WATCH: People Instantly Notice Something Rubio Did 8 Times On O’Reilly, Now He’s Paying For It…

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly wanted to know what Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio plans to do about illegal immigration.

But after Rubio’s appearance Monday on The O’Reilly Factor, the headlines weren’t reporting on Rubio’s plans to deal with the issue. Instead, the reviews went something like this:

“‘Marco Roboto’ short circuits again, repeats line 8 times,” said WND.

“Marco ‘Robot’ Rubio suffered a glitch Monday on The O’Reilly Factor,” said the Gateway Pundit.

“Marco Rubio Short Circuits Again, Repeats Himself 8 Times,” wrote Young Conservatives.

What the press was referring to was a 10-minute segment when Rubio used the phrase “the American people” eight times.

“I’m interested in your vision, OK?,” O’Reilly asked. “Your vision is to deal with illegal aliens here who have broken our laws how? What will you try to sell the voters?”

I don’t believe the American people support some sort of militaristic round-up of individuals, and I don’t think you could carry it out,” Rubio said. “The sort of tactics it would required would offend the American people.”

He added, “If we prove to the American people that illegal immigration is finally under control, I think the American people will respond in a very rational, reasonable and responsible way.”

They then discussed a hypothetical example. Rubio again invoked “the American people” in his reply.

Alright, you’re not going to give me your vision,” O’Reilly said.

“No, I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to give it to you, Bill,” Rubio said.

OK, go,” O’Reilly said.

Rubio then discussed a plan to allow illegal immigrants a path to obtain work permits that would allow them to legally remain in the United States, but noted, It does depend on what the American people will support.”

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

Watch: Cruz Just Made Bold Immigration Vow To O’Reilly, But There’s 1 Thing People Notice

When Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz talked to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Monday about his plans to deal with illegal immigration, it didn’t take long for some pundits to report they had heard it all before — except not from Cruz.

Cruz “has taken a page from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign playbook,” The Huffington Post reported Tuesday.

“Cruz changes tune on rounding up undocumented immigrants,” ran the CNN headline on Cruz’s most recent comments.

“We should enforce the law,” Cruz said in discussing the 12 million illegal immigrants estimated to be living in the country. “Federal law requires that anyone here illegally that’s apprehended should be deported.”

When asked whether he would actively look for and deport illegal immigrants, Cruz replied, “You better believe it.”

This would be accomplished, Cruz said, by implementing a stronger biometric entry and exit system so that the government would have a better idea of who is overstaying their visas.

“Ted Cruz only talks tough on immigration now because he did so badly in (South Carolina). He is in favor of amnesty and weak on illegal immigration,” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

In January, Cruz opposed Trump’s plan to deport all illegal immigrants.

“I don’t intend to send jackboots to knock on your door and every door in America, that’s not how we enforce the law for any crime,” he told CNN then.

During his Monday interview with O’Reilly and the January interview with CNN, Cruz made it clear that he would only deport those who were “apprehended.”

O’Reilly asked Cruz how he would locate and deport illegal immigrants.

“That’s what ICE exists for. We have law enforcement who looks for people that are violating the laws, that apprehends them and deports them,” Cruz said.

h/t: TheBlaze

Watch: What Megyn Kelly Says About O’Reilly And Hannity Catches Interviewer Off Guard- ‘All Right, Wow’

Megyn Kelly’s show The Kelly File is a live news show, broadcast every evening at 9 P.M. ET. Kelly, as Western Journalism has reported, is on the heels of Bill O’Reilly for the title of number one watched news program in the U.S. The O’Reilly Factor is number one and has been for 15 years. The Kelly File is number two, followed by Hannity at number three.

While a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Kelly revealed what might be the secret to her success.

“Megyn, you’re live every night right?”Colbert asked.

“Every night at nine we are live,” Kelly answered.

“Did you like it?” asked Colbert.

“I do. I love it. I think it adds a lot to the show. I mean I miss being at home with my babes. I have three kids under the age of seven … You know I try to find the balance because if you’re not live at night, because the show before me and the show after me are taped, you lose a lot,” his guest said.

Colbert tried to get clarification by saying Kelly was in an “O’Reilly Hannity sandwich there.”

“Those guys are just phoning it in right? You’re there working hard every night live,” Colbert commented.

“Let’s just say they tape earlier in the day which is an advantage to us,” Kelly stated.

Colbert, seemingly not able to coax any co-worker criticism out of Kelly, said, “All right. Wow.”

By all accounts, Kelly might be doing something right by being live. After all, she is trailing The O’Reilly Factor by a fairly slim margin of viewership. The O’Reilly Factor’s average viewership per evening is 2.8 million viewers; The Kelly File’s is 2.3 million.

Now that viewers know Kelly’s show is live and O’Reilly’s is taped, that might be all she needs to surpass O’Reilly and take the first-place position for the first time in 16 years.

Watch What Happens When O’Reilly Asks Trump The 1 ‘Embarrassing’ Question He Didn’t Want To Be Asked

Amid a discussion that was both heated and contentious, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly managed to get a smile out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his Wednesday night show.

However, he did not get Trump to change his mind and agree to attend Thursday’s Republican residential debate. In fact, O’Reilly had to agree that he had broken a pre-show agreement with Trump in which O’Reilly had promised not to bring up the debate.

O’Reilly trotted out a variety of logical arguments to get Trump to appear at the debate, but none worked.

O’Reilly accused Trump of being “petty,” and said Trump’s decision was flawed. “Would you say that right now, Donald Trump is a person who can let petty things influence him to the extent that he doesn’t do what maybe he should do?” O’Reilly asked.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of,” Trump said. “In this case I was being taken advantage of by Fox. I don’t like that. Now when I’m representing the country, if I win, I’m not going to let our country be taken advantage of. … It’s a personality trait but I don’t think it’s a bad personality trait.”

Then O’Reilly made his last-ditch case.

“Would you do me a favor? Look, you owe me it because I’ve bought you so many vanilla milkshakes!” O’Reilly said at last. “I’ve bought you so many vanilla milkshakes you owe me!”

Trump offered a smile in response, but no words.

“Will you just consider?” O’Reilly continued. “I want you to consider. Think about it. Say, ‘Look, I might come back forgive, go forward, answer the questions, look out for the folks.’ Just want you to consider it. You owe me milkshakes! I’ll take them off the ledger if you consider.”

“Well, even though you and I had an agreement that you wouldn’t ask me that, which we did, I will therefore forget that you asked me that,” Trump said.

O’Reilly admitted he had made that agreement.

“I told you up front don’t ask me that question because it’s an embarrassing question,” Trump added.

“But I’m not going to listen to any political person who tells me not to ask anything. But, you’re absolutely an honest man that I said I would try not to do it. But the milkshake thing just overwhelmed me. But I’m asking you to reconsider it,” O’Reilly said.

” … this odd exchange might tell us as much about Trump as anything else we’ve seen in his campaign. O’Reilly’s milkshake argument — and its ineffectiveness — is a prime example of just how strong Trump’s independent streak really is,” wrote Callum Borchers in The Washington Post.

Borchers noted that skipping the debate carries a risk for Trump.

“But bolstering his outsider image is more important. He wants voters to know that nothing — not even milkshakes — can make Donald J. Trump do something he doesn’t want to do,” Borchers wrote.

h/t: TheBlaze

WATCH: O’Reilly Just Revealed The 3 Candidates Most Likely To Win GOP Nomination

In his talking points memo on Friday, Bill O’Reilly discussed his insights on the sixth Republican primary debate and predicted the top three candidates most likely to take the nomination.

According to O’Reilly, Marco Rubio is an excellent debater with a strong demographics profile that will enable him to effectively challenge Hillary in the general election.

“Marco Rubio has a legitimate chance to win the nomination, and is feared by the Clinton campaign, because he is articulate, his demographic profile works in a general election and he makes Hillary Clinton look older. But whether Rubio can convince hardcore conservative Americans to back him remains to be seen,” O’Reilly said.

As for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, O’Reilly felt he had a strong performance, but lost a bit of ground to Donald Trump over the issue of New York values. The damage from those comments was, however, mitigated by Cruz’s response to the issue of his Canadian birth.

“Cruz is a very strong debater, but got in trouble challenging Donald Trump on New York values … Trump won that exchange, but Cruz won the Canada-birth issue, so it was pretty much a draw between the two men,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly noted that Trump continued to lead the pack due to his perceived role as the champion of the Republican base, which feels betrayed by the political establishment.

“He continues to lead in the polls because he is perceived as an avenger, a person who will knock down the political establishment,” O’Reilly said. “That’s what many Republican voters want this time around, and Trump delivered again last night.”

As for the remaining candidates, O’Reilly did not rule out retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as being capable of a comeback, and said New Jersey Gov. Chris =would make an excellent vice president.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, though, is simply not in tune with the current demeanor of the Republican Party and does not have a chance at securing the nomination, despite his impressive record, O’Reilly said.

“The race is still fluid,” said O’Reilly. “Anything could happen.”