracts.  Right now, why would you go build a new plant or start a new business?  You don’t know what your taxes, energy costs, or health care costs are going to be.  When an individual or corporation feels they can freely develop a new idea or exploit an opportunity, they will do it.  If they feel the government will prevent them from making a reasonable return, they will not invest.  It’s that simple.

We are simply hearing more dog-ate-my-homework excuses from the Obama administration.  How does this affect the average American hard-working family?  This is basic bottom-line, checkbook, kitchen table finance kind of stuff.  This economic contraction and the slow growth to follow will directly affect Americans’ standard of living.  It will directly affect your ability to get a job or keep the one you have.  I have a message for all of those feel-good-cause-I-voted-for-Obama people out there.  This is your payback, the result of you voting for someone without any economic or leadership experience whatsoever–a lower standard of living.  I won’t even go into all of the other criminal scandals and foreign policy debacles.  I’ll save those for another column.  When your teenager can’t get a summer job due to a higher minimum wage, or you or your spouse get laid off because the business has to cut labor costs due to Obamacare, you can sleep well at night, I guess.

I for one am really disturbed by what I’m seeing happen to my country.  Six years into the Obama presidency and an anemic recovery from the recession, we have a quarter of down 3% GDP.  It is truly unbelievable, and people should be rioting in the streets over this pathetic result.  The only way to fix this problem we have in this country is to change our economic leadership. This will only happen by removing the socialists from power.  Not only do they want to redistribute wealth, but they want to prevent its creation as well. It’s time to get to work for the November election, folks.


Photo credit: jannemei (Flickr)

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom