Obama: Impeach and Convict Now!

Larry Klayman, WND.com

During the Clinton presidency, after just a few years of mounting scandal, including the Chinagate affair – where the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, “Bill and Hill,” illegally laundered millions of dollars in contributions to their legal-defense fund and the president’s re-election campaign coffers – Howard Phillips of The Conservative Caucus and I rounded up a group of other conservatives, the so-called “great right-wing conspiracy,” and asked then-Rep. Bob Barr, a Republican from Georgia, to introduce articles of impeachment. Bob heeded the call and dutifully did so. It was clear at the time that the nation was on the verge of a crisis – as the president and first lady had subverted the Constitution in a number of ways (documented in my book Whores)…

While I firmly believe that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many Democrats around them have been, as in Chinagate more than a decade earlier, bribed by foreign regimes – such as the radical Islamic regime in Iran – I cannot prove it at this time. However, from what has already occurred, the offenses of the “mullah in chief” are “already” so compelling as to warrant immediate impeachment and conviction for his high crimes and misdemeanors, before the United States is totally destroyed by him…

Here is just a partial list of the most impeachable and convictable of President Obama’s offenses:

First, there is his recent refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, which allows states that do not perform gay marriages to refuse to honor homosexual marriages performed in other states. To disobey a law enacted by Congress amounts to a subversion of our Constitution.

Second, there is Obama’s treasonous act of sanctioning a complaint, filed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the U.N. Human Rights Commission, against the state of Arizona for its enacting of S.B. 1070, the anti-illegal immigration legislation the president also attacked in federal court. This is the same Human Rights Commission that has had as members a variety of terrorist states, such as Libya and Cuba.

Third, there is Obama’s visceral hatred and subversion of the state of Israel, whose national security interests are so closely tied to our own. His recent invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of terrorist groups bent on destroying the Jewish state, to join the new Egyptian government not only amounts to a dagger in the side of Israeli security, but American security as well….

Another National Talk Show Host Calls Obama “Impeachable”

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

The number of people acknowledging that Barack Obama’s lawless actions deserve impeachment has risen by one. Obama’s refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is “impeachable,” according to a nationally syndicated, widely quoted talk show host. Bryan Fischer is director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at American Family Association and host of “Focal Point,” which is heard on the 148 radio stations of the American Family Radio Network. Fischer wrote on the AFA’s website:

Obama is violating his oath of office by refusing to defend DOMA. The Constitution he took a solemn and sacred oath to “preserve, protect and defend” requires him in Article II, Section 3 to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” This refusal to do his sworn duty makes him derelict in his duty, and is both inexcusable and even impeachable.

Fischer also dedicated a segment of his Thursday program to the DOMA decision.

The Christian broadcaster’s influence is only growing. Newsweek magazine (which apparently still exists) paid Fischer a backhanded compliment in a tongue-in-cheek hit piece entitled, “How Bryan Fischer Became the Newest Media Darling.” It describes how Fischer’s straight talking common sense and Biblical conservatism have attracted a growing national audience — a fact that has caused the dinosaur media to frequently distort, mock, and ridicule Fischer’s message and audience.

Fischer joins a growing list of center-Right (and occasionally far-Left) personalities who believe the president should be investigated, and perhaps impeached and removed from office. Radio talk show host Tammy Bruce called for Obama’s impeachment for bringing the Muslim Brotherhood closer to power in Egypt. (It would be difficult to think of two people further apart politically than Fischer and Bruce.) Another Bryan, Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media’s blog, put impeachment on the table the day before Fischer’s blog.

Within the last two weeks alone Newt Gingrich, ACORN expert Matthew Vadum, and others have stated the president’s actions violate the rule of law, ignore legal precedent, and establish a “rule of men” presided over by Obama — and all have had the courage to say these actions could merit impeachment.

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Obama Worked with ACLU to Sue Arizona Over Immigration Bill

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today announced that it has received documents from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that show DOJ worked hand-in-hand with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in mounting their respective legal challenges to SB 1070, Arizona’s get-tough illegal immigration law. The documents, obtained by Judicial Watch pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed on June 17, 2010, include email exchanges between DOJ officials and ACLU staff.

Included among the documents obtained by Judicial Watch is a July 27, 2010, email exchange between Lucas Guttentag, leader of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project and the DOJ’s Edwin Kneedler, Deputy Solicitor General:

2:15 pm: Ed
I left a voicemail earlier today about checking in once the district court rules. Would you be available then?
[Redacted statement] And from all of us, thank you again for your argument on behalf of the United States.

2:40 pm: Thanks Lucas. We should definitely check in once we hear. We’ll be huddling here as soon as we can. What is your thinking at this point on if/how you will proceed in various possible scenarios?
It was good to see you, even if only briefly, and to be on the same side for once! [Redacted statement] I have a feeling we might be seeing each other again on this case.

6:14 pm: Thanks Ed. Yes, a real pleasure to be on the same side.
I think we will be strongly inclined to seek an immediate emergency injunction from the 9th Circuit…
Can you share your current thinking with regard to the various scenarios?
Best Lucas

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch also include email exchanges between ACLU staff and Joshua Wilkenfeld, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who signed the government’s pleadings in the lawsuit, exchanged hearing transcripts and established opportunities to discuss the case. For example, the documents included this July 16, 2010, email from Guttentag to Wilkenfeld….

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Will AZ Shooter Kill the First Amendment?

Joe Guzzardi, FloydReports.com

Immediately after crazed gunman Jared Lee Loughner gravely wounded Arizona U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, killed U.S. Judge John M. Roll, and six other people while wounding 12 innocent bystanders, the immigration rhetoric subtly ratcheted up.

Denouncing Gifford’s shooting, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and others made it clear that what they referred to as “inflammatory speech” had made the political atmosphere in Arizona so toxic that acts of violence were inevitable.

Referring to talk radio hosts, Dupnik charged them with “inflaming the American public by those who get paid to do that. It might be free speech but it does not come without consequences.”

Ironically, Dupnik is the most skilled flamethrower of all.

Last year, at the height of the S.B. 1070 controversy, Dupnik called it “racist” and “disgusting” while claiming that Arizona is “the mecca of prejudice and bigotry.” Furthermore, Dupnik went on record that he would not enforce the measure if it became law, a blatant violation of his oath of office.

Dupnik never directly claimed that S.B. 1070 and Giffords’ support of it were linked to the shootings. But a close read between the lines strongly suggests that Dupnik blames Loughner’s multiple murders on “the haters,” a label that many automatically apply to Americans who favor enforcing federal immigration law.

Even though only a few hours had passed after the massacre before Dupnik pointed his finger and no evidence has yet surfaced that Loughner is anything other than deranged, more “hate” charges flew.

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The Top Stories We Broke in 2010

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

As we end 2010 and begin a new year, the media take a look back at the year gone by. We too wish to look back at all the stories this website has broken in the few months of our existence. Some have been ignored, others have been reported nationally — without credit to those of us who discovered them. Nonetheless, we are happy the information has spread and look forward to leading the charge in 2011. We want to take this time to celebrate all we have accomplished in so little time by highlighting a baker’s dozen of stories that we broke. Counting down our stories, from least to greatest.

13. Obama Apologizes to Guatemala for a Guatemalan Government Experiment (story). On October 1, Barack Obama phoned Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom with a heavy heart. He learned that from 1946-48, the U.S. Public Health Service had tested the effectiveness of penicillin in treating syphilis by infecting Guatemalan prisoners and soldiers with the disease, then treating them. Guatemalan politicians howled for “compensation,” and Obama promised “a thorough investigation.” The experiments — discovered by Susan Reverby of Wellesley College and revealed in the January issue of the Journal of Policy History — were inhumane. However, Reverby noted one fact Obama overlooked: The Guatemalan government approved of the experiments at the time. The story shows Obama’s focus on what he describes as America’s “tragic history” and absurd reflex to apologize for American behavior. In this case, the courageous leader of the free world apologized to the president of a third world backwater for experiments both their governments approved and conducted before either one of them was alive.

12. Oklahoma’s Muslim Law Ban Struck Down by Clinton Diversity Pick (story). On election day 2010, more than 70 percent of Oklahoma voters approved State Question 755, which forbids state courts from considering Islamic religious law, Shari’a, in pending court cases. However, federal judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange of the 10th Circuit Court issued a series of injunctions against the measure. In her tangled view, a law prohibiting judges from deciding cases based on religious law constituted an attack on the First Amendment. As we alone exposed, Miles-LaGrange, whom Bill Clinton appointed in 1994 as “first African-American federal judge in the six states that make up the 10th Circuit,” is a thoroughgoing mediocrity who has spent her entire career benefiting from or promoting Affirmative Action. She now sees Muslims as the next victims of an oppressive Christian America. Remember this the next time someone calls Bill Clinton a “moderate.”

11. Left-Winger Confirms Obama’s “Covert Propaganda” Scandal (story). In August, Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a 36-page report accusing Barack Obama of engaging in “covert propaganda” activities that were “inappropriate and sometimes unlawful.” The White House, Issa wrote, would enlist third parties to promote its talking points without mentioning its connection to Obama, a move he alleges is illegal (and thus impeachable). Within days, far-Left activist Sally Kohn confirmed another facet of this story on The Huffington Post. I reported the administration invited Kohn to a May 2009 “cultural policy summit” with five dozen other radical activists and extremists. Kohn wrote this was the beginning of the Obama administration’s weekly “Common Purpose” meetings, where “the White House dictated its agenda and appealed to the professional left for back-up.” Kohn, a onetime Ford Foundation employee, is a self-described “Jewish lesbian” who once wrote a DailyKos diary entry entitled, “Why I Have a Little Crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” Her allegations that the president used them in a covert propaganda campaign are worthy of inclusion in an investigation of this scandal. To date, no one else has noticed them.

10. Obama’s Stimulus Put Microchips in Your Trash (story). Nearly half-a-million dollars of the stimulus bill went to….

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