WATCH: O’Reilly Just Confronted Trump Over McCain Remark…Something Surprising Happened

“Certainly if there was a misunderstanding, I would totally take that back.” So said Donald Trump to Bill O’Reilly in what was the closest thing to a retraction or apology that the 2016 presidential contender has made about his highly controversial remark concerning John McCain’s status as a war hero.

On Monday night’s The O’Reilly Factor, Trump acknowledged that the Arizona senator is a war hero from his service and his prolonged captivity in Vietnam. However, he also insisted that McCain has not done a good job on Capitol Hill in helping to meet the needs of other veterans who have returned from more recent wars.

The Fox News host, who has known Trump for a long time, took The Donald to task, saying he was going after the wrong guy in targeting John McCain for the highly publicized woes of the Veterans Administration.

“You picked the wrong guy here,” O’Reilly argued. “McCain shouldn’t be the whipping boy… I don’t think McCain’s the villain here.” While not completely backing away from his criticism of the senator, Trump did seem somewhat contrite as he took the barbs from the Fox News host.

By clicking on the video above, you can see this entire segment from The Factor.

Though not conclusive because of the poll’s timing, a new survey from Monmouth University shows that Iowa voters intending to go to their state’s caucuses have just placed Trump second to Scott Walker in the new tally. As Western Journalism reported, Trump finished with votes from 13 percent of the poll respondents, while Walker scored a win with 22 percent.

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Watch: San Francisco Official Gets Cornered, Responds With 6-Word Attack On Fox News

The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday showed three members of the San Francisco City Board of Supervisors refusing to answer questions from a Fox News reporter about the city’s sanctuary city policy after the death of Kate Steinle, who was killed earlier this month, allegedly by an illegal immigrant deported from the United States on five occasions.

At the top of the show, host Bill O’Reilly noted his program had attempted to contact all of the supervisors’ offices, to no avail.

In the video, the reporter is first shown confronting Supervisor Jane Kim, who deflected when asked if the national media has come down on the city’s sanctuary city policy. “I think the issue here is gun control,” Kim answered. “No individual with that type of record should be able to access or be able to have possession of a gun.”

Kim was referring to Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the man charged with Steinle’s murder. The firearm used in the murder, a .40 caliber pistol, allegedly belonged to a federal agent. It had been stolen several days before the murder.

In another impromptu interview with the reporter, supervisor Katy Tang said, “Of course Fox News would be this rude.” The reporter answered, “We tried this through your office and we got no response.” Tang replied, “Well you know what? Because you’re interviewing the wrong f***ing person!”

When the reporter attempted to ask supervisor Scott Wiener questions about the San Francisco immigration policy, he just answered repeatedly, “Fox News is not real news.” He even mentioned it on Twitter:

  But many on Twitter were less than impressed:  

h/t: TheBlaze

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Megyn Kelly Just Scored A Big Win That Will Send All Her Lib Haters Home Crying

For the second straight week and the third time ever, Megyn Kelly has topped all of cable news in the key demo.

On The Kelly File last week, the 9 p.m. ET host increased her viewership in the 25-54 ratings from 400K to 458K–beating out The O’Reilly Factor, which averaged 431K, Mediaite reported. O’Reilly had the most total viewers with 2.527 million, while Kelly had 2.219 million. She was helped by an interview with Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and a spirited debate on immigration featuring Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera and Ann Coulter, both of which took place last Tuesday.

The host challenged Cruz on calling for judicial retention elections, in which appointed justices would be voted on in national elections every eight years. “You want to rewrite the Constitution in response to a couple of decisions you don’t like?” Kelly asked the junior senator from Texas, also contending that judicial elections would “make the court more political.”

“This is an insult that — I won’t use the term ‘racist,’ because I don’t think Ann’s a racist,” Rivera said during their segment. “What she is is a polemicist, and she’s written a screed, a diatribe. She had a point she wanted to make and in her very sharp and witty writing, she’s made it.”

“I don’t think you’re a racist either,” Coulter replied, “but I think you’re getting pretty close to the edge by insisting Hispanics piggyback on the black experience in America. The reason we have affirmative action and set-asides is to make up for the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow — it’s not for people who just stepped foot in this country to piggyback on that very unique history and start claiming affirmative action.”

Kelly also beat O’Reilly in the demo in November 2014, when the Ferguson grand jury decision was announced.

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BOOM! O’Reilly EXPLODES: See What He Says About Trump And Who’s ‘Complicit’ In Murder

Bill O’Reilly can certainly get fired up on The Factor, but Monday night’s “Talking Points Commentary” was so fiery that it wouldn’t be surprising if it singed the set of the top-rated Fox News show.

First, O’Reilly said that Donald Trump’s analysis about illegal immigration is largely correct, adding that the GOP candidate who has come under withering fire for his comments regarding Mexican illegals made the mistake of “speaking too generally about the border problem.” The Fox News host went on to share a number of statistics that support Trump’s controversial remarks about criminal aliens.

O’Reilly then took aim at the Obama administration and officials in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, where a criminal illegal who has reportedly been deported five times has admitted to killing a woman out for a stroll with her father. Western Journalism has reported on the senseless shooting death of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, allegedly by the illegal immigrant with a long history of felony crimes — a man who said he chose to return to San Francisco because the city doesn’t fully cooperate with federal deportation investigations.

Said a visibly angry O’Reilly during his show on Monday: “The mayor and city supervisors of San Francisco are directly responsible for the murder of Kate Steinle, and the Obama administration is complicit.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the segment from The O’Reilly Factor in which the host nearly comes through the TV screen because of his outrage that known criminal aliens are not kept off the streets where they can victimize innocent Americans.

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Watch: O’Reilly Just Caught An MSNBC Host In A Lie So Huge He Had To Apologize On Air

MSNBC host Chris Hayes apologized on-air Thursday night for taking something Bill O’Reilly said out of context to make a point about supporters of the Confederate flag.

As reported by Western Journalism, calls to eliminate the Confederate flag from public places came in the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting last week. Many major retailers including Walmart, Sears, eBay, and Amazon announced Tuesday they will no longer be selling the Confederate flag or anything with its image. Valley Forge Flag, a major flag production company, also said they will no longer sell the stars and bars.

On his program on Tuesday, Hayes said: “As soon as the backlash to the Confederate flag started to gain momentum, the backlash to the backlash got underway, much of it from pretty predictable sources.” The MSNBC host listed Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly among them, saying the latter believes “it represents the bravery of those who fought in the Civil War.”

In a segment on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday entitled “Gross dishonesty in media,” O’Reilly called out Hayes for attributing views to him that he does not have, and labeled him the “biggest failure in cable news.”

The Fox News host re-aired a portion of the Monday night dialogue he had with Juan Williams from which Hayes took his words out of context.

O’Reilly told Williams: “You say the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and you believe that.” The Fox News host affirms this view, adding: “Absolutely 100% legitimate.”

Then he continues: “For some other people in an historical context, it represents bravery in war.” He adds: “Everyone should know what the two sides are believing.”

O’Reilly also stated that the flag “represents oppression” to him.

Hayes was man enough to own up to his mistake. “In a segment on the Confederate flag, I said that Bill O’Reilly said that it represents the bravery of Confederates who fought in the Civil War…It’s also quite clear from the context of the discussion he was having that he was not giving his own views, but talking about how some other people view or understand the flag,” Hayes said Thursday. “We should not have attributed that view to him. Fair is fair. I got it wrong, I apologize.”

h/t: The Blaze

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