Watch: O’Reilly Sees Shocking New Poll That Makes Him Say ‘Most Americans Are Stupid’

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly shaking his head.

The poll comparing possible Democratic and Republican match ups in the 2016 presidential race shows that Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn’t even entered the race, would win against any of the Republican candidates in head-to-head competition.

“So why would you vote for him?” O’Reilly questioned during his Talking Points Memo in his Sept. 30 show. “Talking Points believes the answer to that question is kind of cruel: Many Americans are simply dumb. They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t pay attention, they don’t care.”

Specifics on the poll taken Sept. 20-24 show that Biden would beat GOP front-runner Donald Trump 56 percent to 35 percent. A contest with Ben Carson would be closer with Biden winning 49 percent to 41 percent. It’s closer yet going against Carly Fiorina, beating her 47 percent to 41 percent. Getting an establishment GOP nominee does no good because the poll indicates that Biden would win against Jeb Bush 48 percent to 40 percent.

O’Reilly pointed out that the real oddity in the poll is the second question about citizens’ perceptions of America’s future. According to poll data, 62 percent of those questioned said this country was on the wrong track while only 30 percent said the United States was headed in the right direction.

Yet, Biden wins in the match up polling even with most believing America is headed in the wrong direction. The Fox News host said Biden agrees with what President Barack Obama has done during his time in office. Those actions have resulted in a poor economy and a bad foreign policy, he said. The only plausible explanation is that voters don’t know what is happening, he said.

“You don’t have to real in the real world anymore,” O’Reilly said, alluding to an idea that everyone is getting their information from social media. “Used to be drugs and alcohol obliterated reality. Now its your hand-held device or PC.”

O’Reilly presumes there are 60 percent of voters who could be persuaded in politics, but contends the masses don’t know enough to cast a ballot.

Political pundit Charles Krauthammer said Biden’s image remains abstract for now because he isn’t running. He predicts that Biden’s numbers will drop once he announces his candidacy.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll indicates that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is losing ground to top contender Bernie Sanders. She leads Sanders by 15 points if Biden stays out of the race, but that tightens to a 7 percent gap if Biden decides to run. Hilton had a 34 percent lead over Sanders in July and a 60-point lead in June.

On the Republican side, the poll suggests that Trump and Carson are running in a virtually tied race with Trump at 21 percent and Carson at 20 percent. Fiorina and Rubio are tied for third place.

A Major Unexpected Development In The Trump-Fox News Feud Just Occurred That Changes The Whole Thing

Donald Trump will end his boycott of Fox News Tuesday night with an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News has revealed.

Although he was scheduled to appear on the program last Thursday, the day before his appearance Trump tweeted his intention to boycott Fox. The news network later claimed to have cancelled the interview.

Trump and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, who spoke last week by phone, are expected to meet this week regarding the network’s handling of Trump, whose unconventional approach to campaigning has put him at odds with the media on several occasions.

Trump and Fox News have an on-again, off-again relationship that hit a major low after the initial Republican debate hosted by Fox News. Trump and several Fox hosts, primarily Megyn Kelly, have sparred since that time.

Although Trump has not been on Fox, he has been a frequent guest on other networks, including appearances on CBS, CNN and NBC.

On Monday, Trump unveiled a tax plan that is likely to be a major subject of conversation during his Fox interview.

“There will be a major tax reduction, it will simplify the tax code, it will grow the American economy in ways we have not seen for decades,” Trump said Monday.

“I will probably end up paying more money, but at the same time I think the economy will do better, so I’ll make it up that way,” he told CNN. “I believe in the end I might do better because I really believe the economy is going to go boom, beautiful.”

h/t: CNN

Watch: O’Reilly Gives Trump ‘Tough Love’ Advice- Then Trump Supporters Take Action

Bill O’Reilly recently offered Donald Trump some “tough love” advice–stop using Twitter.

O’Reilly, making an appearance on ABC’s LIVE! with Kelly and Michael on Thursday for his new book Killing Reagan, stated: “The worst thing that ever happened to Donald Trump’s life was he learned how to tweet. That was the worst thing.”

He went on: “What should happen is, the people who love and cherish Donald Trump should, after 9 at night, handcuff him so he can’t do that.”

Furthermore, O’Reilly said: “If Donald Trump wants to be president, all right, he has to now pivot and start to get serious. So if somebody says, ‘I don’t like your hair,’ he ignores that and says, ‘Here’s how I’m going to solve the economy, here’s how I’m going to solve foreign policy problems.’”

Trump supporters’ reactions to O’Reilly were swift on Twitter:

This isn’t the first part of the Trump-O’Reilly fight.

Trump recently tweeted:

Trump has also been very critical of Fox News in general, re-tweeting the following:

What do you think of O’Reilly’s comment that Trump needs to lay off Twitter?

Breaking: Trump Goes Nuclear In War With Fox News With Huge Announcement

Donald Trump’s simmering feud with Fox News has boiled over.

‪@FoxNews‪ has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future,” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

Trump’s announcement followed two days of the billionaire jabbing Fox via Twitter.

“I am having a really hard time watching Fox News,” he wrote Monday night.

He also lashed out Monday at Fox’s Rich Lowry, calling him “truly one of the dumbest of the talking heads – he doesn’t have a clue!”

On Tuesday, he lashed out at Bill O’Reilly, urging him to “have some knowledgeable talking heads on your show for a change instead of the same old Trump haters. Boring!”

Later, Trump hit harder at all of Fox.

“Fox has become a supporter of Liberals! They are not supporting the GOP candidates-especially Trump! Quit watching,” he tweeted.

Trump also commented on his favorite Fox tarter, Megyn Kelly.

“Do you ever notice that lightweight @megynkelly constantly goes after me but when I hit back it is totally sexist. She is highly overrated!” he tweeted Tuesday. He said Kelly should “take another eleven day ‘unscheduled’ vacation.”

Trump and Fox News have had an off-again, on-again relationship which hit a major low after the initial Republican debate hosted by Fox. Trump and Kelly have sparred since that debate.

In a tweet sent out just after his declaration about Fox, Trump thanked Stephen Colbert of CBS’ Late Show for having him on Tuesday’s show.

h/t: Twitter

Trump Just Launched An Assault On BIG Name Fox News Host (It’s Not Megyn Kelly)

Donald Trump once again made it known that he does not like to be disrespected. The Republican presidential front-runner has stated many times that he doesn’t attack someone unless he has been attacked first. This time he went after Bill O’Reilly.

On Monday night, Trump blasted out a series of tweets aimed at Fox News and Bill O’Reilly stating that they were “very negative to me [Trump] in refusing to post the great polls that came out today including NBC.”

In an apparent reference to O’Reilly, Trump tweeted, “Why don’t you have some knowledgeable talking heads on your show for a change instead of the same old Trump haters? Boring!”

Continuing further, Trump tweeted:

“They’re not Trump haters. They’re spoon fed morons.”

“This is bull Fox. O’Reilly, I expect better from you. What is going on? Fair and balanced my ass.”

“The way you have treated @realDonaldTrump is totally unacceptable…CNN has been fair.”

CNN was impressed with the way that Fox News moderated the first Republican primary debates. Donald Trump stated that Sean Hannity treated him fairly and respectfully during the debate. For the moment, while O’Reilly is in Trump’s crosshairs, it appears that Hannity is safe from Trump tweets.

Some are rushing to Trump’s defense. The Tea Party recently shared Trump’s quote alleging that Fox News is a safe haven for Trump haters.

What do you think? Is Fox News being fair to Donald Trump? Is Bill O’Reilly being fair and balanced this time? Comment and share below.