Van Jones is Back!

Aaron Klein,

The House Democratic Caucus hosted communist revolutionary-group founder Van Jones just one day before he spoke to a student group funded by billionaire George Soros.

“Why are Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrat Caucus seeking out Jones’ counsel?” asked Guy Harrison, executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, in a fundraising email yesterday.

“They say a person can be judged by the company they keep, and that holds true for the Democrat caucus as well,” Harrison wrote in a fundraising email.

In September 2009, Jones resigned as President Obama’s “green jobs” czar after it was exposed he founded the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. It was also reported he signed a statement that accused the Bush administration of possible involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Jones was a featured speaker at a two-day national conference that began yesterday for a group that calls itself Campus Progress. Other speakers include former President Bill Clinton and Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

Campus Progress is a “project” of the Center for American Progress, or CAP, which is heavily bankrolled by Soros. CAP, reportedly highly influential in helping to craft White House policy, is led by John Podesta, who served as co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition team.

Jones himself is a CAP fellow. On CAP’s board is Carol Browner, who directed the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy until earlier this year.

When her appointment to the Obama administration was announced in January 2009, Browner was listed as one of 14 leaders of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society of Socialist International, the world’s largest socialist umbrella group. SI calls for “global governance” and a world socialist order.

Jones starting ‘anti-Tea Party’

As WND reported, Jones launched a new organization two weeks ago that seeks to counter the tea party while petitioning for a progressive agenda that includes “making Wall Street and the super-rich pay their fair share.”

The organization, dubbed “The American Dream Movement,” is partnered with a slew of radical groups funded by Soros.

WND was first to report the movement was introduced using subversive tactics, particularly a hoax Youtube video in which it appeared the ticker outside News Corporation’s Manhattan headquarters had been hacked and reprogrammed with an anti-Fox News script calling for revolution.

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The Gift of Lies on ObamaCare’s First Birthday

Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post

House Democrats held a birthday party last week for passage of the health-care law. Just as we looked at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s floor speech noting the milestone, we will now examine some of the claims made by Democrats…

“It’s about jobs. Does it create jobs? Health insurance reform creates 4 million jobs, and in the last 12 months the private sector has added 1.5 million new jobs, and of that a quarter of a million were in the health insurance industry.”

— Pelosi

Here, Pelosi is repeating a talking point from the health-care debate. The 4 million figure comes from a report by the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning group, which estimated that universal health care would add 250,000 to 400,000 jobs a year. Pelosi took the top end of the range and then multiplied it by 10, a numerical sleight-of-hand that Polifact last year labeled “half true.”

A Pelosi spokesman noted she has been using this statistic for 14 months now, but we frown on the reuse of statistics previously found to be suspect.

In this case, since the bill has passed, the Congressional Budget Office has done its own analysis (the one McConnell cited) that cast some doubt on the CAP analysis, written before the bill was passed into law. Presumably, members of Congress should pay more attention to estimates by their own budget agency than think tanks that promote their agenda. Repeating this dubious statistic is worth at least a Pinocchio or two. (About our rating scale)

The second half of her statement comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Health-care jobs have long been an important part of new private-sector jobs, so 260,000 being created in the last 12 months is not out of the ordinary. For example, BLS figures show that in 2007, there were 381,000 health care jobs created; in 2006, 324,000 jobs; and in 2005, 271,000 jobs. The CAP study was not making any prediction about health-care jobs, but all jobs, so it is unclear what point Pelosi is making with this statistic.

“It’s about reducing the deficit. Again, it reduces the deficit more than $1 trillion over the life of the bill.”

— Pelosi

This is another bogus statistic for which we have previously awarded three Pinocchios.

The CBO estimated $143 billion in deficit reduction over 10 years in the health-care law, but about $19 billion of it came from unrelated items. As we have noted, the remaining $124 billion was based on a number of assumptions that called that estimate into question.

But Pelosi claims more than $1 trillion in deficit reduction by using a 20-year figure that is particularly absurd.

As we wrote in January: “There are too many uncertainties to be precise, and the CBO itself merely offered a tentative guess of a “broad range of around one-half percent of GDP,” with significant caveats. Democrats simply took that percentage, multiplied it against the predicted size of the GDP 20 years from now (itself a pretty fuzzy figure) and, presto, they had a number. But it’s a fairly meaningless one.”

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A Congressman is On Board: Impeach Obama Over DOMA

Ben Johnson,

A sitting Congressman has endorsed the call to impeach President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Rep. Trent Franks, R-AZ, told Scott Keyes of he would “absolutely” support impeachment if enough fellow Congressmen would support him. The left-wing blog posted an interview it filmed of the four-term Congressman at the Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit in Phoenix, in which Franks called for holding Obama and Holder accountable for violating the rule of law. Keyes asked if Franks would consider defunding the Department of Justice over its refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Franks called withholding funds from the department “probably the strongest leverage that we have.”

When Keyes asked if Franks personally supported the measure, he responded, “Absolutely. I would support that in a moment. This Department of Justice has proven itself to be so committed to the ideology of Barack Obama that perhaps he should change the name.”

The left-wing blogger then returned to DOMA and raised the subject of impeachment:

Keyes: I know Newt Gingrich has came out [sic.] and said if they don’t reverse course here, we ought to be talking about possibly impeaching either Attorney General Holder or even President Obama to try to get them to reverse course. Do you think that is something you would support?

Frank: If it could gain the collective support, absolutely. I called for Eric Holder to repudiate the policy to try terrorists within our civil courts, or resign. So it just seems like that they have an uncanny ability to get it wrong on almost all fronts.

Franks is the first sitting Congressman to raise the specter of impeachment while in office. However, while successfully campaigning to regain his old House seat last fall, Michigan Republican Tim Walberg said the GOP must be willing to confront Obama “up to and including impeachment.”

Franks joins former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, American Family Radio Network talk show host Bryan Fischer, ACORN expert Matthew Vadum, and others who find the president’s selective defense or enforcement of marriage law to rise to the level of impeachment. Several other prominent figures, including former Congressman and presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo, have called for impeachment on other grounds.

Franks, who represents Arizona’s second Congressional district, is chairman of the Constitution subcommittee and an outspoken critic of Obama’s weak immigration policies.

Is Soros Scared of Impeachment?

ThinkProgress intended this as a hit piece to demonstrate how radical the Republican Congress has become. This venue is significant….

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The Media Excuse Obama’s Power Grab

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy In Media

Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post reported late last month that “the Obama administration is prepared to push its environmental agenda through regulation where it has failed on Capitol Hill.” There was no hint that this approach is illegal or unconstitutional. The account simply assumes that the Obama Administration can do what it wants, no matter what Congress or the law says.

This kind of matter-of-fact reporting about lawlessness by the federal government is typical of the decline, if not death, of adversary journalism in the nation’s capital.

The EPA’s actions seem to reflect the advice contained in the Soros-funded Center for American Progress report, “The Power of the President. Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change.”

The problem for the administration is that the new House of Representatives is going to be controlled by Republicans who have pledged fidelity to the Constitution. Rep. Fred Upton, incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, declared, “We will not allow the administration to regulate what they have been unable to legislate—this Christmas surprise is nothing short of a backdoor attempt to implement their failed job-killing cap-and-trade scheme.”

The lawless tone has been set by Obama himself, who says that the admission of open homosexuals into the military must be done “swiftly.” That is not what the law says.

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Conservatives Discover Obama’s Fascism — But Not What to Do About It

Ben Johnson,

A series of federal regulatory measures has finally woken up the conservative movement to the dangers of Obama’s plan to rule by executive fiat. New regulations from the FCC, EPA, and HHS have tightened the feds’ grip around the internet, health insurance, and the energy industry. Net Neutrality, price fixing, and oversight of carbon dioxide as a “pollutant” — surely the only pollutant necessary for the continuation of life on earth — have forced them to face the reality that Barack Obama plans for forcing his far-Left on the American people. In typical inside-the-Beltway Republican fashion, they present half-measures and temporary solutions that will leave our Constitution open to continual assault, because they lack the solution understood by everyone from our Founding Fathers to Ronald Reagan.

Obama Begins Government by Regulation and Fiat

Since at least June Barack Obama “has used the threat of EPA regulations to goad lawmakers into action.” Lawmakers bet that he was bluffing. They bet wrong.

Last week, the Obama administration decided to greet the incoming conservative Congress by rolling out the red tape. Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, announced new price controls requiring insurance providers to get the administration’s permission to race rates more than 10 percent. The FCC passed Net Neutrality, although it lacks Congressional authorization to do so. The EPA began regulating power plants and refineries for carbon dioxide emissions, although an EPA spokeswoman admitted, “I can’t tell you what types of reductions we hope to achieve.”

The Obama administration reinstated “end-of-life” counseling for ObamaCare recipients by federal regulation early this month, but it only caught notice this week after the federal onslaught.

These actions brought some conservatives a “moment of clarity.”

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