Watch: O’Reilly Just Nailed The Real Reason Americans Are Worried About Syrian Refugees

Prominent Democrats – including Barack Obama – have sparked controversy among critics who say they have been portrayed as bigots for opposing a plan to resettle roughly 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. over the next year.

“Because of politics,” he said during a segment of The O’Reilly Factor Monday, “you are not being told the true story about the Syrian refugee situation. The Democratic Party wants the world to believe that the Republicans are mean-spirited and anti-immigrant.”

In fact, O’Reilly contended, critics of the Syrian refugee program have legitimate concerns about the security of the nation.

“Fifty-four percent of American oppose taking in Syrian refugees even after they’ve been screened for security,” he said. “The reason most Americans do not want to accept Muslim refugees is not based on ethnicity or religion – it is based on security.”

O’Reilly pinned those fears directly on the nation’s commander in chief.

“The majority of Americans have no confidence at all that the Obama administration can protect them from harm,” he said, noting that current leaders are “so liberal, so frightened and so chaotic that they cannot provide security for we the people.”

To help illustrate his point, O’Reilly cited two Obama policies – lax border security and the release of more than 36,000 convicted criminal aliens – as evidence that this administration has made America less safe.

Killing Bill O’Reilly: Why He Is Dead Wrong About Ronald Reagan

The “centerpiece” of Bill O’Reilly’s new book, “Killing Reagan,” was a memo he did not see while writing his book and still to this day has not seen. After being exposed as having never seen a memo he previously claimed he was “vetting” after previously claiming it was the centerpiece, O’Reilly now claims the Reagan Library is hiding it even though they never had it.

In other words, the Reagan Library is hiding a memo they have never had and that O’Reilly has never seen. Get it? Some scholarship. Oliver Stone, call your office.

When I write books, I don’t claim documents which I have never seen to be the “centerpiece” to my works. To avoid one of O’Reilly convenient straw men, no one is denying the memo was written or existed. We are simply denying O’Reilly ever saw it, much less ever “vetted” it.

This would be why George Will took exception to O’Reilly’s characterization recently: “Will has joined with several former Reagan administration officials in objecting to the book’s characterization of the former president as occasionally mentally incapable to serve, a decline accelerated by the assassination attempt.”

The Mice Retaliate

That characterization is based on a certain memo written by James Cannon, now deceased, who along with Tommy Griscom and A.B. Culvahouse were going into the Ronald Reagan White House with Sen. Howard Baker to clean up the mess created by fired Chief of Staff Don Regan and his aides, known derisively as “The Mice.” This was early 1987.

Don Regan was disgraced and the Mice embittered at President Reagan, ready to get revenge. The title of Don Regan’s get-even autobiography, “And The Horse You Rode In On,” spoke volumes as to Regan’s outlook and attitude.

When Baker and company were in the White House, Baker asked each to keep his eyes and ears open and to let him know what was working, what wasn’t, in Reagan’s White House. Cannon took the directive off in a different direction, writing a memorandum questioning Reagan’s mental acuity. He printed three copies, one for each of Baker’s men and Baker himself.

Baker read and dismissively replied, “This is not the Ronald Reagan I just saw.” Culvahouse was also disdainful, and the two handed back the memos to Cannon. Cannon had written a memo dismissive of Reagan’s mental sharpness without having once sat down with the object of his thoughts, even though Reagan was just down the hall.

Instead, he called in “The Mice” one by one, and they spun Cannon badly, falsely claiming Reagan was watching soap operas all day, that he was unengaged, and that Nancy Reagan was running the White House and the world. The New York Times reported of The Mice at the time “they were perceived as yes-men with no strong ideological convictions.” (They are still in Washington.)

Don Regan was known to demand a new joke every day from The Mice so he could, in turn, greet Reagan with a joke each morning, as if that was somehow important to Reagan. Don Regan was also rude, brusque, arrogant, and known to insist he be announced publically, along with President Reagan, when entering a room. The Mice simply and blithely followed orders.

Besides, James Cannon Recanted

More importantly Cannon, shortly after meeting Reagan personally, recanted his own memo, saying “the old fellow looks fine.” In his book, O’Reilly did not mention this vitally important passage. Never let the facts get in the way of a good yarn.

Obviously, Cannon leaked his memo to journalist Jane Mayer for her 1988 book, “Landslide,” but shortly thereafter disavowed it, again in her book, saying Reagan was fine. He then knew he’d been hoaxed by the bitter Mice. He did not recant his memo under pressure, as O’Reilly has claimed.

Also, the memo in question was written before Cannon was a White House employee, thus his papers would not have been treated as presidential documents, thus never deposited in the National Archives at the Reagan Library and Foundation. So O’Reilly and his co-author, Martin Dugard, never saw the memo because it was never in the National Archives, even as they claimed it was the “centerpiece” to their book, “Killing Reagan.” Since Culvahouse and Baker gave theirs back to Cannon, presumably they are with Cannon’s private papers, wherever they are today.

Further, as Mayer wrote in the New Yorker in 2011, “Dr. Lawrence Altman, who covered Reagan’s health for the Times during his Presidency, wrote that in ‘my extensive interviews with his White House doctors, key aides and others, I found no evidence that Mr. Reagan exhibited signs of dementia as president.’ And, wrote Altman, Reagan’s official biographer, Edmund Morris, never saw any signs of Alzheimer’s and he had close, unfettered access to the Gipper for years. A thousand Reagan White House aides will also attest as to Reagan’s superior faculties. But all this evidence is of little interest to O’Reilly.

Too bad O’Reilly chose to write a very bad book about Reagan, although I understand his other books also have serious historical inaccuracies as well. Too bad he chose to join liberals in falsely tearing Reagan down. Much damage has been done as a result. Reagan biographers will have to take the shovels out again and clean up the disarray O’Reilly made.

George Will was right. Bill O’Reilly has “made a mess of history.”

Craig Shirley is a Reagan biographer, having written four books on the Gipper including his newest, “Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan.”

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Watch: O’Reilly Tried To Tell Trump His Immigration Plan Is Bad- It Did NOT Go As He Planned

Fox News ratings powerhouse Bill O’Reilly invited GOP front-runner Donald Trump onto The O’Reilly Factor and tried to push him off his stance on deporting millions of illegal immigrants. But Trump didn’t budge, despite O’Reilly’s characterization of the idea as “brutal.”

During this week’s debate, the real estate mogul mentioned the fact that in 1954, President Eisenhower deported as many as one million illegals in a program called “Operation Wetback.”

Since Trump brought the 1950s policy to the discussion, he has been criticized for even saying the name of Eisenhower’s operation–as if just saying the title meant that Trump was endorsing the word “wetback.”

But Fox News’ O’Reilly went further; and during Trump’s appearance, the host slammed the 1954 policy, calling it “brutal.”

“Believe me when I tell you, Mr. Trump, that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back,” O’Reilly said to Trump. “The stuff they did was really brutal. It could never happen today.”

But while he didn’t repeat the name of the policy, Trump did not back off from his central point that it is possible to deport large numbers of illegals. In fact, he cited yet another president who did the same thing as Eisenhower.

“And Bill, let me tell you,” Trump interjected, “Truman also sent 3.5 million people out, so you have to check on that. But Truman, before Ike, sent 3.5 million people out.”

Despite O’Reilly’s attempt to push Trump off his stance on immigration, Trump is finding that his position is one of the main reasons he is still the front-runner in the hunt for the GOP nomination for president.

A new YouGov poll found that Trump was far and away the most trusted Republican candidate on immigration, with 49 percent saying he is the best candidate on the issue.

Watch: A Viewer Called O’Reilly’s Interview ‘Disgusting’- His 21-Second Response Says It All

Bill O’Reilly stands by what he wrote about Ronald Reagan, and vowed Monday to “confront deceit head-on” as he continued his war of words with columnist George Will.

On Monday, O’Reilly used one segment of his Fox News show to read some of what he said were 10,000 emails regarding a feisty Friday segment with Will, who recently castigated O’Reilly’s new book.

“This book is nonsensical history and execrable citizenship, and should come with a warning: ‘Caution — you are about to enter a no-facts zone,’” Will wrote.

O’Reilly’s book, Killing Reagan, suggests President Reagan suffered early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as a result of his wounds in the March 1981 assassination attempt. After Will’s comments, O’Reilly invited him to appear on his Friday show, which devolved rapidly into an argument.

“All of what we write in ‘Killing Reagan’ is true. You’re a hack!” O’Reilly told Will at one point.

Some viewers found the duel a bit much. On Monday, O’Reilly read some of their comments on his show.

“O’Reilly, long time viewer,” wrote Henry Jeulch. “Your aggressive reaction to George Will was disgusting. How about a bit of civility?”

O’Reilly offered a vivid defense.

“There are two kinds of people in the world, Henry,” O’Reilly replied. “Those who confront deceit head-on. And those who take other avenues. If you do indeed watch me, you know which kind of guy I am. Every word of Killing Reagan is true. George Will chose to attack the book, The Factor, and me — I called him on it.”

In the aftermath of Friday’s show, Will had called O’Reilly “unhinged.” O’Reilly took a different approach to their differences.

“I believe his elitist presentation doesn’t fit our format, nothing personal,” O’Reilly said. “Based upon his remarks over the years he sees me as a vulgarian…who does not deserve the forum I have, so there is little common ground between us.”

h/t: TheBlaze

WATCH What Happens When Bill O’Reilly Absolutely EXPLODES On His Guest: ‘You’re a Hack, Bye!’

For those to whom a good, old-fashioned, no-holds-barred argument is vintage entertainment, Friday’s duel of wordslingers between Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and conservative columnist George Will was a classic.

O’Reilly’s new book, Killing Reagan, offers a different perspective on Reagan’s life and career after the March 1981 attempt on his life. On Thursday, Will took the book to task in his Washington Post column.

The “book’s perfunctory pieties about Reagan’s greatness are inundated by its flood of regurgitated slanders about his supposed lassitude and manipulability,” Will wrote. “This book is nonsensical history and execrable citizenship, and should come with a warning: ‘Caution — you are about to enter a no-facts zone.’”

O’Reilly invited Will on his show to discuss the book man to man. It didn’t start well.

“Let’s talk about the facts,” O’Reilly said. “Fox News hard news chief Mike Clemente told us that you told him you would call me before the column was published. Did you call me?”

“No, and I didn’t promise to call you,” Will shot back. “You have my phone number and if you wanted to call me, you could.”

“I couldn’t care less about it, I didn’t know what you were doing. Are you calling Mr. Clemente a liar?” O’Reilly bluntly asked.

After back and forth over who said what to whom and when, they focused on the main issue — O’Reilly’s book. O’Reilly accused Will of “actively misleading the American people.”

“You are something of an expert on misleading people,” Will responded.

“You are lying!” O’Reilly countered, insisting his book was historically accurate.

Will said O’Reilly’s characterization of Reagan was “doing the work of the left.”

“All of what we write in ‘Killing Reagan’ is true. You’re a hack!” O’Reilly shouted. “You are in with the cabal of the Reagan loyalists who don’t want the truth to be told. ‘Killing Reagan’ is a laudatory book. It praises Ronald Reagan. Yet, you did not call me when you said you would, that’s a fact.”

O’Reilly said there was pressure on him to deify Reagan. He said Reagan loyalists “tried to get the book killed before it was even published.”

“That is a lie,” Will said, as the interview approached is crescendo. “That by the way is a lie.”

O’Reilly had one last line.

“That isn’t a lie and we can prove it and you are a hack! Bye!” O’Reilly said.

h/t: TheBlaze