WATCH How Judge Napolitano Just Nuked Obama’s Pro-Amnesty Argument As ‘Weird, Bizarre’

Judge Napolitano

One week after a federal judge in Texas blocked implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, the administration officially asked that same judge to admit his injunction was wrong and to issue a stay on his own decision.

Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that allowing Obama’s unilateral action to defer deportations for millions of illegal immigrants to proceed would cause “irreparable harm” to the states.

Obama’s lawyers on Monday shot back that blocking the president’s amnesty orders would cause “irreparable harm” to the federal government’s effort to do its duty. Part of that supposed duty, as Judge Andrew Napolitano notes about the administration’s position, is to help illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers and work visas, as Obama has repeatedly promised he would.

“The government wants to break the law so it can help other law breakers stay here,” [Napolitano] stated. “I have never heard the government make an argument like that.”

You can watch the “Fox and Friends” segment with the network’s Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, by clicking on the video above.

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WATCH: Judge Nap Just Revealed What ObamaCare’s Gruber Might Tell Congress That Could Destroy The Law


When ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber shows up on Capitol Hill today to testify before a congressional committee, he will be greeted by members of a Tea Party group wearing t-shirts that read, “I’m with stupid.”

So reports the Washington Times in an article about the highly anticipated testimony of the MIT professor who finds himself at the center of a political storm over his “stupidity of the American voter” comments on the passage of ObamaCare.

In a discussion with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why Gruber’s scheduled appearance before Rep. Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee could present more than a further political problem for President Obama and his allies who support ObamaCare.

The Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News says Gruber’s testimony will result in a serious legal problem if it’s revealed that Justice Department officials were aware of the deception and misled the Supreme Court — leading to the high court’s controversial 2012 ruling upholding ObamaCare.

“If the court relied on a trick that was put in the document in order to trick the court, they will want to reexamine their decision immediately.”

You can watch Judge Nap’s argument regarding Jonathan Gruber’s testimony and the future of ObamaCare by clicking on the video above.


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Cowardly Conservatives Use Garner Case To Grab Their “Ferguson Moment”

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They are all grabbing at their own “Ferguson Moment” in hopes of redeeming themselves for not condemning the police officer in the Missouri case.

Cowering in fear of being called a racist, a number of so-called conservatives have abandoned logic to beat their breasts over the death of Eric Garner. Without hearing a single word of testimony and basing their judgment on a two minute video, these people KNOW what happened.

Here are facts these cowards have been pleased to disregard.

Cops don’t prowl our streets looking for someone to murder.

Eric Garner made a conscious decision to raise his 32nd arrest from a misdemeanor into a challenge of society’s right to enforce our laws. Garner consciously resisted arrest in the face of overwhelming odds and his heart and asthma conditions.

Garner had no job; he supported a wife and six children by being a career criminal. has uncovered a connection between Garner and a smuggling operation run by organized crime.

No one has explained how someone who is being choked can say “I can’t breathe” loud enough to  be recorded from ten feet away. Saying ‘” can’t breathe” isn’t possible for someone who is not breathing.

Chokeholds kill or render people unconscious immediately. Chokeholds don’t kill people an hour later. Garner’s hyoid and windpipe were intact; Garner did not die from a chokehold no matter how many times the media repeats that lie.

“Racism” cannot be proved here because it does not exist. The cop’s bosses, the precinct commander, and supervising female sergeant are black. The cops were responding to their orders and a complaint about Garner from a minority shop owner. Garner’s own daughter said this was not about race.  Al Sharpton is holding his demonstrations in Manhattan to obfuscate these facts because they don’t “fit.”

If the precinct commander and sergeant were white males, we would know their names and where they live; and they would have to enter and leave their workplace under heavy security.

Saying Garner died “for selling loose cigarettes” is a cynical lie. Those who actually know what they are talking about understand that Garner was killed by his own obese lifestyle and a conscious choice to fight when he could have submitted and lived to commit more crimes.

The following cowardly conservatives are using the Garner case to suck up to the liberal media, grab their own “Ferguson Moment,” and be absolved from the “guilt” the Left insists they should feel. Here are the responses of some “educated” conservatives to the Grand Jury decision against indictment of police on the scene.

Michael Steele, the affirmative action, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee: a “….Black man’s life is not worth a ham sandwich…”

Breitbart’s John Nolte has reduced the complex matter to an assertion that the cops walked up to Garner and killed him in retaliation for selling untaxed cigarettes.  “Police behavior sure looked inexcusable,” claims Nolte. Note the slippery word “looked.”

Fox News Charles Krauthammer pronounced the Garner decision “incomprehensible.”

John Boehner hints he will investigate the Garner case.

Michael Savage’s “Ferguson Moment” came with his pious declaration that the “Chokehold Was ‘Murder of an Innocent Black Man.’” Note his injection of race.

Glenn Beck, who is busy sucking up to CNN so he has a place to work when his operation fails, called the decision “obscene.”

Andrew Napolitano said that not indicting the police was grievously wrong.

Enjoy your “Ferguson Moment,” fellas; you’ve earned it, and thanks for showing us who you really are. Your Holiday party invitations are in the mail.

So now whom do we trust?

Get your free PDF of Coach’s book “Crooks Thugs& Bigots: the lost, hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.” If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have is Democrat lies.

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WATCH: Judge Napolitano Drops The Hammer, Saying Obama A ‘Candidate For Impeachment’

Judge Napolitano

A brand new, post-election poll on Americans’ feelings about illegal immigration shows that the public, by an almost 2-to-1 margin, clearly favors:

-enforcement of current law,
-repatriation of young illegal immigrants to their home countries, and
-limiting the President’s ability to use executive action to legalize immigrants on his own.

In other words, this new survey, like so many before it, finds that Americans by and large disagree with Barack Obama’s immigration policies and his stated intent to move forward with executive action on amnesty.

Before heading to the White House for a scheduled meeting with the president and other Congressional leaders today, Friday, John Boehner issued a stern warning to Obama about proceeding with any executive order on Illegal immigration.

“I’ve made clear to the president that if he acts unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he will poison the well and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this Congress,” Boehner said.

“When you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. And he’s going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path.”

And while no Republican leader on the hill is now mentioning the “i” word — impeachment — Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, certainly is.

In no uncertain terms, Judge Napolitano says that if Obama does what he says he will do regarding amnesty, Republicans in Congress will have “very little recourse” for stopping him other than pursuing impeachment.

You can watch the Judge’s explanation of the reason for impeachment by clicking on the video above.


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Judge Napolitano: Armed Citizens Are The Best Way To Stop Lone Wolf Terrorists

Judge Napolitano

With so many “work place incidents” and “lone wolf” terrorist attacks, Judge Andrew Napolitano has a very simple solution, and one to drive liberals nuts.

“What is the best deterrent to that? An armed citizenry,” the judge said. “People able to protect themselves. We have a Second Amendment in this country, they do not have the equivalent of that in Canada.”

The difficult problem with these “lone wolf” attacks are just that. They are from individual attackers motivated by Islamic forces.

“It’s not an army marching on a city. It’s one guy getting out of a car and starting to shoot,” Napolitano said.

“Gun control laws in Canada are as Draconian as they have been in Washington, D.C. or Chicago. The government thinks the people should not be able to arm themselves. In my view, that’s the lesson.”

What do you think?


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