Watch: O’Reilly Just Caught An MSNBC Host In A Lie So Huge He Had To Apologize On Air

MSNBC host Chris Hayes apologized on-air Thursday night for taking something Bill O’Reilly said out of context to make a point about supporters of the Confederate flag.

As reported by Western Journalism, calls to eliminate the Confederate flag from public places came in the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting last week. Many major retailers including Walmart, Sears, eBay, and Amazon announced Tuesday they will no longer be selling the Confederate flag or anything with its image. Valley Forge Flag, a major flag production company, also said they will no longer sell the stars and bars.

On his program on Tuesday, Hayes said: “As soon as the backlash to the Confederate flag started to gain momentum, the backlash to the backlash got underway, much of it from pretty predictable sources.” The MSNBC host listed Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly among them, saying the latter believes “it represents the bravery of those who fought in the Civil War.”

In a segment on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday entitled “Gross dishonesty in media,” O’Reilly called out Hayes for attributing views to him that he does not have, and labeled him the “biggest failure in cable news.”

The Fox News host re-aired a portion of the Monday night dialogue he had with Juan Williams from which Hayes took his words out of context.

O’Reilly told Williams: “You say the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and you believe that.” The Fox News host affirms this view, adding: “Absolutely 100% legitimate.”

Then he continues: “For some other people in an historical context, it represents bravery in war.” He adds: “Everyone should know what the two sides are believing.”

O’Reilly also stated that the flag “represents oppression” to him.

Hayes was man enough to own up to his mistake. “In a segment on the Confederate flag, I said that Bill O’Reilly said that it represents the bravery of Confederates who fought in the Civil War…It’s also quite clear from the context of the discussion he was having that he was not giving his own views, but talking about how some other people view or understand the flag,” Hayes said Thursday. “We should not have attributed that view to him. Fair is fair. I got it wrong, I apologize.”

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WATCH: Guest’s 7-Word Question Just Caused Bill O’Reilly To Freak Out On Her

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly got into a heated debate Tuesday with a guest on his show. O’Reilly accused Kirsten Powers and liberals of being unfair by presenting to the public their impression of the U.S. as a nation filled with racism and bigotry.

O’Reilly had Powers and Monica Crowley on his show The O’Reilly Factor; and the topic being discussed was racism, specifically whether it is rampant in America or limited to a small fraction of the population.

Powers asserted that there are indeed a lot of people living in the U.S. who are in fact racist.

O’Reilly shot back, saying: ”I have to wonder why you can’t see what is happening, because most Americans are not racist.”

In an attempt to prove a point, Powers asked the host: “so, how many black friends do you have?” O’Reilly refused to answer her question altogether by ignoring the very fact that she said anything. Powers persisted and asked the question several more times before O’Reilly finally had enough, slamming his hands on his desk and saying: “if you think most Americans are racist, I’m ashamed of you. I’m ashamed of you.”

Crowley, who seemed to be the only calm panel member, said that “racism has been limited to the lunatic fringe of the country.”

O’Reilly instigated the argument at the beginning of the segment by asking Powers where he was going wrong. She told him that she did feel racism is a serious issue in this country and could not understand why the comment offended O’Reilly so much.

He conceded that every country in the world has racist elements in it. Powers refused to see the relevance. O’Reilly then pointed out that the U.S. does not have a system in which racism is acceptable at all.

O’Reilly stood his ground by saying that “what is being sold is this idea that we are as a society, are racist, white supremacy, and white privilege. That’s what’s being sold…the world is being told by anti-American haters that we are a rank, racist society, and that is a lie.”

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WATCH: What This SC Dem Said About Fox News And Church Massacre Sets O’Reilly On Fire

Not only did President Obama waste no time in calling for more gun control in the wake of the Charleston church massacre, but a South Carolina lawmaker was quick to condemn Fox News for spreading the kind of “hate speech” and “coded language” that inspired suspected mass murderer Dylann Roof.

The man who went on national TV and linked Fox News with the horrific killing of nine people at the Emanuel AME Church is no obscure politician. He’s the Minority Leader of the South Carolina State House, Democrat Rep. Todd Rutherford. A longtime friend of State Sen. Clementa Pinckney — the paster of the church who died along with eight others when a gunman opened fire during a Bible study class — Rep. Rutherford had told CNN that the suspected shooter was motivated to slaughter innocent black people “because he watches things like Fox News.”

As The Blaze noted, Rutherford appeared on the Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor after having made his accusatory comments on CNN earlier on Thursday. And while his conversation with host Bill O’Reilly began calmly enough, it soon went south when the host asked the lawmaker about his associating the alleged mass killer with what is broadcast on Fox News.

Rutherford and O’Reilly then began to spar, speaking over each other.

“Mr. Rutherford, let me get a question out!” O’Reilly said. “Are you going to stand there tonight and say there that Fox News justifies brutal crimes against black Americans?”

Rutherford then denied that he had suggested that and accused O’Reilly of “inflaming the rhetoric.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the fiery exchange between Bill O’Reilly and the South Carolina legislator who blames Fox News for broadcasting what he claims are the kind of inflammatory stories and opinions that lead to horrific hate crimes like the Charleston church massacre.

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WATCH: O’Reilly And Peters Duke It Out Over Why Obama ‘Cannot Possibly Defeat ISIS’

It didn’t take long for retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters to tell Bill O’Reilly he was wrong — wrong about the reason behind the failure of the administration’s approach to defeating ISIS in Iraq. “The Pentagon is not the key” to stopping the spread of the Islamic State, argued the veteran military expert. “The key is the White House.”

The Fox News strategic analyst went on to tell The Factor host that “the president has decided to take advice from his civilian advisors with no military experience, rather than from serious military planners.” Peters also slammed what he described as the weak leadership of Obama’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey.

As for the size of the ISIS militant force in Iraq and Syria, O’Reilly insisted the number is somewhere around 30,000. Again, Col. Peters strongly disagreed, saying the number is closer to 60,000 or even 70,000 combatants who are now fighting like a “real army” determined to win a war for a cause in which they wholeheartedly believe.

It was a fiery segment on The Factor, and you can watch it by clicking on the video above.

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Those Who Are Trying To Take Down Fox News Just Got Some Really Bad News

As the undisputed ratings king among cable news networks, Fox News Channel has positioned itself as an easy target for critics. Dismissed by some as right-wing propaganda, the network and its talent nevertheless continue to crush the competition.

While many on the right criticize the perceived leftward slant of networks like MSNBC and CNN, the anti-Fox rhetoric has spread throughout the Democrat Party so thoroughly that it is a common theme in Barack Obama’s speeches.

When allegations that O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly fabricated some of his experiences as a reporter covering the El Salvadoran civil war nearly 35 years ago surfaced, many critics began calling for his ouster. The host seems to have weathered the controversy thus far, remaining not only behind his desk at FNC but firmly atop the ratings pile.

May '15 A25-54 Cable News Ranker

The O’Reilly Factor is not only the top-rated cable news program, according to recent analysis; its rerun falls in the top 10 – far higher than the first run of left-leaning programs like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show.

Fox as a whole has yet to slip from its top spot among cable news channels. For the 174th month in a row, FNC dominated other networks in the most recent Cable News Ranker report. The only other network to claim any spots in the top 10 was CNN, which occupied numbers four and six with CNN Tonight and Anderson Cooper 360, respectively.

Among all cable networks, Fox News Channel was ranked second in total viewers. Its 1.64 million viewers during the first week of June fell just 13,000 below USA.

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