Watch: Megyn Kelly’s Staff Couldn’t Help But Laugh As She Totally Destroyed This Critic

Megyn Kelly

Former Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers gave a multi-part interview to FOX host Megyn Kelly a few months ago, and decided to express his experience with her to Salon magazine.

“I had never even seen Megyn Kelly,” he said. “She struck me as a very strange person. She’s like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News. She’s very striking, but very metallic, very cold. Her eyes are very cold.”

Kelly was quick to respond to his comments on her Twitter account:

She continued to dissect Ayers’ comments about her as the host and the staff couldn’t help but laugh:

“The man’s got a point, they can be cold,” Kelly said. “Not as cold as those of the three people killed while making bombs for Ayers’ group, but icy at times. Especially when I’m looking at a serial bomber who terrorizes so many including an innocent little boy.”

“Well I looked up ‘cyborg’ and it’s a superhuman being, so I’m choosing to take that as a compliment,” she said chuckling.

Kelly finished the clip by saying that despite her “cold eyes,” Ayers was brave enough to appear on her show.

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Obama Prepares Pardons For Terrorists

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

Bill Ayers’ recent appearance on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program appears to be part of a systematic campaign to whitewash the activities of the communist terrorists who were murdering policemen and FBI agents during the 1960s and 70s, and to set the stage for their release and rehabilitation.

Kelly was unprepared for the interview and failed to consult prominent experts on the case, such as former FBI agent Max Noel. “I’m extremely disappointed, as are a number of us who actually worked the WUO [Weather Underground Organization] case on a daily basis, in your attempt to ‘confront him’ without availing yourself of the knowledge that those of us who actually worked the case could have given you,” Noel said in a message to Kelly. The former FBI agent, who arrested the UNABOMBER and has co-authored a sensational new book about that case, was a member of the Weatherman Task Force in San Francisco, where Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were operating.

Noel has sensational details about how the Weather Underground constructed its bombs in order to kill people, not just damage property. This information, if publicized on “The Kelly File,” would have exposed Ayers as the crazed and committed communist he truly is. As a result of this glaring omission, Ayers succeeded in coming across as simply an aging “anti-war activist” or “radical” who carried things a little too far with bombings that caused some property damage but killed no one.

This is as big a lie as Ayers’ claim made to Kelly that he didn’t know Barack Obama very well, even though he helped him launch his political career in Chicago. “I knew him as well as he knew 10,000 other people,” Ayers said. “Today, I wish I knew him much better and I wish he’d listen to me.”

But the evidence indicates that President Obama, or at least his Attorney General Eric Holder, is listening.

Left unsaid on “The Kelly File” show was the critical fact that many of Ayers’ comrades are still in jail or prison, waiting for Democratic politicians such as President Obama and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to grant pardons or clemency. Some have already been released, with no significant press attention devoted to the pattern that is developing.

Ayers and Dohrn could themselves be charged in the Park Police Station case, in which Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell was killed. But apparently, they are quite confident that this will never happen as long as President Obama and Eric Holder are running the Justice Department.

The insidious campaign of releasing and/or rehabilitating these terrorists has been underway for some time.

It began in 2003 when Kathy Boudin, one of Ayers’ more notorious associates, was granted parole from New York state prison. Boudin had gone to prison for her involvement in an October 20, 1981 armed terrorist assault that left Nyack, New York Police Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown, and Brinks guard Peter Paige dead.

Taking a cue from the rehabilitation of Ayers himself, who had become a “professor” of education at the University of Illinois, Boudin is now an associate professor at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Former Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Says Something That Will Have You Screaming “Get Out Then!”

Megyn Kelly

In a interview aired on “The Kelly File” Wednesday, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers butted heads on everything from American exceptionalism to the violent ploys of the Weather Underground in the 60′s and 70′s to the actions of Martin Luther King Jr.

At one point, Ayers openly admitted that he “is not proud to be an American” and went as far as to say he doesn’t buy into the notion of American exceptionalism, a point at which D’Souza steadfastly disagreed with him.

D’Souza, who immigrated to the United States as an exchange student in 1978, said he can see why the US is an exceptional nation because he’s lived in other cultures.

Ayers, in defense of his actions in the past, said:

“The reality is we were never terrorists, and Dinesh does call our group terrorists and that’s not true because terrorism, even if you take Webster’s definition, it’s force and coercion intended to spread fear and panic to make your point and it often involves killing civilians. We never killed anyone; we did noisy, loud, very open destruction of property at a time when 6000 people a week were being murdered by our government.”

D’Souza squandered that notion by saying, “there was a big difference between Martin Luther King [Jr.] breaking the law and Bill Ayers breaking the law.” Dr. King used non-violent methods to protest an unjust society and proudly went to jail to make a point. Ayers used violent tactics and fled justice, D’Souza explained.

The terrorism actions D’Souza was speaking of can be found in another segment with Megyn Kelly. There is also a interview in which former NYPD and FBI agents dispute Ayers’ claims that he and his group didn’t commit terrorism acts.

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Former FBI, NYPD Officials Dispute Bill Ayers And His “Non-violent” Ideologies

Megyn Kelly and NYPD, FBI

After the two part series with Megyn Kelly and the known former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Kelly interviewed former FBI and NYPD members who investigated Ayers to hear their reactions to his testimony.

William Reagan, who infiltrated Weather Underground with the FBI; Richard Giannotti, who also infiltrated and went underground with the group; and Warren Sonne, who was with the NYPD terrorism unit, unanimously disagreed with Ayers’ statement, saying most of it was false.

Ayers steadfastly told Kelly that he and his group were “non-violent” and did not endanger people in their bombings.

“As they progressed, they were getting more and more violent. Using weapons, explosives, targeting people…They were ready to kill a federal judge and ready to bomb a state senator in California,” Giannotti said. “They were very, very violent.”

“As the leader of Weather Underground, his proposition was the violent overthrow of the United States of America …That was his mission,” Sonne said.

When Ayers was asked if he could see himself planting bombs again today, he replied, “I can’t completely say, ‘No, I would never, ever rise up in opposition in a very militant and serious way’… I’m not committed to nonviolence as an ideology.”

Warren Sonne thinks different, however, and thinks that given the chance or opportunity, he would do so again–and much worse this time.

“He would use that same state of the art technology again today, except today he’d be taking 11-year-olds and putting bomb vests on them and sending them out to pizzerias or malls. That’s the kind of person you’re dealing with here. That’s the mentality of this group. Their hatred of America is astounding.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Megyn Kelly To Former Domestic Terrorist: “What Would It Take To Make You Bomb This Country Again”

Bill Ayers

Megyn Kelly continued her tough questioning of Bill Ayers, the former domestic terrorist and co-founder of the Weather Underground. During the course of the discussion, Kelly grilled Ayers on his relationship with President Barack Obama and asked him what it would take to “make you bomb this country again.”

Ayers claimed to hardly know Obama and doesn’t speak with him these days.

“I knew him as well as he knew 10,000 other people,” Ayers said. “Today, I wish I knew him much better and I wish he’d listen to me.”

“I’d want him to stop droning people; I want him to close Guantanamo; I want him to, you know, universal health care.”

Later, Kelly asked Ayers possibly one of the more controversial statements he’s made since becoming an academic.

“I can’t quite imagine putting a bomb in a building today–all of that seems so distinctly a part of then. But I can’t imagine entirely dismissing the possibility, either.”

In one of the more heated moments in the interview, Kelly asked Ayers why his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, refused to help bring in the people responsible for murdering two police officers and a security guard during an infamous heist gone bad.

Ayers responded by trying to convince Kelly she would’ve done the same in those circumstances, and Kelly lost it.

“You know what I’d say? I’d say, ‘Two cops are dead and so is a security guard and I will help put whoever did it behind bars.”

“Professor Ayers, nine children lost their fathers that day! Why didn’t your wife help?” she asked.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom