Watch: O’Reilly Just Nailed The Real Reason Americans Are Worried About Syrian Refugees

Prominent Democrats – including Barack Obama – have sparked controversy among critics who say they have been portrayed as bigots for opposing a plan to resettle roughly 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. over the next year.

“Because of politics,” he said during a segment of The O’Reilly Factor Monday, “you are not being told the true story about the Syrian refugee situation. The Democratic Party wants the world to believe that the Republicans are mean-spirited and anti-immigrant.”

In fact, O’Reilly contended, critics of the Syrian refugee program have legitimate concerns about the security of the nation.

“Fifty-four percent of American oppose taking in Syrian refugees even after they’ve been screened for security,” he said. “The reason most Americans do not want to accept Muslim refugees is not based on ethnicity or religion – it is based on security.”

O’Reilly pinned those fears directly on the nation’s commander in chief.

“The majority of Americans have no confidence at all that the Obama administration can protect them from harm,” he said, noting that current leaders are “so liberal, so frightened and so chaotic that they cannot provide security for we the people.”

To help illustrate his point, O’Reilly cited two Obama policies – lax border security and the release of more than 36,000 convicted criminal aliens – as evidence that this administration has made America less safe.

Obama Just Revealed What He Thinks Will Be A ‘Powerful Rebuke’ To Paris Terrorists (Try Not To Laugh)

Barack Obama met with French president Francois Hollande in the Oval Office today to discuss the ISIS terrorist threat, but one thing Obama said is sure to raise eyebrows.

Obama said that the upcoming climate change summit in Paris will be a “powerful rebuke” to the ISIS terrorists who attacked the city earlier this month.

He stated: “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

The Paris climate conference is scheduled to run from November 30th to December 11th and will address what will happen internationally regarding carbon emissions during the decade after 2020 (and possibly beyond).

The governments of more than 190 nations will be represented at the conference.

According to the U.K.’s Guardian, “we already know what the biggest emitters have committed to.” The EU has pledged to cut emissions by 40% compared to 1990, Obama has pledged the U.S. to cutting 26%-28% of emissions, and China has said its emissions will peak by 2030.

The heads of state of more than 130 countries are planning on attending the conference, making security a huge concern in the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks. Such world leaders as Barack Obama of the U.S., Xi Jinping of China, Narendra Modi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany, and David Camoron of the U.K. are all planning on attending.

The 2009 Copenhagen agreement saw the world’s developed countries and biggest developing countries agree to limit emissions, but there was no formal, binding treaty.

BREAKING: Obama Just Responded To Downed Russian Plane With Startling Message To Putin

President Obama blamed Russia on Tuesday for its warplane being shot down by the Turkish air force.

Speaking alongside French President Francois Hollande, Obama said that officials are still gathering facts and urged the two sides to avoid escalating the situation.

“Turkey has a right to defend its territory and its airspace,” the president said.

“I do think that this points to an ongoing problem with the Russian operations,” he added. “In the sense that they are operating very close to a Turkish border, and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only Turkey but a wide range of countries.”

He said that if Russia directed its efforts toward the Islamic State, “some of those conflicts, or potentials for mistakes or escalation, are less likely to occur,” according to Fox News

(See minute 29:00 below regarding the Russian aircraft downing.)

As reported by Western Journalism, earlier today Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced Turkey’s actions as a “stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices.” Putin warned of “significant consequences” for relations with the nation. 

Turkey and NATO had used similar language to alert Russia that if it continued to venture into Turkish airspace, it would be courting “extreme danger” and experience “serious consequences.”

NATO called a special emergency meeting to address the incident. “At the request of Turkey, the North Atlantic Council will hold an extraordinary meeting at (1600 GMT). The aim of this extraordinary NAC is for Turkey to inform Allies about the downing of a Russian airplane,” a NATO official told AFP

Russia appears to be deciding its next move, but Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova informed the media on Tuesday that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already cancelled an upcoming trip to Turkey as a result of the downed plane.

Watch: Ex-Islamic Extremist Drops Gigantic Truth Bomb On Obama And Hillary About ‘Islamic Extremism’

A former Muslim extremist called out the Obama administration for failure to properly identify the foe it is facing.

Maajid Nawaz, who served four years in an Egyptian prison for his involvement with a group that targeted the Hosni Mubarak regime, told Megyn Kelly on her program Monday night that, “Unfortunately, I don’t think this current administration has had this issue of Islamist extremism correct from day one.”

“The policy from day one has been a policy of obfuscation, denial and, unfortunately, a lack of action and a lack of strategy,” he said.

“There’s a danger if we don’t name this thing ‘Islamist extremism’ and isolate it from mainstream Muslims, and then undermine it,” Nawaz told Kelly. “When we don’t name something, the vast majority of people who don’t really understand these complex conversations will assume the problem is with the religion of Islam and Muslims, themselves.”

“It is only by naming it, we are able to isolate it from mainstream Muslims and say the problem isn’t Islam, it’s theocracy, it’s Islamist extremism,” he said. “This idea that it has nothing to do with Islam is as preposterous as to say, it has everything to do with Islam.”

The former terrorist explained how he was radicalized while living in Great Britain. For years, Islamist groups have been working in Muslim communities, preaching the notion of reviving a theocratic caliphate. When the Islamic State came along, thousands of European Muslims were primed to join the fight.

As reported by Western JournalismRep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, believes one objective the U.S. and its allies must adopt to undermine Islamic State’s appeal is to shrink the land held by the so-called caliphate. “When it is perceived that ISIS is losing territory, that’s when it is harder for them to recruit on the internet and tell people they’re invincible,” he said.

The representative believes two immediate policy changes that should be adopted to achieve that end are, first, more aggressively bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq, and second, arming the Kurds’ 180,000 soldiers.

h/t: TheBlaze

Watch: Rush Just Uncovered The ONLY Way We Can Defeat ISIS, And Obama Will Despise Him For It

Rush Limbaugh did not mince words on Fox News Sunday in assessing Pres. Obama’s foreign policy leadership, charging he is more concerned about meeting Iran’s demands than adopting a winning strategy to defeat ISIS.

The popular radio talk show host told Chris Wallace, “I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious that Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them,” referring to the lifting of sanctions as part of the nuclear deal.

Wallace pressed Limbaugh what he would do if he were president.

“For one thing, I would do, Chris, I would hit their oil. I would hit their oil depots and I would hit their oil tankers. We’re not,” Limbaugh responded. “You know why we’re not? Because we have rules of engagement. The administration says well, some of the drivers might be civilians, and we can’t go there. And there might be some civilians at the actual oil depots and oil wells that they’ve taken over. That’s their primary source of revenue. I would hit that and I wouldn’t care.”

Limbaugh also observed that Obama seems to lack the fire in the belly needed to prosecute the fight against ISIS, though he seems to have no problem summoning it to deride Republicans and the media when they question his policies. “Barack Obama’s number one enemy is the Republican party and the conservative movement,” the talk show host said. 

Wallace also asked Limbaugh to give his assessment of the Republican field. Rush saved his highest praise for Ted Cruz, who he described as “Brilliant, and conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.” 

As for Jeb Bush, Limbaugh said, “I don’t think he really wants to do this. I’m watching, and I don’t see passion, I don’t see fire.”