College Professors Now Threatening Bad Grades If Students Use Any Of These Four Words

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According to a recent Campus Reform report, Washington State University has become the latest bastion of speech regulation imposed by administrators ostensibly motivated by political correctness.

One professor on campus, for example, has promised her students that they will fail her Women and Popular Culture course if they refuse to adopt her style of inclusive rhetoric. Her syllabus threatens “failure for the semester” for any student caught using what she considers “oppressive and hateful language” in classroom discussions or assignments.

Puzzling many social media users was her ban on “referring to women/men as females or males.”

Similarly perplexing, many felt, were two words – illegal alien – prohibited by fellow WSU professor Rebecca Fowler, according to her Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies syllabus.

These educators are not alone on campus. Professor John Streamas, who has a controversial history of mocking and threatening white students, handed out a course guide detailing the special treatment minorities will receive in his class.

He has mandated students affirm his worldview by “deferring to the experiences of people of color” while “understand[ing] and consider[ing] the rage of people who are victims of systematic injustice.”

Other syllabi offer similar examples in other departments on campus, though several critics have made it clear the activism could backfire.

Should professors allow free expression on campus or prohibit words they find objectionable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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School District Targets One Specific Group Of Students With Its American Flag Ban

A Central Tennessee school district has banned the display of any kind of flag, including the American flag, on the back of pickup trucks on school property.

Officials in Dickson County decided to take this action after the recent controversy surrounding the Confederate flag, WHBQ reported. South Carolina removed the flag from its statehouse grounds last month after 50 years. This move followed the death of nine people allegedly killed by a man who was pictured holding the Confederate flag.

“While this was not necessarily an attack on the American flag, there were some other issues we’re trying to address,” Dickson County director of student services Steve Sorrells said. “It’s not an unpatriotic act, by any means, because we have a number of ways in which students do learn how to be patriotic and express American pride.”

High school senior Arianna Heisler disagreed.

“I just think that’s a right,” Heisler said. “It’s freedom of expression and I don’t think you should be able to take that away from us.” 

Any student who violates the policy will be kicked out, according to the local Fox affiliate.

Initial reports suggested all flags were banned from the school, including the American flag. The district clarified its new policy after they felt it was being misreported by the media, telling WHBQ they are only banning flags from flying on the back of pickup trucks on school property. 

“Information reported by news stations that the American Flag has been banned in the Dickson County school system is entirely inaccurate,” the district said in a statement on its website.

The flag is prominently displayed at every school in our county. It is also displayed in many of our classrooms. All students in Dickson County are allowed to voluntarily participate in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. We are very proud to have JROTC in both of our high schools, and we will continue to fly and respect the flag.

What do you think of this policy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Watch: After The Assault On The Confederate Flag, This One Word Could Be Next

It’s doubtful that the members of the raucous, rockin’ country music group Dixie Chicks think of themselves as racially divisive because of the band’s name. True, some twelve years ago, the Dixie Chicks created quite a stir when — between songs on a London stage — they criticized President George W. Bush for his Iraq War policy. But that controversial blast in the past certainly had nothing to do with race.

It’s also highly doubtful that the Dixie Paper Products company is a racist outfit. The makers of popular cups, plates, and bowls has never, as far as anyone knows, printed racially divisive slogans on its paper goods or advocated for anti-black programs.

Then there’s the marijuana-focused company called Dixie Elixirs + Edibles, which claims that it’s “the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products….” Again, not likely that Dixie in the name of this cannabis company — which has stores all around the Denver area — has any association with anything that’s racially divisive.

But what about the word “Dixie” in the name of the long-running Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, N.C.? Should that word, which some apparently find offensive and divisive, be removed from the fair’s name? Believe it or not, there’s talk about doing just that as the next Dixie Classic approaches in October.

The term Dixie, of course, generally refers to the U.S. southern states, especially those that seceded from the Union prior to the Civil War. It’s in that context that this latest stir over Southern heritage and symbolism has popped up.

By clicking on the video above, you can see a report from Winston-Salem TV station WFMY on the Dixie dustup that’s erupted in the wake of the controversy over public display of the Confederate flag and other symbols of the Confederacy.

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Bill Maher Goes On Epic Anti-PC Rant

There was a lot from Bill Maher’s show Friday night to piss people off. Like his fake Jesus comments, attacking the GOP on the Charleston shooting, and Ann Coulter going on another rant against immigrants. We’re going to focus on the one thing we agreed with him on…comedy and mocking whiny liberals who can’t take a joke.

(Warning: video below contains strong language.)

“One undergrad from San Diego actually wrote to Jerry an open letter on The Huffington Post to help him, Jerry Seinfeld, better understand how comedy works. Now I sure wouldn’t want to be judged by what I wrote at 20, but, stupid though I was in 1976, I wouldn’t have presumed to lecture George Carlin on comedy.”

“I sure wish he was around to write a letter back to this kid — as only he could. But since he can’t, allow me: ‘Dear you little sh*t, I’m sure you’re busy with your new letter explanation astrophysics to Stephen Hawking. And giving jump shot pointers to Steph Curry…”

He even called out leftists and their faux-tolerence for Muslim intolerance of gays and women…because in that case, it’s just a cultural difference and they’re really a culture of piece. I mean, peace.

That’s the problem with the lefties because they arbitrarily decide what you’re allowed to find funny. There’s a lot we don’t find funny. There’s a lot we didn’t find funny on Friday night’s show specifically. The difference is we just shrug our shoulders and switch the channel. Leftists want you run out of business.

Welcome to the new America.

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One Line Clint Eastwood Just Said About ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Drew Immediate Reaction

Famously outspoken film icon Clint Eastwood is in hot water with Spike TV executives after he shared an off-color joke at Bruce Jenner’s expense. Throughout weeks of media reports chronicling Jenner’s transition into living his life as a woman, transgender activists used the opportunity to demand Americans use more inclusive language when referring to those in his position.

A few public voices have refused to acquiesce, however, earning both criticism and praise for their politically incorrect rhetoric. One such example came during the filming of the 2015 Guys’ Choice awards.

Presented by Spike TV, Eastwood was on hand to introduce guest Dwayne Johnson. Recalling the actor’s past as a professional wrestler, Eastwood found it appropriate to mention other accomplished athletes who made a transition into entertainment.

The veteran actor reportedly cited “Jim Brown and Caitlyn somebody” as two examples, the latter an apparent reference to Bruce Jenner’s new identity.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some felt his joke was insensitive to Jenner and others in the transgender community. Criticism, however, was but a small percentage of the overall reaction to Eastwood’s remark.

“I support Clint Eastwood,” one Twitter user declared, adding that Jenner “set him self [sic] up for these jokes.”

Another lamented that people “cannot have an opinion unless its [sic] PC and approved by LGBT group.”

Nevertheless, Spike TV announced it would edit Eastwood’s comments before the show airs.

“We will remove the reference in the version that will air,” a network source confirmed to Hollywood Life.

The decision to censor Eastwood’s joke earned even more social media scorn for the cable news network.


Should Spike TV censor any speech critical of transgenderism? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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