Barack Obama, President Of Iran? That’s What This News Channel Just Claimed…

Israel’s Channel 2 News accidentally labeled Barack Obama the president of Iran with an on-screen ID tag on Saturday night.

The mistake happened while the network reported on a press conference given by the United States’ Commander-in-Chief.

The unintended error (or Freudian slip) comes at a time when relations between Israel and the United States have reached a low not seen in decades.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not been shy in voicing his opposition to the Iran nuclear arms deal, fearing that it will place his country’s security in jeopardy. Twice, the tiny nation, surrounded by countries that seeks its demise, has struck nuclear facilities believed to be used for developing nuclear weapons in Iraq and Syria.

The Israeli prime minister has indicated that his nation would do so again if Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon appeared imminent.

President Obama appears to be willing to give Iran most of the concessions it has sought in the ongoing negotiations regarding the future of its nuclear program, including the ability to keep its uranium enrichment facilities operational; and the president even hinted over the weekend that the U.S. will immediately lift economic sanctions against Iran after the nuclear arms deal is signed.

The president said, “Our main concern here is making sure that if Iran doesn’t abide by its agreement that we don’t have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops in order to reinstate sanctions.” He added: “It will require some creative negotiations. I’m confident it will be successful.”

Earlier this month, the Obama Administration released the details of a framework for a nuclear agreement indicating that the lifting of sanctions would be in stages, contingent on Iranian compliance with the terms. Iran’s chief negotiator immediately took to Twitter to counter the administration’s claims.

One supposes we will have to forgive Channel 2 News for mistaking which country Barack Obama is representing at the moment.

h/t: Times of Israel 

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Watch The Shocking Confrontation Where A California Congressman Threatens To Do…What?

Protestors upset with their congressman for what they believed to be his support of President Obama’s executive amnesty were gathered, signs in hand, ready to confront Republican Rep. Stephen Knight of California. The sidewalk encounter almost escalated into more of a confrontation than anyone likely expected.

In a YouTube video posted by a group called We The People Rising, the freshman lawmaker is seen and heard threatening a protestor named Mike who had patted Knight twice on the shoulder after charging that the lawmaker had lied about his votes dealing with complex legislation impacting Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

Knight, an Army veteran and former Los Angeles police officer, was visibly upset when he moved aggressively toward Mike the protestor, put his hand on his chest, and said, “If you touch me again, I’ll drop your a**.”

After the threat, Rep. Knight backed away and took a few minutes to try to explain to the crowd his votes on the bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, H.R. 240, that passed back and forth between the House and Senate. By clicking on the video above, you can watch the extraordinary incident on a California sidewalk where a GOP representative is caught on camera threatening a constituent who challenged his integrity.

h/t: The Hill

Do you think the congressman was justified in his actions, or did he go too far? We invite you to weigh in by commenting below.

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Military Hostile To Christians Under Obama

What is the single underlying theme of virtually all patriotic songs? Morality. You don’t sing about blind allegiance to a country. You sing about your love of God and country. You are even willing to lay down your life for your country for the greater good, right?

But what happens when someone hijacks your country and your military, stripping all that’s good in it and substituting everything evil imaginable? Is it still right to swear allegiance to God and country? God yes, country no.

That is exactly what Obama is doing. He is burning the midnight oil to drive out all Christians from the U.S. military to strip it of any conscience, leaving only an army of blind leaders following Obama’s orders–regardless of if they are moral or constitutional, just as Hitler did in Germany.

And it’s working. Demoralized Christians are leaving the United States military in droves. They are no longer allowed to openly express their moral convictions, and they are compelled to embrace such things as homosexual bunking without daring to claim anything remotely close to sexual harassment for fear of court martial–or worse.

Liberty Institute senior counsel Michael Berry says the persecution of military chaplains for expressing their religious beliefs could cause devout Americans to think twice about joining the military.

And that’s the whole point. And sadly, it’s working. In March 2015, a Navy chaplain was taken off his post and might lose his military career because he dared to express his opinion that homosexuality and sex outside of marriage was wrong, as reported by the Washington Times.

Clearly, a chaplain is supposed to advocate for what is right. The bible warned about this nearly 2000 years ago, about a coming dark time when good is called evil and evil is called good. That time has arrived, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

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Even Liberals Openly Admit Obama Hates Christians…

President Obama is not a Christian. If you are reading this site, you’re probably thinking “sure, and rain is wet.” You know that it’s not just his disdain for Christians in this country, but also for Christians who are being straight-up persecuted around the world (also, anyone who disagrees with him on anything ever–but that’s not important right now).

(BTW, that’s actual persecution. Not the faux leftist persecution that involves someone refusing to bake a cake, or saying mean things about you on Twitter.)

But even liberals like Kirsten Powers are taking notice. Powers, while a liberal, has also over the past year outed herself as a Christian. She also hasn’t shied away from going after the President for being tolerant of every religion… other than Christianity, like she did last August.

She points specifically to the most recent incident where 12 Christians were DROWNED for saying they believed in Jesus. Had they been 12 Muslims drowned for praying to Allah, not only would Obama have been outraged; he would have blamed the tea party and Ted Cruz. His disinterest over Christians being executed for practicing their faith speak volumes. It speaks almost as loudly as he did when he blamed Christians for anything any of them have ever done throughout history…at a prayer breakfast.

The President’s mumblings about the atrocities visited upon Christians (usually extracted after public outcry over his silence) are few and far between. And it will be hard to forget his lecturing of Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast about the centuries-old Crusades while Middle Eastern Christians were at that moment being harassed, driven from their homes, tortured, and murdered for their faith.

If any intolerant leftists want to dismiss this as just another “lipstick liberal from Faux Noise,” have at it. The rest of us are watching.

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Ted Cruz Slams Obama Administration: Maybe An Attack On A Golf Course Would Make Them Take Terrorism Seriously!

Republican presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, and spoke about a future president – specifically one who would take the Islamic threat seriously – when he slammed the Obama administration for their handling of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Cruz was recalling the moment when 40 world leaders gathered in Paris, walking arm in arm in solidarity against radical Islamic terrorism–but President Obama wasn’t there.

“Where oh where oh where was the United States of America,” Cruz asked the crowd.

“On the golf course,” one attendee was heard saying.

“You know, if only the terrorists attacked a golf course,” Cruz jested. “That might actually get the White House’s attention! Holy cow this is serious!”

“There is nothing random when radical Islamists with butcher knives go into a kosher deli seeking to murder Jews because of their Jewish faith,” Cruz said. “It is a naked act of anti-semitism. And it’s inexplicable that this administration won’t acknowledge that.”

“Twenty months from now, imagine a commander-in-chief who stands up with utter clarity and says, ‘we will destroy radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said. “Imagine a president who stands with our allies…”

h/t: RedState

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