News Host: Obama “Too Smart” For Presidency


Barack Obama’s sycophants in the mainstream media continue to trot out excuse after excuse for countless missteps made throughout his presidency. While most of these ostensible justifications involve transferring blame onto the Republican party, one MSNBC host recently tried a different approach.

As part of a panel discussion regarding Obama’s detached persona, guests on the network’s “Morning Joe” program cited the fact he is uninterested in the political scene.

Panelist John Heilemann said Obama “doesn’t like to court people,” noting his aversion to spending time “schmoozing” with anyone — Democrat or Republican.

“He doesn’t like any of the kind of human, kind of back-slapping side of politics Bill Clinton is so good at,” he continued, suggesting his political successes have been due in large part to his “ability to give these rousing speeches that were so inspirational to so many people.”

Proving her ability to hear what she wants to hear despite what was actually said, co-host Mika Brzezinski somehow interpreted Heilemann’s critique as high praise for Obama.

“So what you’re saying is he’s too smart for the job,” she responded, prompting Heilemann to further clarify his already straightforward statement.

“Well, I’m not exactly saying that,” he retorted, “although I’m sure that’s your gloss on it.”

Host Joe Scarborough jumped in the conversation, saying Obama is “kidding himself” and prompting Brzezinski to once again interject.

“Stop it, Joe,” she said at the first hint of dissension.

Defending Obama in light of his in spite of his disastrous policies and dearth of leadership skills is an art form those in the mainstream media take quite seriously. On MSNBC, however, the bar is apparently set a bit higher.

A host working for the bitterly partisan network was able to defy all logic by hearing a compliment hidden so deep within a guest’s indictment that he himself didn’t even know it was there.

–B. Christopher Agee

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The Next Historic Landmark Obama Plans To Defame

obama hollywood star thumb1  120118234346 275x275 The Next Historic Landmark Obama Plans to Defame

Over the weekend, Harry Reid and John Boehner both allowed their members to slip out of town and seek a reprieve from the most vicious, partisan rancor I’ve seen in my 30 years manning the political barricades.

Like Congress, I used the lull to gather my own thoughts. I decided to slip away to a place of refuge and wisdom that I’ve always enjoyed visiting: Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg has yet to be swallowed by the government, which has been the fate of so many other historic sites. Obama has succeeded in closing nearby Yorktown and Jamestown, for example. But as I strolled along Duke of Gloucester Street, I was able to forget about the pain Barack Obama is so wickedly dishing out to the helpless. And it helped me to get some perspective after a very intense week.

Obama’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has told agencies to maximize the pain for “average Americans” during the standoff. So they’re shutting down everything they can. In Florida, the federal bureaucrats even tried to shut down the ocean. Didn’t you know the government claims ownership of the fish in the sea? If the government is shut down, then by goodness they’re going to keep you from your favorite fishing spot.

Interestingly, my time of reflection made me fondly remember Bill Clinton, a president I spent eight years writing about in decidedly unflattering terms. Heck, my first bestselling book was Slick Willie: Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton.

I thought back to the last government shutdown, when Bill Clinton was meeting with Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich on a near-daily basis to forge a common consensus. Quite a contrast to Obama’s handling of our current situation.

Frankly, I hope that this shutdown serves as a wake-up call to the public to stop nationalizing our parks, vital resources, and laws. State leaders should be jealously guarding what power they still have. The federal beast has grown too big and powerful.

Take healthcare, which is nearly half nationalized now with Medicaid providing for the poor and Medicare providing for the elderly. Obamacare closes the loop and guarantees all Americans equally poor care under the protection of the federal government. That is, unless you’re part of the U.S. Congress and you get an exemption and a subsidy of over 70%. The gap between the governing class and the governed has never been larger. Obamacare only increases the gap.

While in Williamsburg, I was quietly reminded that a disconnect between the governed and the governing class is not new. In colonial America, this same dilemma sparked the violence in Lexington and launched the War for American Independence.

In fact, most of the world still suffers under this two-tiered system. In China, many Communist Party officials live fabulously decadent lives while rural peasants continue to suffer in abject poverty. In Russia, Communism may have collapsed, but Putin and his KGB cronies have been able to replicate their palatial living standards.

In these countries, the words of Thomas Jefferson must cut like a knife:  “When governments fear the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” I think Jefferson’s words should once again be on the lips of Americans. These simple words inscribed here in Williamsburg are powerful and true. And while my weekend trip has cleared my vision, I’m saddened to report to you, friends: We too now live in a land of tyranny.


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Obama’s Relationship Problem

Obama Listening Tour SC Obama’s Relationship Problem

In the wake of the partial government shut-down, with the vivid reminder of closures of our national monuments, many people blame the President and Democrats who agree with him. Others blame the Republicans in Congress.

Neither side appears to have wavered much from their mantras, shown much independence, or demonstrate any ability to negotiate.

And that’s the problem.

Without strong leaders in Congress willing to negotiate to get things done on key policy issues, the mantra falls to the President. When the President and the Congress fail to agree, the government shuts down.

There are many complicated aspects to the Washington drama that involve the debt ceiling, the appropriations process, continuing resolutions, and lots of other hard to understand “process” issues that Congress must follow.

But beyond the weeds and sausage-making are simple approaches that impact American families and people who own small businesses. We negotiate with our business colleagues and families to reach civility, certainty, and common ground using common sense. Washington has lost track of these simple principles.

Relationships are critical in Washington. The lack of trust between the President and Congress is evident, and it’s frustrating to Americans watching.

It falls to the President to be the “adult” when it comes to negotiating on budget priorities in the wake of congressional bickering. He must act like he’s the head of the household when family members are squabbling in the Congress.

Instead, he’s thumbing his nose at Republicans and playing the blame game. He thinks that because the polls say that Congress shouldn’t shut down the government because of problems with Obamacare, he’s somehow “winning”.

The political gamesmanship continues with liberals calling U.S. Senator Ted Cruz a host of bad names and the Obama Administration saying that it doesn’t really matter when the shutdown ends.

U.S. Majority Leader Harry Reid jumped into the fray as well, calling Speaker Boehner a ‘coward’. Really?

Everyday Americans wonder why the Congress and the President are acting like school yard bullies who can’t get along. If they were in their kids’ play yard, they’d tell their kids to avoid these bullies. Now, everyone looks like a bully in Washington.

These real life, working families are becoming more frustrated by the day. They create jobs, pay the household bills, drive their kids to school, and like to hike in a scenic park on the weekend. If their weekend getaway is a national park, it may be closed. And that’s why they’re pissed.

Republicans are to blame as well. They must do a better job defining the debate beyond just Obamacare. There is a lack of a big picture understanding of what bloated government programs really cost.  The price tag has increased. We are now $17 trillion in debt. Who’s paying for this? Our kids will bear this burden.

As families struggle to find good jobs and an increasing number of baby boomers remain under-employed, there is more focus on family and personal budgeting.

Still, the Republicans’ message hasn’t penetrated. They need to talk beyond their base on the risks of Obamacare to Latinas who own small businesses and Asian moms who worry about the cost of their kids’ education. They need to build a greater awareness that the sweeping health care reform known as Obamacare is too risky of an investment to make right now.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn said today that the Obamacare price tag started at $863 million but that the price tag has gone up. Rep. Peter Roskam said on CNBC that Obamacare would cost $1.9 trillion over 10 years. That’s a lot of dough to shell out for a program that is showing problems with implementation and enrollment its first week. The uncertainty of the price points and the way the law is structured is a problem that the Obama Administration ignores.

Americans watching the Washington drama will be weary of signing up for Obamacare because they lack trust in their government in the wake of bickering and shutdowns.

The last time the government was shut down was seventeen years ago. At that time, I worked on Capitol Hill. It was 1996, and it was the classic battle between President Bill Clinton, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, and U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Back then, Bob Dole was able to make a deal with Clinton and Gingrich and get things moving again. Yes, it was a Presidential election year; but in spite of the political posturing (remember Dole ran against Clinton), they got it done because they truly believed that the American people deserved a well-run government. Neither side got exactly what they wanted, but they were able to negotiate a deal.

A friend who was part of the Reagan Revolution said to me today:

“I never thought I’d say this – but I miss Bill Clinton”.

It wasn’t an endorsement of Hilary 2016, but a statement from a time when a Democrat President was willing to work with a Republican Congress to get things done.

The expectation was set years earlier by Republican President Ronald Reagan, U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill (a Democrat), and Howard Baker, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader. I’ll never forget a picture that Tip O’Neill penned to Senators Bob Dole and Howard Baker. It read:

“We three, Americans first.”

These are two examples of divided government under two different Presidents. They understood that they needed to get along and get things done.

President Obama is the head of American government and needs to spend some time getting to know the people in Congress. He must extend a more welcoming hand, find common ground, and expend some of his political capital and work with – not against – his family in Congress. People expect that of our leader. To do anything less is childish and unbecoming of a head of state.


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Barry’d Alive!

Barry SC Barryd Alive!

WhiteHouse.Gov had their fearless leader’s 20 min. “Shut down” rant on YouTube just as soon as they could get it posted. The moment the cameras stopped rolling, I’m almost certain Barry’s writing crew, choreographer, and producer were applauding and tearfully embracing one another as the liberal media’s sparkling reviews began pouring in. They had just pulled off a heartwarming, very believable pitch that had millions of viewers feeling like our president was talking to them, one-on-one, from just across a backyard fence.

What Barack fully knows, but hopes his audience will totally forget, is that this is a people-powered government and not his own personal monarchy. The man, as we’ve come to expect, is again throwing a fit regarding anyone who would have the ‘audacity’ to persist in opposing him. ['Checks and BALANCES, Barry, remember those? You've ignored them up to this point; and yet, despite your vilification of the people who dare to stand in your way, you still haven’t vanquished them or so justified your actions. You have, though, certainly found a ‘home’ in the throngs of clones dull enough to buy into your drama.]

Being the one-man show that he is, our government’s printing office must pump out more ‘Executive Order’ forms every month than it does food stamps. He isn’t to be bothered by a House of Representatives. His ‘transparency’ includes keeping his office door closed to ‘outsiders,’ and he takes it personally when things don’t go his way.

But, what is this shutdown really about, Barry? You could call it a ”That’s All She Wrote” filibuster from justifiably temperate people who have tried everything else to attenuate your binging. If you have no intention of putting the brakes on your unbridled spending, then someone must do something drastic to drive home the point to you and your careless following.

If you’re really concerned about the well-being of all those carefully chosen, heavily sweating, ‘average Americans’ who stood behind you as you spoke there in the Rose Garden – why have you, for the past five years, lavished our precious tax dollars on your own decadence? The five-star vacations, the celebrity golf, outlandish spring breaks for your daughters and their friends, astronomically expensive clothing for your wife, stellar parties, etc.? Given your own indulgence, I can’t hear much of your speech, Barry, because your contradictory actions are screaming way too loudly in revealing your carelessness.

You have the chutzpah to stand there and declare that, “(The Affordable Care Act) is here to stay.  And because of its funding sources, it’s not impacted by a government shutdown. And … even though the government is closed, a big part of the Affordable Care Act is now open for business.”  Or, in other words, “Working Americans will, without question, support (cover the cost of) my vanity – like it or not.”

Well, over 100,000 people in Colorado alone showed up to your ‘Affordable Care’ site the day after you declared the shop ‘open for business.’ Barely 6500 of them signed up. In the days since, the same anemic response was reflected nationwide. Your tenacious spin-masters immediately blamed slow sales on a ‘glitch’ with the ‘Affordable Care’ website. Regardless, while the attention is momentarily off your FAILURE, millions of disgruntled Americans have had time to personally discover the merciless rate increases and skimpy coverage that are, across the board, ‘Obamacare.’

But those are precisely the sort of numbers you must have anticipated, Barry, because you obviously intend to run this vote-manufacturing travesty largely on the fines assessed against all those hard-working Americans who can’t qualify for your freebies. Real producing Americans will become the new uninsured. They will simply pay your fines in order to avoid your expensive, half-baked ‘coverage.’ Still, more unions and employers will recoil to the detriment of their workers. So, bottom line: on the limping nickel of middle-class America, you have made the world safe for you and your protégés who are hypocritical enough to ride this massive porkbarrel.

You also know that when you have dialed in the instant citizenship, freebie benefits, and voting rights for millions of illegal aliens, we won’t be able, using a crowbar, to ever again pry a liberal out of the Oval Office. So, your reach and power – not affordable healthcare – is what this is all about, and you know that. Just ask any of the people you have exempted from this nightmare – they know a disaster when they see it.

Barack Obama is, to quote master politician Bill Clinton, “… a master politician.” But the term ‘politician’ was not always synonymous with ‘liar.’ Anyone can lie in the course of winning most any contest, but real leaders are artists at combining politics with negotiation. Our Congress that you have so often excluded from your stabs at fiat legislating – why not actually include those elected officials in the course of your decision making? Why not unify instead of dividing us?

Our United States, under God’s blessing, rose to its place as a superpower largely because of arguing men committed to clawing our way to better things by the discipline prescribed in our unique Constitution. We are therein all guaranteed a voice and access to the necessary dialog that is integral to free governance.

When that ongoing, healthy argument is finally silenced by a handful of dishonest men cooperatively lying to their charge, that’s no longer politics; it is instead just the sleazy precursor to a dictatorship. Because of our ignorance or sloth or both, we will have then allowed ourselves to be thoroughly hoodwinked. At the very least, our children and their offspring will hurt for our neglect. So don’t expect us to sit quietly and take your bullying. While we are still able and blessed with the freedom to do so, we will speak out.

That’s why our founding fathers fought so hard to ensure the perpetual safety of our debate. They knew that FREE people DISAGREE. No one needs to remind you of these BASICS. You tout yourself as a Constitutional scholar. If that’s true, your knowledge makes you even more culpable in the sleight of hand you and your cronies practice daily.

So, yes, Barry, or Barack (or whatever your real name is); until everyone in this nation is again allowed to breathe free, somebody has to stop authorizing whatever might further encourage your autocracy.


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Another Clinton Sets Sights On Public Office


chelsea clinton3261 300x248 Another Clinton sets sights on public office

When Bill Clinton’s second term ended, it was obvious he was not the only member of the family with political ambitions. Since then, his wife has bumbled through increasingly high-profile positions, trading on her name recognition with the ultimate goal of occupying the White House.

As it turns out, the Clintons’ only child, Chelsea, is keeping her options open for a possible campaign in coming years. During a recent interview, she conceded that fact before transitioning into the same type of leftist rhetoric endorsed by her parents.

She decried her previous job on Wall Street for its preoccupation with profit, as though she was unaware of the stock market’s motivation prior to accepting the position.

While applauding the “camaraderie of the trading floor,” Chelsea indicated that she was not concerned about “whether I made the company two dollars or $2 million.”

Given her obviously tenuous grasp of the free market, it seems surprising that she lasted as long as she did in that environment. Perhaps not, though, in light of the obvious weight her last name carries.

Hoping to capitalize on that exposure, she indicated that a run for office might be in the cards after she and her husband have their first child. Prior to these comments, her father gave a nod of approval in a conversation on CNN in September.

Wisely naming Hillary as the best short-term presidential pick, he said his daughter would have more to offer in the long term.

The former president went so far as to say she “knows more than we do about everything,” which sets a fairly low bar unless the subject is infidelity.

–Western Journalism staff writer