Armed Man Walks Into Store Demanding Money – He Never Walks Out

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According to recent reports, a Chicago-area convenience store attendant came face-to-face with an armed robber in a mask Sunday evening. With a gun pointed directly at him, Ahmad Samhan reportedly told the suspect he would retrieve money from the safe, only to reach down and grab a handgun.

“He had a gun pointed at him,” Samhan’s brother, Jawad, said Monday. “I think anyone in his position would do the same thing.”

Samhan shot the suspect, who died a short time later at a local hospital. The incident was initially being treated as a self-defense shooting, but led investigators on a peripheral hunt for the deceased man’s identity. Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd explained that authorities recovered no identification from him at the scene and, as of Monday afternoon, fingerprint analysis had not found any matches. “This is strange,” he concluded, noting that the deceased “looks pretty young, mid-20s” and “may not have had a job that required fingerprints.” Reports Tuesday indicated the man had been identified as 30-year-old Ingleside resident Justin Greenewald. As for the clerk, the initial shock of defending himself with lethal force was pronounced, his brother said. “He was freaked out and crying,” he said, concluding that with the “help of family and friends he should be OK.” Local prosecutors say that they have made “no decisions” regarding potential charges against the clerk, though his actions have been largely praised online.

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Watch: Pastor Sees Cops Running Around In Street. What They Were Doing Astounds Him

A Chicago pastor encountered police officers playing with neighborhood children Sunday, causing him to proclaim that “Today is a new day.”

“Tattoo” Tim Freeman was walking in the Lawndale section of Chicago Sunday when he and a colleague came upon police officers throwing a football with local children. Another officer was letting a child use the intercom on his squad car. “We really is having fun with the police,” 14-year-old Deondre Dorsey said for all to hear. Deondre said later in the video this was the first time in eight years his mother let him outside to play.

“Everybody says the police is bad. I don’t think so,” Freeman said in the video. The video Freeman posted of the encounter has gone viral.

“It’s nice to slow down, get out of our cars, talk to parents and kids. Lotta smart kids out here, good kids,” Officer Phil Strazzante, who let Deondre use the intercom, told Chicago ABC affiliate WLS. “Policing is more about really bonding with the community.”

“They care about us kids in this community right now,” added Deondre. Freeman shared the video on his Facebook page Sunday with the following message:

I challenge you to share this post. I witness police officers in our neighborhood playing with our children on grenshaw and Independence. Everytime I look on Facebook there are negative posts of police officers killing our kids or our kids killing one another. Today is a new day. police officers are taking time out of their daily plans to spend time with our children.

Something I’ve never seen our brothers do in the hood. People we have to step up and take charge of our actions all of police are not bad. Today a kid never stepped outside his house in 4 years until today. Lord I thank you that’s what’s up

I challenge you to share this post. I witness police officers in our neighborhood playing with our children on grenshaw…

Posted by TattooTim Freeman on Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Watch: Michelle Obama Just Shared How This White People Narrative Is A ‘Burden The President And I Carry’

During a recent commencement speech she delivered at Chicago’s Martin Luther King Jr. Preparatory High School, Michelle Obama shared a message many have since criticized as a blatant misrepresentation of white Americans.

“Wherever you go,” she told the graduating seniors, “you will encounter people who doubt your very existence. Folks who believe that hard-working families with strong values don’t exist on the south side of Chicago or in Detroit or in El Paso or in Indian country or in Appalachia.”

With her invocation – whether direct or indirect – of several minority populations, numerous social media users have surmised that the intolerant “folks” she referenced in the sentence above must be white.


She encouraged those in the audience to rewrite the stories she contends have been misrepresented by the “folks” who serve as her story’s collective antagonist.

Obama went on to assert that these unidentified enemies “don’t believe you are real,” explaining the ostensible effects of this phenomenon extend all the way to the first family.

“And that’s a burden that President Obama and I proudly carry every single day in the White House.”

Such rhetoric, one Twitter critic concluded, has secured Michelle Obama’s dubious place in history.


“This woman has a huge chip on her shoulder,” wrote one Breitbart reader in response to Obama’s recent speech, “even bigger than her husband’s.”

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Watch: Chicago Mayor Trots Out Tired Liberal Argument, Sheriff SCHOOLS Him In Minutes

Shocking Memorial Day weekend violence hit three big American cities like a ton of bullets — all three crime centers under the political control of far-left politicians. Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago saw a shocking number of shootings and killings at a time when America was honoring her war dead — the Windy City alone recorded a dozen deaths from gunfire, including that of a four-year-old girl.

While none of the reported shootings in Chicago were attributed to police or to law-abiding citizens, the city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, nonetheless said what White House spokesman Josh Earnest said about the deadly gunfire in Baltimore over the long weekend — more gun control laws are needed to stop the violence.

As writer Brian Carey pointed out in a post on Downtrend, “As every conservative knows, Chicago already has strict gun control laws. As every conservative also knows, those laws don’t seem to be preventing violent crime in that city.”

To respond to Emanuel’s same old song about the need for stricter gun measures to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on the air with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Wednesday night. The outspoken sheriff took the Chicago mayor to the woodshed for “reach[ing] into his bag of tricks and [pulling] out a gun control talking point.”

You can see what else Sheriff Clarke had to say about the liberal response to violent criminals by clicking on the video above.

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See The Shocking Newly-Revealed Photo That Got A Chicago Cop Fired

Two white former officers from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) are under fire after a photo surfaced of them posing with rifles over a black man on his stomach, wearing deer antlers.

Although the photo was taken at a police station on Chicago’s West Side between 1999 and 2003 and federal investigators gave the photo to the city in 2013, it has drawn the ire of the public after a Cook County judge refused to keep the photo confidential, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

In the photo below, you can see former officers Jerome Finnigan, left, and Timothy McDermott with an unidentified man believed to be a drug suspect donning antlers.

Chicago Sun-Times/City of Chicago

Image credit: Chicago Sun-Times/City of Chicago

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy moved to fire McDermott, but attorneys for both the police and McDermott asked Judge Thomas Allen to seal the photo earlier this year–and he refused.

McDermott was fired by the police board last year by a five-to-four vote. Those dissenting believed he should have only been suspended. The board said that “(McDermott) appearing to treat an African-American man not as a human being but as a hunted animal is disgraceful and shocks the conscience.”

While McDermott is currently driving a truck to make ends meet, The Sun-Times notes Finnigan’s disposition and other facts about the case:

Finnigan and McDermott worked together in the Special Operations Section. But McDermott was not accused of criminal wrongdoing in a scandal involving the unit that led to it being disbanded in 2007 — and Finnigan and other officers being convicted of crimes.

Police investigators believe Finnigan and McDermott posed in the photo while McDermott was assigned to SOS between 1999 and 2003, when he became a detective, according to court records in McDermott’s case.

When the feds confronted Finnigan with the photo, he told them he and McDermott arrested the African-American man for having ‘20 bags of weed’ and the man provided them with the rifles, according to court records. The photo was taken in the tactical office of the Harrison Police District on the West Side, Finnigan said.

The department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs cannot identify the African-American man in the photo, however. Furthermore, the Sun-Times pointed out there is no arrest record involving the man, according to court records. The person who took the photo also has not been identified.

Finnigan told the FBI the man didn’t have a serious criminal background so they let him go without arresting him, a law enforcement source said, adding that the photo was taken in ‘the spur of the moment.’

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