Watch: Ann Coulter Just Revealed What Was Really Happening While America Worried About ISIS

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter is hardly shirking in the face of mounting criticism over her recent remarks about immigrants. As political candidate Donald Trump has lost several lucrative business partnerships in the wake of his controversial remarks on the subject, Coulter has faced mounting accusations of racism – even from some within conservative media.

She has used the disruption of a recent event promoting her latest book and the murder of a San Francisco girl as two examples ostensibly proving her point that illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly violent and destructive.

Despite the controversy her statements have garnered, Coulter nonetheless weighed in on the subject during recent appearances on Fox News. Appearing on Hannity this week, she recalled warnings of potential ISIS terror attacks in the days leading up to Independence Day.

Instead, she asserted, “Americans were killed by immigrants.”

In addition to the aforementioned San Francisco death, Coulter said an illegal immigrant was also linked to the weekend bludgeoning of his wife.

“It isn’t just American citizens who aren’t being protected,” she said, “but these Republicans and of course Democrats who claim to speak for the poor, the downtrodden, the working class – no, they’re speaking for big business who want their cheap labor and to externalize their costs both in terms of taxes and in terms of the crime rate.”

She made similar remarks during an appearance on Sunday’s Fox and Friends.

“You know,” she said, “going into this weekend, the media was consumed with stories: Americans have to be on the lookout for ISIS attacks and terror attack expected, and oh, shark attacks. I will bet you by the end of the weekend, more Americans will have been killed by Mexicans than by ISIS or by sharks.”

Is Ann Coulter’s denunciation of illegal immigration fair, or is she a racist? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ann Coulter: ‘Boy, Were Trump And I Wrong’ On Illegal Immigrants

Continuing her very public series of rants against illegal immigration – while promoting her latest book, Adios, America – via social and traditional media, Ann Coulter took to Twitter yesterday to defend her position. Initially, she shared the story of a girl shot and killed recently by an illegal immigrant.

She immediately followed that tweet with another post using that crime as evidence that she – and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump – have been right all along in their condemnation of illegals. Both public figures have complained that, despite America’s rich immigrant history, Central and South American illegals are far from the contributing members of society seen in previous generations of immigrants.


Her point obviously resonated with many of her fans.

“Keep spreading the world Colter [sic],” one Twitter user wrote. “Anyone who doubts should visit Brownsville, El Paso. Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tx.”

Coulter’s divisive rhetoric, however, has cost her some support even among social conservatives lately. Writing on his blog Friday, SooperMexican wrote that the author and columnist took her opposition too far when she made a blanket statement about Latin Americans following a recent book signing disruption.

“You have to understand,” she said of those responsible for the brouhaha, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

SooperMexican, despite defending Trump’s remarks on the issue, described Coulter’s assessment “just plain racism [emphasis in original].”

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Ann Coulter Makes A Shocking Claim About Nikki Haley – Calls Her This

In the wake of a South Carolina shooting that left nine black churchgoers dead last week, a debate ensued over displaying the Confederate flag in that state and others across the U.S. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, an Indian-American born in the state, has since spoken out in favor of legislation to remove the flag from the Statehouse.

In her reaction to the controversy, author Ann Coulter told Fox News host Kennedy that Haley’s opinion on the matter is uninformed.

Though she conceded she would “really like to like Nikki Haley, since she is a Republican,” Coulter said the governor’s position on this issue has made supporting her impossible.

According to Coulter’s assertion, Haley is “an immigrant and does not understand America’s history.”

She went on to offer a refresher course on the controversial flag’s past.

“The Confederate flag we’re talking about never flew over an official Confederate building,” she asserted. “It is a battle flag. It is to honor Robert E. Lee. And anyone who knows the first thing about military history knows that there is no greater army that ever took the field than the Confederate army.”

Though sites like Politifact were quick to point out that she was born in Bamberg, S.C., Coulter stuck to her assertion that Haley is an immigrant long after she initially expressed it.


Revisiting the issue on Twitter opened her up to further criticism.


In the end, Coulter received little support for her intraparty attack. Politifact judged her claim’s truthfulness and determined it deserves the distinction “Pants on Fire.”

Is Gov. Haley’s opinion meaningless because her parents were immigrants? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Watch: Ann Coulter Just Took On These Three Liberals Without Even Breaking A Sweat

During a recent appearance on HBO’s Real Time, conservative author Ann Coulter found herself outnumbered – but not outmatched – by a panel of guests who disagreed with her stance on illegal immigration.

Host Bill Maher acknowledged that his show is akin to “the lion’s den” for Ann Coulter, predicting that his other guests – specifically Democrat U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez and MSNBC host Joy Reid – are “really not going to like what you say.”

Nevertheless, Coulter discussed the issues and solutions she explored in her latest book, Adios, America!, while defending her views against an onslaught of leftist derision.

She set the stage by engaging in a debate with Maher, who suggested there are more illegal Hispanics in America because of their home country’s proximity to the U.S.

“We didn’t used to take people just because they lived in walking distance,” Coulter shot back. “We used to have an immigration policy where we would choose the best in the world.”

She went on to describe pre-1970 immigrants in comparison to those of today, stating that they were “more educated, made more money, were more likely to buy houses – and 30 percent of them went home.”

Pushed to explain how her estimate that 30 million immigrants is more than twice the number registered by the U.S. Census Bureau, Coulter plugged her book – “I’ll be happy to explain but I think it’s easier to read” – before digging into the numbers behind the numbers.

While a sizeable percentage of illegals likely decided not to fill out official census paperwork, Coulter said the data she relied on used more tangible information including “remittances to Mexico, school enrollment [and] housing permits.”

Coulter punctuated her rant with a monologue that included criticism of an increasingly hostile audience.

“Should American immigration policy be used to benefit the people already here,” she asked, “or should it be benefiting Pakistani pushcart operators, illiterate in their own language, never mind ours, who come here, go on welfare, commit terrorism, engage in crimes? Why wouldn’t you look out across the world like a sports team does and try to find the crème de la crème? Not like this audience. We don’t want these people.”

Maher turned to the audience and confirmed: “You gotta give it to her. She ain’t afraid.”

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Ann Coulter Just Exposed This Immigration Statistic That Not Many People Know About

In a recent interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, conservative columnist Ann Coulter discussed the impact America’s broken immigration system continues to have on the lives of U.S. citizens and the nation’s fundamental makeup.

As Western Journalism reported, Coulter’s refusal to hug an illegal immigrant in a question-and-answer session following the interview made headlines this week; however, it was one statistic she cited in her conversation with Ramos that has taken many Americans aback.

Coulter said the demographic reinvention of the nation began a half century ago with the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

“The people that passed the 1965 immigration law, Teddy Kennedy, the rest of the Democrats, they swore up and down it would not change the ethnic composition of this country,” she said. “This has been the most dramatic, historic ethnic change to any nation in world history. And this is lying to the American people and without even consulting the American people on it, which is why I’m particularly enraged at the idea that I can see every night on MSNBC enthusiasm about the browning of America, the browning of America. But if I say, ‘Oh, I don’t like what you’ve done,’ oh, that’s racist.”

She went on to refute Ramos’ assertion that America is stronger because of increased diversity.

“It’s not more diverse,” she said. “It’s more Mexican.”

Bolstering her argument, Coulter provided a metric by which the rate of Mexican immigration can be easily understood.

“You’ve taken in one-quarter of the entire Mexican population,” she said. “At what point will we have taken in enough, in your view? Half of the Mexican population? The entire Mexican population? Three-quarters?”

Ramos responded with an assertion that more lenient immigration laws would help protect Mexicans who are currently risking their lives to illegally cross the border.

“That isn’t an answer to the question,” she shot back. “One-quarter of the Mexican population – how much more do we have to take? When will we achieve perfect diversity?”

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