182 Babies Left To Die After Being Born Alive Following Abortions

Canadian pro-life leaders are calling for an investigation into the possibility that babies are being routinely left to die following late-term abortions. According to Statistics Canada, 182 died after being born alive in 2013-2014, a 16 percent increase over 2011-2012.

Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney, who has reported on the issue over the last few years, wrote: “…we can assume that at least some of these babies were probably aborted because of serious fetal abnormalities, as reported in this National Post story at 5 months gestation.”

As for the others, we cannot be sure. Many hospitals in Canada make it a policy to kill the babies in utero, before delivery. The definition of a child born alive include any who have a heartbeat, breathe, or show signs of voluntary muscle movement.

According to Life News:

The National Post found many doctors dismissing the concerns about babies being left to die but only one willing to go on the record: Dr. Douglas Black, president of the Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He said babies who show life are simply “allowed to pass away, depending on what the circumstances are, sometimes in their mom’s arms.”

The United States government enacted the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act” in 2002, to ensure that babies who survive abortions receive all the rights and protections established by federal law.

Many Americans were introduced to the reality of babies surviving abortions through the Kermit Gosnell murder trial in 2013. Former workers at the clinic spoke of the untold number of babies being aborted in his clinics at 24 weeks-plus, past the time they are known to be likely viable outside of the womb.

The Grand Jury report found, based on the testimony of former employees, that Gosnell, or those who worked with him, killed “hundreds” of viable babies as part of the “normal course of business” by severing their spinal cords or slitting their throats. The report details several specific instances of these murders, citing the legal standard established in the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Gosnell was convicted of first degree murder in May 2013 and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Canadian pro-life advocates want to see similar legislation adopted in their country.    

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Think What’s On Your Cellphone Is Private? Don’t Cross The Canadian Border


A Canadian citizen discovered that what he thinks is private, and what Canadian border agents think is private, are two different things. The difference resulted in the man’s arrest.

After Quebec resident Alain Philippon, 38, landed at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Canada’s eastern province of Nova Scotia from a trip in the Dominican Republic, border agents asked him for the password to his cellphone. When Philippon refused, citing privacy, he was promptly arrested and charged with obstructing border officials.

According to the Canadian Border Services Agency, the minimum fine for the offense is $1,000, with a maximum fine of $25,000 and the possibility of a year in jail. Philippon has been released on bail and plans to challenge the charges against him.

The CBSA would not say why they wanted the information on Philippon’s phone. A spokesman for the organization told CBC News: “Officers are trained in examination, investigative and questioning techniques. To divulge our approach may render our techniques ineffective. Officers are trained to look for indicators of deception and use a risk management approach in determining which goods may warrant a closer look.”

The spokesman added: “Under the Customs Act, customs officers are allowed to inspect things that you have, that you’re bringing into the country…The term used in the act is ‘goods,’ but that certainly extends to your cellphone, to your tablet, to your computer, pretty much anything you have.”​

That said, the question of whether someone must give up their password has yet be answered in a Canadian court. Philippon’s first court date is May 12.

Americans should also be aware that U.S. border agents possess the same power to search all items, including cellphones, computers, and other electronic equipment that travelers bring into the country.

U.S. citizens have the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures; that right applies when you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, including when you are in your home. However, that right is largely surrendered at the border, which includes international airports when you have been traveling overseas.   

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Obama Administration Kicks The Oil-And-Gas Industry While It Is Down

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For the past six years, the oil and gas industry has served as a savior to the Obama presidency by providing the near-lone bright spot in economic growth. Increased U.S. oil-and-gas production has created millions of well-paying jobs and given us a new energy security.

So now that the economic powerhouse faces hard times, how does the Administration show its appreciation for the oil-and-gas industry that has been a boon to the economy?

By introducing a series of regulations—at least nine in total, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)—that will put the brakes on the US energy boom through higher operating costs and fewer incentives to drill on public lands.

WSJ states: “Mr. Obama and his environmental backers say new regulations are needed to address the impacts of the surge in oil and gas drilling.”

U.S. oil production, according to the Financial Times, “caught Saudi Arabia by surprise.” The kingdom sees that US shale and Canadian oil-sand development “encroached on OPEC’s market share” and has responded with a challenge to high-cost sources of production by upping its output—adding to the global oil glut and, therefore, dropping prices.

Most oil-market watchers expect temporary low-priced oil, with prediction of an increase in the second half of 2015, and some saying 2016. However, Ibrahim al-Assaf, Saudi Arabia’s finance minister, recently said: “We have the ability to endure low oil prices over the medium term of up to five years, even if it means delving into fiscal reserves to cover a large deficit.”

Many oil companies are already re-evaluating exploration, reining in costs, and cutting jobs and/or wages. “In the low price circumstance like today,” Jean-Marie Guillermou, the Asian head of the French oil giant Total, explained, “you do the strict minimum required.”

In December, the WSJ reported: “Some North American companies have said they plan to cut their capital spending next year and dial back on exploring for new oil.” It quotes Tim Dove, President and COO for Pioneer Natural Resources Co.: “We are seeking cost reductions from all our suppliers.”

Last month, Enbridge Energy Partners said: “it has laid off some workers in the Houston area”—which the Houston Chronicle on December 12 called “the latest in a string of energy companies to announce cutbacks.”

I have previously warned the industry that while they have remained relatively unscathed by harsh regulations—such as those placed on electricity generation—their time would come. Now, it has arrived. The WSJ concurs: “In its first six years, the administration released very few regulations directly affecting the oil-and-gas industry and instead rolled out several significant rules aimed at cutting air pollution from the coal and electric-utility sectors.”

According to the WSJ: “Some of the rules have been in the works for months or even years.” But that doesn’t mean the administration should introduce them now when the industry is already down—after all, the administration delayed Obamacare mandates due to the negative impact on jobs and the economy.

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper gets it. Under pressure from the environmental lobby to increase regulations on the oil-and-gas industry, he, during a question session on the floor of the House of Commons in December, said: “Under the current circumstances of the oil and gas sector, it would be crazy—it would be crazy economic policy—to do unilateral penalties on that sector.”

Introducing the new rules now kick the industry while it is down and shows that President Obama either doesn’t get it, or he cares more about burnishing his environmental legacy than he does about American jobs and economic growth.

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Canada Parliament Shooter A Muslim! (No Shock Here)


The major lapdog lamestream news media once again is ‘shocked’ to discover that the Canadian Parliament shooter might actually be… Muslim!

Quite predictable. Instead of being outraged over the root commandments of Mohammed and the core teachings of Islam and reporting the truth, the media instead focus on potential hate crimes against poor Muslim victims.

Now let’s count the so-called hate crimes against Islam. Maybe one, possibly two, and there surely may be a third one just around the corner–in this Millennium or perhaps the next, so let’s call it…three.

But if we ever try to count the hate crimes by Muslims against non-Muslims, we would quickly loose count since there are many millions of innocent people mercilessly murdered by Muslims who simply were following the core teachings of the Koran and Hadith, commanding them to rape, kill, or convert all non-Muslims. And if you haven’t received the Muslim memo, an infidel is simply defined as a non-Muslim. The so-called ‘holy’ books dictate that this ‘sanctified’ killings are to continue until there is Peace on Earth, as defined as everyone who left alive after worldwide ‘holy’ Jihad is either a Muslim or a highly taxed slave of a Muslim. And if you don’t believe me, just ask a Muslim or look it up online in Islamic scriptures. A simple search phrase of “kill infidels” will show you more truth in one minute than you have seen on any of the three major news networks in your lifetime.

Yes, there have been mass murders by Muslims against innocent women, children, and men since Mohammed created the most terrorist-based religion in world history. That’s nothing new. Over the centuries, people knew this was evil. Our founding fathers had to deal with the Muslim Barbary Coast Pirates, prompting those wise leaders to create the U.S. Navy.

But what is new is the insanity or outright treachery of how of the lamestream lapdog news fakers keep repeating the mantra Obama has given them to report when such Islamic atrocities occur, that neither lone Muslims engaging in terrorism nor any members of the Islamic State are Muslim.

No wonder the ratings of most major television networks are imploding as they descend toward the ash bin of history. We hope and pray to Yahowah God (not to Allah) that when they do announce their impending bankruptcy that our elected leaders don’t bail them out with taxpayer money saying they are too big to fail.

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Watch: Parliament Gives Standing Ovation To Hero Who Killed Terrorist

Kevin Vickers

Kevin Vickers, the man who shot and killed the ISIS terrorist who gunned down 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Canada’s National War Memorial on Wednesday, received a hero’s welcome from his fellow Parliament members Thursday morning.


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