David And Goliath In California: Dedicated Shepherds Versus A Predatory Industry

California’s proposed AB 775 is so sinister for Christians who actually seek and serve Jesus Christ – and the bill’s supporters know it – that they keep changing hearing and voting sessions when they discover how many opponents are showing up. The bill is simple in its majestic arrogance. It would require leaders of pregnancy care clinics – read: ministries promoting life for unborn children and their parents – to advertise and refer their clients for abortion. Apart from the obvious trashing of the First Amendment inherent in forcing people into politically correct speaking is the colossal unfairness. Nobody is trying to force Planned Parenthood – the bill’s chief supporter – to refer their clients to pregnancy care centers.

The bill would also require pregnancy care centers to upgrade their facilities before operating as medical clinics with volunteer doctors and nurses supplying prenatal care. No one has ever died in a pregnancy care center – whether from sloppy procedures or unsanitary conditions. There have been many deaths due to treatment in abortion clinics; yet no one is trying to force Planned Parenthood to upgrade their standards of care – not in this bill.

Truth is Planned Parenthood rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars each year, much of it taxpayers’ money. I never saw a pregnancy care center operated on anything but a shoestring. Yet Planned Parenthood uses its lobbying power – bullying power – to try to force these little centers to send them business with the sanction of state law.

The contest is an unequal one, with David kicking the tar out of Goliath once again. Since 40 Days for Life began less than a decade ago, more than sixty Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics have closed their doors in response to this campaign alone; more than a hundred workers have quit their jobs. Appointments for abortions taper off by as much as seventy-five percent when the volunteers are praying and blessing and worshiping outside the clinics – that is all they do except to speak when spoken to – and so many doctors now refuse to do elective abortions in California that the legislature changed the law to allow non-physicians to perform them. It is small wonder Planned Parenthood has pulled out all the stops to run David off the road. It is well known they have attempted to invoke anti-racketeering statutes against those keeping vigil; now, they seek to force pro-life ministries to drum up business for them.

They have boasted a board of so-called pastors who stand for “reproductive rights” almost since Roe v. Wade came down. This Spring, several large newspapers carried stories in which these ‘clergy’ say pro-life volunteers are acting contrary to the instructions of their spiritual leaders. Who are these people, and why would I refer to them as so-called pastors?

They all align themselves with the Coalition for Reproductive Choice; this is Newspeak for favoring the killing of unborn children when the prospect of a birth is anywhere from traumatic to inconvenient. A quick trip to the Planned Parenthood website reveals some are rabbis of humanist and/or reconstructionist synagogues – Jews who do not believe there is an actual God, of the Jews or of anyone else. Then you have the Episcopalians; their presiding bishop is on record (Time Magazine) as saying that Jesus is but one of the ways to the Father. There are the Unitarian/Universalist members who never believed there was a savior – or a need for one. The board is rounded out by representatives of other denominations who left the Christian fold a long time ago, and a Muslim or two. When we consider that the words “clergy” and “pastor” traditionally refer to Christian shepherds, and none of these people believe in that Christ from whom we take the name Christian, I can be excused for dismissing all of them as frauds pretending to be Christians. But Planned Parenthood has never had a problem with lying or fraud.

They still hope the rest of us will not uncover the fact their founder, Margaret Sanger, was a devoted believer in ethnic cleansing through abortion and selective breeding, or that even today about two thirds of their clinics are in black neighborhoods. Blacks comprise about twelve percent of the population.

I will never forget the man dressed as a priest – as I was – in the hearing room in which testimony was taken by the Senate Health Committee on SB 128 – the assisted suicide bill – last March 25. As he testified for the bill, he had the gall to cite the most famous verse of the Book of Esther: “You were born for such a time as this.” When I testified against the bill, I pointed out that the verse referred to saving lives – not taking them – and mentioned that twisting scripture was not the same as quoting it. I was booed by the two hundred and fifty supporters of Goliath in that hearing room. Whether the issue is assisted suicide or muzzling the voices for life that has not yet left the womb, the cast of characters changes neither identity nor tactics.

If we wish to back David’s play, we can start with acknowledging that – whatever our own convictions about abortion-on-demand – the Christian Faith as expressed in the Christian Bible is as much on the side of life for the unborn as for God’s other children. One can certainly support abortion, but one cannot claim (truthfully) to be a Christian while doing it. Likewise, legislators can support the assault on freedom of speech and faith that is AB 775 if that seems like a good thing to do. But lawmakers cannot (truthfully) claim to represent a government of laws and not of men while doing it.

There is good news. In 1 Kings, Elijah offered a sacrificial bull and invited the prophets of Baal to do the same thing. It was a level playing field because his challenge was that the deity who answered with supernatural fire would be acknowledged as the only authentic God by all present. When the God of the Jews did indeed answer, the case was closed. (BTW, the drought plaguing Israel ended as well.) The good news is this: If the people of California stand as one and demand of their lawmakers a level playing field – both sides in the abortion debate given unlimited opportunity to make their case to the public instead of Goliath binding David’s hands behind his back – the debate ends sooner or later with all of us standing with truth, with God, and with the voiceless ones whose backs we should always have.


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WATCH: Dad Discovers Young Daughter Missing. After Finding Her With This Man, He Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A California man describes a chilling encounter in which his 12-year-old daughter snuck out of the house to meet with an alleged sexual predator more than twice her age.

Tim LeBlanc of Nuevo, Calif., told KLAC he was up around 2 a.m. Monday morning when he noticed his daughter was gone and her window was open. “The screen was off and this window was open about three inches or so,” LeBlanc said. “I was scared to death. Everybody tells me I’m overprotective, but apparently I’m under-protective.”

The self-proclaimed “under-protective” father looked around the neighborhood with his older son and located his daughter nearby with 27-year-old Scott Stillwell, who connected with LeBlanc’s daughter on social media. LeBlanc describes what happened next:

He had this door open about this wide and had his arm around my daughter and was kind of sweeping her in, putting her into the truck.

“He’s lying to me, telling me, ‘Oh, I’m 16.’ And there was no way. He was obviously a grown man,” LeBlanc continued. “He was talking sexually, sending pictures of himself naked.” He knocked the alleged sexual predator to the ground and took the photo you can see below before authorities arrived on scene.

LeBlanc said Stillwell convinced his daughter over social media he was a 15-year-old boy. His daughter is not allowed on any social media sites. “What I’ve gained from my interaction with this guy is I don’t think she would’ve ever came home alive,” LeBlanc said.

Tim LeBlanc/KLAC

Tim LeBlanc/KLAC

Police booked Stillwell, a San Diego native, on two felony charges, including meeting a minor for a lewd and lascivious act, KNSD reported.

How do you protect your children? Share your answer in the comments section.

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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Stars And Bars’ Problem

When it comes to the confederate flag, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has smugly added that she “has always” been in favor of taking it down in South Carolina.

Yet as first lady of Arkansas, we heard not a peep of concern about the prominent rebel “stars and bars” symbolism of that southern state’s official flag that flew on her official residence grounds in Little Rock while husband Bill was governor.

And here’s a good question for Hillary today: if she “has always” favored taking down South Carolina’s relic of the Civil War, what about all the same rebel symbolism embodied in her own Arkansas flag that flew on her own official residence lawn? Shouldn’t it also be banned, for the same reasons as in South Carolina, to combat divisiveness?

There is no question that the Arkansas state flag is intended, by its symbols, to “commemorate the Confederate States of America.” In fact, then-Gov. Bill Clinton signed a law in 1987 that says so, designating a special star on the flag for that exact purpose.

Hillary Clinton may have objections to Confederate sympathies in state flags still flying in South Carolina or Mississippi, but what makes Arkansas an exception–and why has she never had anything to say about it?

Hillary, should the state flag of Arkansas, which can be seen as just as offensive to African Americans and other minorities who have been subject to racism as the Confederate battle flag of South Carolina, also be banned? Voters need to know.

Especially in culturally diverse and deeply blue states like California, perplexed voters will need to understand from Hillary Clinton why the South Carolina flag must come down but the Arkansas flag’s Confederate roots draw no comment from her.

California voters are the most unlikely in the nation to understand Hillary’s silence and see honor in the distinction between the “southern valor” that “stars and bars” supporters urge their flags represent in contrast to the general negative perception of slavery and racism more commonly associated with the rebel flag.

These voters are becoming the most diverse ethnic conglomeration in the nation, and include Latinos who now compromise the largest ethnic group in the state at 39 percent, non-Hispanic whites at about 38 percent, and Asians, with over 14 percent of the population. There are two times more Latinos and Asians in California by percentage than in the entire United States. About 7 percent of Californians are black. Overwhelmingly, Californians’ “voting cues” gleaned by the entire state, let alone the 60 percent of the state who represent minority groups who have experienced racism, are simply not connected to some sort of sympathy to the rebel cause when they see a Confederate flag.

In view of the tragedy in Charleston, it is now inescapable that Hillary’s opponents will raise her failure to object and indeed passively embrace the Confederate symbolism in Arkansas as an issue in the campaign. Even deeply blue California, with the most electoral votes in the nation, and its voters, are hardly going to accept a voting cue that the Confederate flag is bad for South Carolina but good for Arkansas just because Hillary Clinton has nothing to say about it.

James V. Lacy, a frequent guest of Fox Business News Channel’s “Varney & Company,” is author of “Taxifornia” which is available at Amazon.com.

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WJ Exclusive: Sacramento Resident Says State Blatantly Violating Its Own Water Restrictions

According to Sacramento, Calif., resident David Powell, his state is dealing with an ongoing drought by forcing citizens to pare down water use to a bare minimum while allowing government entities – specifically the State Capitol – to ignore such restrictions.

He shared his experience in a recent interview with Western Journalism, explaining that he and other Californians are permitted to water their residential lawns just two days per week. The Capitol lawn, however, reportedly gets doused by sprinklers every evening.

“Every day I drive by there between 9 and 11 p.m.,” he said, “and it’s going.”

Powell, an outspoken conservative activist, has documented his claims in a series of YouTube videos, the latest of which he uploaded June 16.

He has also chronicled his observations on Facebook, sparking some heated criticism of Gov. Jerry Brown and the apparently hypocritical enforcement of his statewide regulations.



In the recent interview, he explained that previous complaints to the city were met with a diplomatic response but no observable results. Western Journalism contacted one utilities department employee who confirmed that two complaints were filed on the same day earlier this month, both alleging that the Capitol lawn was being watered in violation of existing restrictions.

Both complaints were filed anonymously, the source confirmed, noting a supervisor would need to review the report in order to provide any further details. That manager had not responded to Western Journalism’s request for comment as of this writing.

Powell, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, began looking into the Capitol’s water use after noticing that much of the surrounding lawn was in immaculate condition – with the notable exception of a veteran’s memorial on the grounds.

He said the memorial “looked like a complete disgrace,” noting that even though there are few trees shading the area around the monument, “there’s hundreds of other spots on the Capitol where no trees are that are constantly watered.”

Should California’s government be forced to abide by the same restrictions it places on citizens? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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WATCH: Lifeguards Use Drones To Look For Sharks, Findings Are Chilling

The temperatures are starting to climb, which means people will be frequenting the many beaches that line the United States in an attempt to cool off during the dog days of summer.

There has always been a hidden danger lurking in those warm, salty waters, though. Just below the surface of the water is a predator that has enough power to remind man that he is not at the top of the food chain.

Until recently, there was no convenient way to check the coastal waters for shark activity, other than getting in a small plane or riding a jet-ski.

Now, with new technologies emerging every day, one of the surprising ways technology is helping to detect and locate sharks is with the use of drones.

Lifeguards have reported that this new technology is working really well. Finding one shark, which used to take them two or more hours, now takes about 20 minutes. The drone can go up about 100 feet in the air, and when the lifeguard using the drone sees something suspicious, he can zoom in on the figure to determine what it is, as well as its size.

The findings have been chilling, though. What the lifeguards have been finding is enough to make tourists and locals alike rethink getting in the water.

Chief Joe Bailey, a Seal Beach, Calif., lifeguard, said that within minutes of deploying the new drone, they spotted 10 to 12 sharks in the area. So far, the sharks have been ranging from 5- to 6-feet long. These are considered juvenile sharks, and they are just doing normal shark stuff, like eating bottom fish.

Most of the sharks have been smaller, and most of them have been seen 200 or more feet out in the ocean. However, a young shark was seen in waist-high water at Surfside Beach in California Monday. The drone was responsible for locating it.

The beaches have remained open; however, signs have been posted that there have been shark sightings in the area, and all water lovers should enter at their own risk.

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