Obama Snubs Veterans While Giving Speech In Phoenix

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Although President Barack Obama visited Phoenix, Ariz.,  Thursday, his itinerary did not entail a visit to the city’s Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. For the last year, the VA has been the focus of a scandal involving delays in providing healthcare to service members.

Obama spoke at Central High School in Phoenix Thursday, touting an administration proposal to lower mortgage premiums, The Arizona Republic reported.

The VA scandal came to light last year, where dozens of veterans died as a result of the delay of care–and about 1,700 more were in danger of being “lost or forgotten” in the VA’s bureaucracy, according to VA Inspector General Richard Griffin. Veterans had to wait an average of 115 days for care, according to reports.

As KSAZ noted, the presidential motorcade passed the Phoenix facility to and from Central High School; but no stop was made, despite Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and groups including Concerned Veterans for America pressuring Obama to do so. McCain blasted the president for the snub in a statement Thursday, The Hill reported:

It is deeply disappointing that the president refused to take time to visit the veterans at the Phoenix VA, where the national scandal of mismanagement in VA health care first surfaced this spring.

Matthew Kenney of Concerned Veterans for America also condemned Obama and echoed McCain’s sentiments, according to The Washington Free Beacon:

We would think if he was serious about VA reform that he would come down to the Phoenix VA, see what the problems are. See them first hand and come up with solutions on how to fix it.

Jesus Miramon, who served during the Vietnam era and was present outside the school where Obama was speaking, also expressed his displeasure. “It is true that he should not be hating a vet today, he should be showing us a little love today,” Miramon told KNXV.

Sally Barnes, another protester on the ground, was also displeased with the president. “That was a smack in the face for my family and all the veterans that are suffering because of the VA hospital,” she said to KSAZ. “A mortgage is more important than veterans dying? They are heroes.”

Here is how others reacted to the president skipping the VA hospital in Phoenix:

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Were These Two Sisters Medically Kidnapped By State Of Arizona?

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Two preteen sisters, Kayla and Hannah Diegel, have been taken from their parents’ custody by Child Protective Services and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The sisters are being used without parental consent for  genetic research. They have a rare form of genetic mitochondrial disorder. They have been fed in the past using feeding tubes. The feeding tubes allowed them to thrive.

However, the state has ordered the removal of the feeding tubes, which has caused Kayla, 12, to lose 25 percent of her weight, and Hannah, 10, to lose 17 percent. Kayla Diegel now has less than three percent body fat.

While the mother fears for her daughters’ lives, she has been ordered by a court not to to talk and to remove all discussion of the case from the internet and social media.

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BREAKING: Insiders Expose Obama’s Secret Strategy For Imposing Amnesty


It comes as no surprise to learn that President Obama is putting the finishing touches on his ignore-the-Constitution plan to declare amnesty for an untold number of illegal immigrants by executive action. Team Obama has long indicated that the president would act unilaterally to impose amnesty, very likely around Labor Day.

But what may be a surprise is the legal excuse the White House is cooking up to give Obama a reason to “rewrite law” and change the course of the country with a stroke of his presidential pen.

According to the Associated Press (H/T: Yahoo! News):

The White House is crafting a blame-it-on-Congress legal justification to back up President Barack Obama’s impending executive actions on immigration.

Facing an expected onslaught of opposition, the administration plans to argue that Congress failed to provide enough resources to fully enforce U.S. laws, thereby ceding wide latitude to White House to prioritize deportations of the 11.5 million people who are in the country illegally, administration officials and legal experts said. But Republicans, too, are exploring their legal options for stopping Obama from what they’ve deemed egregious presidential overreaching.

That “onslaught of opposition” described in the AP report is expected from both Republicans and Democrats, from the political right as well as the left. The GOP opposes the executive action for obvious reasons. Democrats — especially those Senate Dems up for re-election in November — are increasingly concerned that an Obama amnesty action would fire up a voter backlash and imperil their campaigns.

From breitbart.com:

“Some Democratic senators are probably not going to come back. And it’s stunning, right, it’s literally like the president is going to put a gun to the head of Democratic senators,” Tamar Jacoby, president and CEO of ImmigrationWorks USA — a federation of small businesses that rely on immigrant labor and are pushing for immigration reform — predicted to Breitbart News.

Jacoby was referring to vulnerable Democrats facing reelection in red states such as Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, Alaska Sen. Mark Begich and North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan.

“It’s all but certain that this is going to be a decisive factor in their elections and [Obama] knows it. Everybody knows it. And they are just making the calculation the long term gain is more important,” Jacoby said, explaining that the White House likely sees the long term gain to be helping to persuade, if not solidify the Latino vote.

But the battle cry from the Left — particularly from immigration activists and those pushing for open borders — appears to be too loud, too strong for Obama to ignore. Via Yahoo! News:

After resisting calls to act alone in hopes Congress would pass a comprehensive immigration fix, Obama in June bowed to immigration activists and said that “if Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours.” The most sweeping, controversial step under consideration involves halting deportation for millions, a major expansion of a 2012 Obama program that deferred prosecutions for those brought here illegally as children.

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Boom! Sheriff Joe Levels Devastating Charges Against Obama, And He’s Not Backing Down


Sheriff Joe Arpaio — the outspoken lawman of Maricopa County — has once again laid his anger and frustration on the line…in bold print. In no uncertain terms, Arpaio levels serious charges against Barack Obama, now-familiar charges that the president is purposely flooding the border with thousands of illegal aliens, many of whom are criminals.

In a letter to supporters asking for donations to his re-election campaign, Sheriff Joe takes deadly aim at what he considers the serious offenses of the Obama administration.

H/T thegatewaypundit.com:

“Our country is under attack.

“And Barack Obama is the aggressor. That’s right. Our own President has overseen the release of thousands of illegal immigrants…hundreds of whom are convicted criminals – even felons, which are flooding into America.

“Every day you read the newspaper or turn on the news, there is something tragic happening, something Obama says is beyond our control.

“But I must tell you: the state of the U.S.–Mexican border IS NOT BEYOND OUR CONTROL. In fact, it’s one of the key places where the safety of our nation starts. AND I am working around the clock to take criminals off the streets.

“Every action Obama has taken since the border crisis began has led to an increase in the flood of men, women, children, AND CRIMINALS! The icing on the cake…Obama’s solution is holding events at the White House “honoring young adults who came to this country illegally.”

“HE IS REWARDING CRIMINALS! We are arresting them just to have the Obama administration release them the next day!

While many people in Arizona and around the country cheer Arpaio for this kind of take-no-prisoners candor, Sheriff Joe does have his detractors…right there in his home state. Check out what this highly critical columnist writes at azcentral.com, a joint publication of 12News and The Arizona Republic:

Requests like this from Arpaio have never made sense, but they have made money, particularly when the plea is picked up or passed along by high-profile conservative websites like the Drudge Report.

Will people fall for Arpaio’s pitch again?

Are you kidding?

He makes the scammers pretending to be deposed royal figure or a millionaire from Nigeria look like amateurs.


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Arizona Residents In This Town Watching The Border Like Hawks

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On Tuesday, July 16th, 2014, I coordinated the visit by selected Arizona elected officials to the community of Oracle, Arizona, where a bus of 50 unaccompanied illegal children was to be dropped off at a licensed boy’s behavioral health facility. Approximately 200 protesters were present, as well as 75 pro-illegal protesters. Approximately 20 uniformed Pinal County, Arizona Deputies were present, and there were several “plain clothes” agencies represented. An impressive array of media, both national and state-wide, also were on scene. No bus arrived; and it was learned that a certain avowed Communist, open borders, southern Arizona U.S. Congressman asked DHS to order the bus NOT to arrive, but come another day simply to frustrate and embarrass the protesters. This revelation became confirmed by law enforcement and passed to me; and I quietly mentioned the same to the elected officials. Various Intel chatter suggests two windows of drop-off opportunity, including one on Saturday. What adds intrigue to the ongoing drops of illegals by DHS is simply the multiple DHS buses now traversing the State of Arizona: multiple buses in multiple regions simultaneously, some with escort. Regardless of timing, the drop will occur at the boy’s facility in Oracle, Arizona; and this is confirmed by two high ranking sources, even to share that the facility has just completed a refurbishing to accommodate 50 new boys. The drops may occur in similar fashion as to what eventually occurred in Murrieta, California…after all protesters left the area approximately 0230Hrs (morning) under the cover of darkness.

There are a number of liability issues that have not yet been addressed but are under review. These liability concerns are far more than mere administrative, and they warrant investigation because of the clear and present concerns of health and safety risks to the surrounding communities and citizens.


1. The Rio Grande Region of Texas remains “Ground Zero” for this Rush-the-Border. Arizona, however, continues to be a “quiet” doorway for drug distribution nationwide, as well as illegals from “countries of interest”. Arizona’s quietness in comparison to events in Texas is not to be misinterpreted as not as alarming. During the past few years, the multiple entryways through Arizona’s vast desert has seen evidence dropped and recovered from Middle Eastern travelers, especially countries that detest America and intend to do us harm. Even the military post in Sierra Vista, Arizona that houses Top Secret Communications abilities and other Special Operations cannot seem to keep drug traffickers from using paths across the post to continue their northbound travels. It must also be understood that Border Patrol checkpoints have been moved some 45 miles north of the Arizona International border. Approximately 500 Border Patrol Agents from Arizona have been transferred from front-line services to child care services. Various electronic surveillance and early warning trespass devices either work intermittently or are directed at creating blind spots; and as I have shown Clare Lopez personally, many sections of the Border Fence either are incomplete, are broken, or actually have openings to meet EPA standards! There are a number of DHS and DOJ policies handed down to the Border Patrol, further hampering an agent’s ability to interdict illegals, defend themselves from assault or outright attack, question illegals, etc. I will not address the gross politicization of border law enforcement for this report.

2. The now nationally discussed medical fears are beginning to manifest. Reports by Border Patrol facilities holding illegal children and military bases used likewise now report strong and quickly spreading cases of pneumonia, TB, scabies, parasitic diseases not even seen previously in America, sexually transmitted diseases, and severe swine flu. Isolated for now, cases of Polio are reported in southern states. A Navy base in San Diego has been forced to seal a portion of the base due to severe pneumonia by illegal children. Just today, reports are beginning to reach the light of day of leprosy cases in New York and other severe skin diseases from illegal children dropped off in that city. We have not even begun to see the health challenges awaiting us from these third-world children; and when school opens in a month, their co-mingling will create potential nightmares given that most of these diseases have a 30-45 day incubation period, which should expire about the time of the school season. For the many who will probably not even see a school door, they will be turned loose (many already have been released into America); and their hygiene and general mindset of participating in society will not match the cultural values of our country, nor will they care. In the small community of Oracle, Arizona, citizens are alarmed that the inbound illegal children are sick, not being properly screened or treated, and will become a burden to their community–not to mention if they require medical treatment and are taken to the community health facility, what transmitted diseases will be taken to the health facility with the host? Will the community now become a health risk? Who will pay for these treatments, or the results of contamination?

3. There is now evidence that DHS has decided to drop illegals and illegal children at small communities and towns across America, and this transfer is well underway throughout America. Small communities and towns are less likely to stage massive protests, especially if the Feds can slip the illegal children in during the cover of darkness. Evidence further shows that local or city and county law enforcement are NOT briefed in any aspect of these transfers. At the same time, however, evidence mounts that contracts and calls for vendors with selective skills to handle children have been distributed prior to the illegals’ mass arrivals. At this time, the feds are seeking private homes to house children and are willing to pay upwards to $6,000 per household per month! Additional requests to fill contracts have been posted seeking “Nannys” for these illegal children. Behavioral Health facilities, motels and small hotels, and even an abandoned resort in Waco, Texas have been commandeered by DHS to house this tidal wave of humanity flowing in from all points south of the American Border.

4. By DHS estimates, over 300,000 illegals already have been processed across America. Already known is that a large number have not appeared in court as ordered! The numbers continue to grow in both regards. There will be a lull in the large numbers inbound only because of the severe heat at this time of the year. Reports from well south of the border and into Central and South Central America tell that many thousands are still positioning themselves to cross the American southern Border. We are nowhere close to seeing the end of this mass Rush-the-Border.  The very best estimates by various official agencies suggests the number of illegals (prior to this current rush) are closer to 20 million! Our Nation’s cultural identity is really at stake; and once a nation loses its culture, that country is finished and morphs into something other than what it was founded on and became.

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