Watch: Judge Nap Just Uttered The Words Hillary And Staff Never Wanted To Hear- ‘The FBI Now Has…’

The “reckless” actions of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have given the government “leverage” as the investigation into Clinton’s emails draws a legal noose around many of Clinton’s top aides, Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday.

“We have learned … that Mrs. Clinton’s top aides regularly received — from Mrs. Clinton via her private server — top secret emails.” Napolitano said. “These are emails which the aides lacked the security clearance to receive.”

Fox News reported those receiving emails considered to be classified even beyond the “top secret” classification included top Clinton aides Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines – as well as State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy and others.

Fox News recently reported that among the more than 1,500 emails released during the investigation, 22 are considered so sensitive they would not be released, even in redacted form.

“Mrs. Clinton was so reckless in the manner in which she sent out top secret emails, knowingly sending them to people who weren’t authorized to receive them,” Napolitano said.

“We know…that their acceptance, discussion and transfer of this is a felony,” he continued. “We know…that the FBI now has leverage. That the Justice Department can indict her top aides and trade with them…testimony against Mrs. Clinton in return for a deal with them. This is the way the government works.”

If the FBI recommends that Clinton herself be indicted, Attorney General Loretta Lynch would be the one who decides if that recommendation moves forward.

Napolitano said whether or not Clinton is prosecuted, her presidential campaign will suffer “catastrophic” damage if there’s FBI support for an indictment.

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Watch: Judge Napolitano Just Gave Obama A Huge Word Of Warning About His Gun Plan

On Tuesday’s broadcast of America’s Newsroom on Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano addressed President Barack Obama’s latest plan to restrict gun sales in the U.S. by use of presidential executive order. According to Napolitano, if Obama proceeds with his plan to prohibit those on the no-fly list from purchasing guns, and to further restrict the sale of guns between private individuals, he would be acting without the authority given to him by the Constitution of the United States.

In 2015, the courts rejected Obama’s use of executive order on the immigration issue. Napolitano implied that the same thing will happen again if Obama does indeed act on gun control via executive order. Napolitano said, “The president is trying to act as if he has the authority to write laws.”

Napolitano admonished Obama by stating that he should have used his power of persuasion with Congress if he wanted to have gun laws changed in the United States.

The former superior court judge reaffirmed the Supreme Court’s position on the matter of personal gun ownership, as plainly stated in the U.S. Constitution. He stated, “It’s a fundamental right to protect yourself.”

Napolitano added: “I think he (Obama) knows he doesn’t have the latitude to make this move. But I think he is interested in the last year of his presidency now I’m trying to get into his head … In this country we still have a Constitution. The Congress writes the laws. The president doesn’t write them. In this case, the Congress has expressly declined to enact the laws that he’s going to try and enact on his own.”

Watch: After Obama Uttered These 6 Words, Fox News Put Him Through The Wringer

President Obama’s self-congratulating assessment that “we are hitting (ISIS) harder than ever” brought rounds of derision from the hosts of the Fox News show Outnumbered.

Obama assured Americans Monday that the current strategy is working, but offered no new plans as he kicked off a week of White House events aimed at showing the president taking a strong position on ISIS and against terrorism.

The Outumbered hosts weren’t buying it.

“Frankly, I don’t care what he just said. Because everything that he is doing runs counter to what we should be doing to counter radical Islamic jihadism,” said Andrea Tantaros. She added a tweet making her displeasure clear. “Before we see photos of him in mom jeans, biking & eating shaved ice in Hawaii Obama gave today’s press conf to pretend he cares abt terror.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano called Obama’s praise for his own policy “a politically tone-deaf pre-Christmas public relations measure that in this instance satisfy no one but himself.”

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky “profoundly” agreed with the “tone-deaf” assessment.

“He did not once address how to prevent more San Bernardinos. He did not once address the concerns that Americans have this holiday season … He should have acknowledged the concerns people have at home,” she said. “What I think people want to hear … is that they have a right to be concerned, and that he understands their concern and feels their pain.”

The biggest flaw in Obama’s plan is there really isn’t one, writes Trudy Rubin on the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“A big part of Obama’s problem is that he is selling an incoherent plan,” she wrote, noting that his recent Oval Office speech “merely tweaked a flailing Mideast policy and called for the public to be patient.”

“But he never explained why coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq would work now, when they have proved inadequate so far; there is still no effective Sunni Arab fighting force on the ground to call in targets or take advantage of U.S. air power. Nor did Obama explain how sending 50, or 150, more U.S. Special Forces can remedy the lack of Sunni ground troops. (America’s Kurdish allies cannot and will not vanquish Islamic State on their own.),” Rubin wrote.

“Moreover, the president still rejects any criticism of his refusal to help Syrian moderate fighting groups in 2012 (when they existed) or to arm Iraqi Sunni tribesmen eager to fight Islamic State. This creates a gaping hole in his policy that the public grasps,” she concluded.

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Judge Napolitano: Trump Is Master Manipulator Of The Media

Donald Trump said in a speech in South Carolina Monday:

Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and shut-down of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed Donald Trump’s domination of the media on Fox Business News with Stuart Varney.

He’s caused people like us without expending a nickel. All he did was distribute a four-line statement last night. And everybody in the media is talking just about this. And the Jeb Bushes, Chris Christies, Ted Cruz’s and Marc Rubios can’t even get a word in, uh, meaningful word in, to grab any attention to themselves. So Donald Trump has, yet again, demonstrated himself as the master communicator, the master manipulator of the media. And the master expander of his base.

The Judge commented on how Mr. Trump is eclipsing the other candidates in the media without spending any money.

Judge Napolitano: “It’s his unique personality and his ability to capture the center of attention like nobody else can. He captures the center of attention more than all the other 14 opponents combined. It’s not even close.”

Stuart Varney: “What is everybody, every network, every newspaper – what are they talking about this morning? Donald Trump and Muslims. That’s it. He makes a four-line statement and he is King of the Hill in the news business.”

Judge Napolitano: “And Jeb Bush is spending millions and The Donald’s not spending – didn’t spend a nickel to get this, all this attention.”

Do you think Donald Trump is intentionally controlling the media’s coverage of his campaign?

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on The Kelly File Monday how the U.S. Court of Appeals’ two-to-one decision is blocking President Obama’s plan to shield 5 million immigrants from deportation.

It means that a Federal judge in Texas, who enjoined the president, signed an order preventing the president from implementing his executive order which effectively changed the immigration laws. That injunction has now been made permanent by a Federal Appeals Court. So the three judges, the trial judge, and two Appeals Court judges, have used their authority under the Constitution to stop the president from writing his own law. They all agreed that’s what he was attempting to do.

Judge Napolitano said that half of the states do not have the budget to provide welfare benefits to these immigrants.

And they also agreed that the plaintiffs here, which are 25 of the 50 states, led by the State of Texas, originally filed by then-Attorney General now-Governor Greg Abbott, demonstrated that if the president’s executive order were to be carried out, the financial damage to those states, forcing them to spend money that they haven’t taxed for, and hadn’t budgeted. The basic welfare benefits to the people that the president was going to let stay here legally, in the president’s view. That that would be a catastrophic injury to the states and therefore they have the right to bring this case.

The Judge noted that this rare decision by the Appeals Court leaves only one option for Obama.

This is very, very rare that a single judge would enjoin the president and that judge would be upheld by an Appeals Court. He has one option left, that’s the Supreme Court of the United States in the middle of a very busy term that’s already been planned.

Do you think Obama’s executive order will be implemented before he leaves office in 2017? Share and comment below.