Bill Ayers Asks UN To Intervene In Chicago School Closings

United Nations logo SC Bill Ayers asks UN to intervene in Chicago school closings

Noted American terrorist and left-wing radical Bill Ayers is among the signatories of a letter calling on the United Nations to probe the closing of 49 Chicago elementary schools based on claims that it is causing massive human rights violations.

The “letter of allegation” is 24 pages long and contains 17 footnotes.

The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights sent the missive to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

The Coalition is a network of over 50 organizations united to fight “serious human rights violations occurring in the United States.”

A number of individuals and organizations sponsored the letter. In addition to Ayers, others signers of the letter include four people associated with Action Now, an Illinois community-organizing group that split off from ACORN just before it dissolved because of financial problems and scandals.

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Should Obama’s Peace Prize Be Revoked?

Barack Obama Change sign SC Should Obamas Peace Prize be Revoked?

At first, it was mainly the right that questioned whether Obama should receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Increasingly, it is the left as well that is questioning Obama’s contributions to worldwide peace. Even Bill Ayers recently accused Obama of being guilty of war crimes. Kris Zane, video contributor at,  has done an excellent job detailing the war crimes Obama is guilty of. As was reported on the Huffington Post, there is now even an online petition you can sign to call for Obama’ s Peace Prize to be taken away.

It should be evident that Obama’s Peace Prize should never have been given to begin with. It was given based purely upon the expectation that Obama would make great contributions to worldwide peace during his term in office. Obama has instead kept up with the war in Afghanistan, contributed to the demise of both of the governments in Libya and Egypt with Islamist governments being put in their place, engaged in torture, used drones to kill America’s “enemies” (and even some of her citizens without trial), and now threatens to bring the West into war again in Syria, once again on the side of the Islamists. One positive aspect of Obama’s foreign policy, the withdrawal from Iraq, itself has not even had a good outcome: there is more violence there now, religious liberties are almost nonexistent, Iranian influence has increased, and al-Qaeda has re-emerged. Whether the US should ever have intervened in Iraq is now more debatable than ever. The Islamist presence in the Middle East is without a doubt stronger than when Obama took office, thanks in large part to his policies.

Barack Obama has not been kind to some of our most important allies, either.  The relationship with Israel has experienced a good deal of rocky territory, and the “special relationship” America has with England has been strained. If our relationship with our allies has not been stellar, how much worse has our relationship with our enemies been?! China is stealing intellectual property from American companies at a “breathtaking” rate, and Washington’s relationship with Russia has deteriorated to a point where the so-called “reset” in American-Russian relations appears laughable- if it was a joking matter.

It is true that Obama alone should not bear the blame for the foreign policy fiascos of his administration. Surely, Hillary Clinton, the media’s foreign policy idol, bears some of the blame. However, at a minimum, Obama should have his Nobel Peace Prize revoked, as what he was supposed to do for world peace during his time in office has not at all happened.


F. Peter Brown is an Associate Editor at the Western Center for Journalism. He edits and .

Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver (Creative Commons)

Video: Terrorist Bill Ayers: Try Obama For War Crimes

Didn’t see this coming…

Obama’s Ideology Propels Scandal-mania

Democrat Donkey Scandals Train SC Obama’s Ideology Propels Scandal mania

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said there’s no chance Attorney General Eric Holder will resign in light of the mounting evidence against the Obama administration, including the IRS’ ongoing targeting of Christians, conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party groups (the IRS commissioner met with Obama 157 times) and revelations that his Justice Department had been spying on journalists. 

Jarrett made the overly confident statement this week, long ago having moved on from the deadly Fast and Furious scandal and the tragic Benghazi attacks and murders, to name a few.

“Obviously, I know the president pretty well. And I know the attorney general very well. And he will be in his position for quite a while.” 

Jarrett and Obama helped bring Chicago politics to the White House. A Republican with the same background would have been vetted extensively, covered 24/7 by the media, and would never be elected. The radical, leftist, progressive individuals who make up Obama’s close friends, associations, and his administration also reflect his policies and worldview.

Class warfare. Racial politics. Marxism packaged as Christianity. America is evil. Islam is good. Twenty years involvement with Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church in Chicago. Friend of terrorists.

The following is an excerpt from ERADICATE: BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA:

The sad truth is that many Americans today don’t care that prior to his election, Obama’s handlers concealed information about his college years and no official records were ever made available – a first in our history. No college transcripts, published records, or papers had been released. What were they hiding?

By the time Barack Obama made it to college at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, you can be sure he had formed enough anti-American views to build on what he had already gleaned from his childhood men­tor, communist Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a labor activist, writer, and community organizer as well as a Communist Party USA member. [Valerie Jarrett’s father, Vernon had close contact with Davis, and was also a Communist]

In 2010, Dr. John Drew, one of Barack Obama’s college friends, came forward and confirmed what many informed people already knew that Obama “was basically a Marxist-Leninist.” Drew talked about his past arguments with Obama about the many brands of Marxism:

“I see evidence of a continuing commitment to Marxist ideol­ogy…. In the Marxist model, the economy is the driving force behind change in the other spheres of society.”

Dr. John Drew did his senior honors thesis on Marxist economics at Occidental College, and he also founded the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance. He was a contemporary of Obama at Occidental and a Marxist himself. In fact, Drew was a well-known campus com­munist and was attracted to the college because Occidental was known for its Left-leaning politics and Marxist professors. Some even said it was considered “the Moscow of southern California.”

Occidental attracted America’s future president. Drew believed Obama was looking for a social revolution during his college days, and he expected a movement where “the working class would overthrow the ruling class” leading to a socialist utopia in America. Drew admitted how extreme he thought Obama’s views were at the time.

In 2010, John Drew was interviewed by Dr. Paul Kengor, an author, Reagan biographer, columnist, radio host, and Executive Director of The Center for Vision & Values. Drew admitted that at Occidental he was a comrade who leaned more toward the Frankfurt School of Marxism.

Here is a partial transcript of Dr. Kengor’s radio interview with John Drew: 

Drew: “I felt like I was doing Obama a favor by pointing out that the Marxist revolution that he and [our friends] were hoping for was really kind of a pipe dream, and that there was nothing in European history or the history of developed nations that would make that sort of fantasy – you know, Frank Marshall Davis fantasy of revolution – come true.”

Kengor: “So you had a realistic sense that even though you liked these ideas, it really couldn’t happen or really wouldn’t even work.”

Drew: “Right. I was still a card-carrying Marxist, but I was kind of a more advanced, East Coast, Cornell University Marxist….”

Kengor: “I know people are listening right now who want me to address this – and especially people who are Obama sup­porters. To be fair, I mean, look at where you were then and now where you are today.”

Drew: “Well, yeah, now I’m a Ronald Reagan, churchgoing, Baptist conservative.”

Kengor: “But now, okay, so what about Obama? Where do you think he is today? And to the people who are listening and are angry that we’re even having this conversation: Look, you don’t want us to talk about this because you don’t like what it says about Obama’s past, but we have to know this stuff about our presidents! “You can’t leave this out of biographies…  That’s why the background is so crucial – Frank Marshall Davis, what happened at Occidental, goes straight to Columbia from Occidental, the Bill Ayers affili­ation, no real-world experience – this matters….”

Drew: “Yeah, I think whenever he talks about people clinging to their guns and their religion due to economic stress, that’s just the standard Marxist argument. In fact, that’s the argu­ment of alienation and class-consciousness … the superficial religious and cultural ideals of the capitalist culture … and I really think he’s surrounded by people that share that mental architecture.”

Obama is surrounded by dangerous anti-Christian, socialism-loving people. They’ve plotted and pushed their agenda to transform America. Record numbers of people now rely on government assistance. We have record spending; increasing taxes, high energy, gas prices, and unemployment; racial and political division; the healthcare system takeover; and threats on our freedoms (including speech and religion.) And now, more invasions of privacy.

Government has become an enemy of American citizens, and this administration is very good at using the tactics of distraction and diversion. With more of us becoming outraged while the media protects this administration, it will be fascinating to see this epic drama played out.

Obama, The Petulant Child

Obama Confessional SC Obama, The Petulant Child

It was the first time a sitting US Secretary of Education had visited Canada; and by all accounts, it was an exciting time for Canadian educators. In September 2010, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a new broom in the Obama White House, visited Toronto, ostensibly to participate in an education conference.

Duncan is more or less a quintessential Obama pick. A born-and-bred socialist academic, he was born in Hyde Park, the Chicago neighborhood where Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama would later reside. In fact, Duncan’s father was a professor at the University of Chicago, which later employed Obama and unrepentant domestic terrorist Ayers. He is also a Harvard alum and former Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools.

While in Toronto, Duncan schmoozed with educators who were no doubt after his own heart. The Canadians are well under way in implementing the International Baccalaureate Programme, which is what one might call the standardized socialist syllabus intended to indoctrinate students into the preferred worldview of liberal elites worldwide. It may then come as no surprise that in America, Common Core is being used as the wedge of sorts toward the implementation of the IB. While the rhetoric used to sell the IB and Common Core accentuates how wonderful the program is, and how much better students do educationally (which is far from being established), the real focus is on social engineering, data mining, and indoctrination.

As part of this trip, Duncan toured Weston Collegiate Institute, a local high school in the IB track. Its principal, Deborah Blair, is also an archetypal socialist educator, who has been lauded for her utilization of “Restorative Justice” in her administrative practices. She also happens to be black and an American.

Weston Collegiate is also the high school that was attended by a colleague of mine, Dr. Jim Garrow. As some will be aware, Dr. Garrow is noted for having founded The Pink Pagoda, an organization that rescues baby girls in The People’s Republic of China from infanticide (a widespread practice there due to their “one child per family” policy) and places them with childless couples in China. He had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, which was ultimately awarded to Barack Obama.

What many outside of Canada don’t know is that Garrow is also a groundbreaking educator in his own right. Over the years, he has contributed to countless international education projects and has worked with educators and government officials around the globe, including such luminaries as Jack Kemp, Jerry Falwell, Bill Bennett, and other Reagan cabinet members.

In early 2010, Weston Collegiate alumni, staff, and ancillary participants began considering a number of proposals whereby they might recognize their honored fellow alumnus (Garrow) with some manner of public tribute, given his experience, humanitarian work, and that he had been a Nobel Peace Prize runner-up.

Shortly after Arne Duncan’s historic visit to Weston, however, all such talk of homage to the esteemed alumnus abruptly halted, to the puzzlement of Dr. Garrow and the prospective participants. What had happened? Unfortunately, identifying the whos and whys of it wound up being as mysterious as… well, as trying to determine who authorized the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative, Christian, and pro-Israel nonprofit groups and political opponents for inordinate scrutiny.

Speaking of which: in recent weeks, of course revelations concerning the Obama administration’s widespread use of government bureaus to persecute political opponents have fundamentally transformed the political landscape in America. From the Department of Justice’s clandestine monitoring of journalists’ professional and personal communications to the Internal Revenue Service harassment of the Tea Party, suddenly Americans are getting a glimpse into the real Obama White House.

I’ve spoken quite a few times to the malignant narcissism of President Obama in the context of his disposition with (or disposal of) those whom he considers dangerous to him, or for whom he simply harbors disdain. His Stalinesque need to discredit or otherwise stultify the influence of his former Nobel rival and outspoken conservative critic is very much in keeping with this deep neurosis and paranoia, though at first blush it may just appear petty.

Garrow would not be the first or only individual targeted through whatever means Obama had at his disposal. In the case of an American citizen, of course, it’s child’s play: Just stick the IRS on them. In Garrow’s case, it appears that Arne Duncan did the dirty work.

It does bear mentioning that years before Weston Collegiate principal Blair got involved in “Restorative Justice,” Garrow was the principal of the Teachers College for Inuit in Canada (Nunavut Arctic College), which pioneered and taught this concept to principals of First Nations (Inuit) schools. Originally known as the “justice circle,” it was developed by the Inuit as a social construct within their own culture. So, Blair receives accolades for her work with “Restorative Justice” and gets to diminish any recognition of another having done so first, while aiding and abetting Duncan and Obama at the same time. Such a deal!

While the damage certainly wasn’t life- or career-threatening, this is moot; in the case of the narcissist, it’s the perception of the one doing the damage that counts. Whether a Canadian businessman or entire segments of the American electorate, any and all means to marginalize, intimidate, or outright destroy Obama’s enemies are absolute necessities.

Because that’s how Marxist narcissistic sociopaths roll…