WAR! Fox News Vs. The Pentagon In A High-Stakes Showdown Over Bergdahl And Obama’s Cred


Fox News stands resolutely by its report. The Pentagon labels it “patently false.” In essence, as Bill O’Reilly concludes, the Defense Department is calling the Fox News source “a liar.”

So, what’s the truth? Is the Army about to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion? Will Bergdahl soon face the music for willfully abandoning his post in Afghanistan?

As Politico reports: “The Pentagon vigorously denied reports on Tuesday that the Army is preparing to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, stressing the top commander reviewing the case has made no decisions.”

But Fox News, along with other organizations, says a decision has been made and that Bergdahl’s lawyer has been given official papers on the matter. The Army acknowledges that its investigation into the Bergdahl controversy concluded months ago, but inexplicably the Defense Department has still not announced any findings or charges.

“Such charges, especially if they led to a court-martial, would kick up a political hornet’s nest following the intense criticism of the deal that led to Bergdahl’s release,” the Politico post says.

In a highly unusual move, the former military intelligence officer who claimed on Monday that Bergdahl would be charged with desertion was back on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night to double down on his bold assertion.

Despite the Pentagon’s adamant push-back, retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Bill O’Reilly that not only would Bergdahl be charged, but also that the White House was stalling and stonewalling to try to mitigate a potential political disaster.

“Shaffer, who believes the White House’s alleged decision to delay its announcement is politically motivated, added that he stands by ‘all of those facts,’ referring to his report on Monday that Bergdahl’s lawyer has been given a statement of charges.”

Bergdahl was held by the Taliban for five years before, in a highly controversial deal, the Obama administration swapped five Gitmo detainees for the sergeant’s freedom from captivity.

You can watch O’Reilly’s interview with Tony Shaffer by clicking on the video above.


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WATCH: What This Military Insider Just Told O’Reilly Means The Bergdahl Case Could Haunt Obama


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — the man Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice praised as having served his country with “honor and distinction” — is officially being charged with desertion, according to a Fox News report.

It’s a development that could mean another round of scandal defense for President Obama.

You’ll recall that Obama himself hosted Bergdahl’s parents at a high-profile White House news conference after the sergeant was released last year by Taliban militants in exchange for five Guantanamo prisoners. That Rose Garden event celebrated Bergdahl’s freedom from captivity even as his fellow soldiers were accusing him of deserting his post in Afghanistan.

But now, says retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a former military intelligence officer, “The Army has come to its conclusion, and Bowe Bergdahl … will be charged with desertion.”

Shaffer told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that Bergdahl’s attorney has been given what’s called a “charge sheet” specifying the alleged offenses committed by Bergdahl in Afghanistan. Fox News says the attorney would not comment on that claim.

Shaffer also told O’Reilly that many advisers in Obama’s White House are trying to keep under wraps the whole Bergdahl matter, including the Army’s reported plan to prosecute the sergeant.

“The White House, because of the political narrative, President Obama cozying up to the parents and because of he, President Obama, releasing the five Taliban … The narrative is what the White House does not want to have come out.”

You can watch Bill O’Reilly’s entire interview with Tony Shaffer by clicking on the video above.h/t wnd.com


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O’Reilly: NYC Mayor De Blasio Incompetent, Must Resign


Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor called into his own show from his vacation to discuss the brutal murders of two New York police officers with guest host Greg Gutfeld Monday night.

“You have a mayor that comes in, a man named Bill de Blasio. He is a far left individual who is incompetent… He cannot run the City of New York.”

O’Reilly reviewed the cop-killer’s background as the “usual cultural devastation.”

“Let’s first start off with this killer, 28-year-old guy named Brinsley, all right? Total loser, 20 arrests, high school drop out, no father that we know of, the usual cultural devastation. Ok? Raised in poverty, bounces around, no education, no skills, doesn’t hold a job, commits crime after crime after crime. The system won’t deal with him because people like de Blasio don’t hold him accountable for anything. Then the man snaps, shoots his girlfriend in the stomach, a woman who actually had a job in Maryland. She survives. Then he gets on a bus, comes to New York City. Then he starts to say, ‘I’m going to kill cops.’ So he knew he was through and he decided to go out in the most destructive way possible using the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner as an excuse, not a mission. Everybody should know this is a terrible individual and I hope he’s enjoying hell right now.”

O’Reilly made it clear that Brinsley, and Brinsley alone, is responsible for these murders, and that no one else has blood on their hands.

“Aiding and abetting Brinsley and other maniacs? Those protesters who yelled, ‘We want dead cops’ – everybody heard it – those people should be shunned. If you know them, never speak to them again.”

O’Reilly turned his attention back to the mayor, who he said has been anti-police his whole career.

“Who’s his best friend? Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton, a racial provocateur and anti-cop individual is de Blasio’s best friend. That says it all.”

The O’Reilly Factor host cited de Blasio’s “alleged assault” comment when two police lieutenants were seen, on video, getting attacked by protesters.

“Once he said that, that was the end, he lost the police department.”

O’Reilly praised the police for turning their backs on the mayor at the hospital, saying, “Good for them.”

“This is an individual who should resign today. Today. He cannot run this city. He’s lost the control of the police department and their respect. They will never come back, no matter what he says, because he sided with the protestors…and he has disgraced the Office of Mayor of New York City. He should resign.”


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WATCH: Low-Information Voters Share Their Off-The-Wall Ideas About Obama And Ebola


Seriously, Ebola is hardly a laughing matter…unless….

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the cases and concern here at home, and the resulting apprehension around the world have flooded the news with near-constant coverage. It’s hard to imagine that anyone paying any amount of attention to current events would not have at least a basic awareness of the disease and its deadly consequences.

In fact, a brand new poll cited by NBC News finds:

Forty-five percent of Americans are concerned that they or a family member will contract Ebola, and a majority – 63 percent – are worried that the U.S. will see a large number of Ebola cases in the next year, according to a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

And yet, when Fox News’ Jesse Watters took to the streets of New York City to hear what folks think about Ebola, what he was told doesn’t give you much comfort in hoping that facts provide a foundation for people’s/voters’ opinions.

You can watch the “Watters’ World” segment from the “O’Reilly Factor” by clicking on the video above.

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Watch Megyn Kelly And Bill O’Reilly Discuss White Privilege And Its Effects In A Heated Debate

Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly Play Button

Monday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor” featured a dialogue between Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly on the hot button issue of white privilege.

Kelly, when asked if she believes in the white privilege theory, said there is “a lot of evidence behind it,” and added the statistics are “alarming”:

“Black unemployment rate in Ferguson is three times the white unemployment rate,” Kelly began. “Black men between the ages of 16 and 24 have an almost 50% unemployment rate, for whites it’s 16%. In the United States, a black child is almost four times as likely to live in a poor neighborhood as a white child is. Twenty percent of white kids are in single parent homes, 52% of black kids are. The incarceration rate is six time higher for blacks than it is for whites.

“There is segregated housing in Ferguson, there’s underperforming schools, both of those correlate strongly with low prospects in life. And this area, St. Louis, has a noticeably disadvantaged situation when it comes to folks who are born poor, getting out of poverty over the course of their life. Places like Seattle? You’ve got a real shot at it. Places like St. Louis? Not so much.”

While O’Reilly accepted her reasoning, he had a different approach to the issue:

“The Asian American community is not a troubled situation. As everybody knows, their academics are better than whites, they have language to overcome, while black Americans don’t,” he said. “It all comes down to families, culture, personal responsibility — all of these things which we don’t hear anything or much about and this is what drives the poverty.”

Kelly didn’t back down from her point of view, unsure that O’Reilly was fully understanding her perspective:

“It’s not just families or culture,” Kelly replied. ”Look at that stat about the black children four times as likely to live in poor neighborhoods as white children, and in the St. Louis area there is documented white flight. The blacks, as they move out to these white suburbs like Ferguson, the whites take off, these become black neighborhoods. The schools they get forgotten and the black population feels forgotten, Bill.

“That’s why they feel resentful. They don’t believe the justice system is going to give them a fair shake. They don’t believe the economic system is going to give them a fair shake. President Obama made all sorts of promises that didn’t come true. Their Democratic governor in Missouri made all sorts of promises that didn’t come true. They have very few people to trust.”

O’Reilly closed the segment telling Kelly he agreed with her statements, adding that nothing in this country will improve until the culture changes. In essence, if there is to be an improvement, a new mindset must be implemented. If there is to be a change in one’s situation, steps must be taken to attain a better life for one’s self.

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