Ebola Threat To The U.S. Could Be Linked To This One Thing Obama Did Four Years Ago


Thanks to the determined digging of Brandon Darby over at breitbart.com — and the courage of at least one government whistleblower — we’re learning more and more about the threat that Ebola now presents to the American people.

In an exclusive post based on a secret government report that was leaked to Darby, we learn that, since the first of the year, more than 3,500 passengers from nations severely impacted by the Ebola outbreak have been allowed to enter the U.S. without any special screening.

In addition, according to the leaked intelligence document, those individuals have entered into at least 18 heavily populated U.S. cities, including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburg, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, and Cleveland.

Breitbart.com quotes the anonymous federal agent who leaked the report, and his words are both damning and disturbing:

“This internal report, coupled with the current Ebola case in Dallas, reveals that our government is not only allowing individuals from Ebola-stricken nations to enter the U.S. with only the basic screening they give to passengers from any foreign nation, but the claims of the issue being properly addressed in the West African countries are untrue.”

The agent who spoke on condition of anonymity told Breitbart Texas that Americans have been put in real danger by the actions, or inactions, of the Obama administration, especially Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).

“The CBP is taking no action to screen individuals entering the U.S. from Ebola-stricken nations. We are doing nothing. All we are doing is asking authorities in nations with Ebola to stick a thermometer in the mouths of people boarding planes. That does nothing to keep Americans safe from Ebola,” the agent said.

This revelation begs the question: Why hasn’t something been done — by the Centers for Disease Control or the Department of Homeland Security — to prevent the inflow of travelers with a high likelihood of Ebola infection?

The answer may lie in what the Obama administration did some four years ago.

In April of 2010, USA Today reported that the administration quietly scrapped plans to enact sweeping new federal quarantine regulations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supported as critical to protecting Americans from dangerous diseases spread by travelers.

Airline and civil liberties groups, including the ACLU, were pushing for the proposed regulations to be dropped…and they were.

The regulations, proposed in 2005 during the Bush administration amid fears of avian flu, would have given the federal government additional powers to detain sick airline passengers and those exposed to certain diseases.

They also would have expanded requirements for airlines to report ill passengers to the CDC and mandated that airlines collect and maintain contact information for fliers in case they later needed to be traced as part of an investigation into an outbreak.

As for the continuing effort to identify and assess the health of some 100 people who may have come into contact with the Ebola patient still isolated in a Dallas hospital, authorities have not indicated that any more infections have been confirmed.

The CDC insists the Ebola situation is under control in the United States.


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Breitbart Was Right…

breitbart Breitbart Was Right...

The New York Times released a major 5,000 word investigative report exposing Obama administration appointees’ abuse of a federal program to compensate farmers who had faced discrimination. Back in 2010, however, the Times had urged for faster compensation and less bureaucratic roadblocks for the “Pigford” defendants:

The compensation effort sprang from a desire to redress what the government and a federal judge agreed was a painful legacy of bias against African-Americans by the Agriculture Department. But an examination by The New York Times shows that it became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees. In the past five years, it has grown to encompass a second group of African-Americans as well as Hispanic, female and Native American farmers. In all, more than 90,000 people have filed claims. The total cost could top $4.4 billion.

From the start, the claims process prompted allegations of widespread fraud and criticism that its very design encouraged people to lie: because relatively few records remained to verify accusations, claimants were not required to present documentary evidence that they had been unfairly treated or had even tried to farm. Agriculture Department reviewers found reams of suspicious claims, from nursery-school-age children and pockets of urban dwellers, sometimes in the same handwriting with nearly identical accounts of discrimination.

Yet those concerns were played down as the compensation effort grew. Though the government has started requiring more evidence to support some claims, even now people who say they were unfairly denied loans can collect up to $50,000 with little documentation.

And what a fraud it was. The government has spent over $1.33 billion compensating Hispanic and female farmers for federal loan discrimination despite a 2010 Supreme Court ruling dismissing those claims, which didn’t seem to bother the Times until now.

The Times also singled out Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who they said was a driving force behind the settlement. Vilsack told the Times that “We weren’t just writing checks for the heck of it…People were not treated fairly, and in fact, even today there are damages as a result of folks who weren’t treated fairly.”

Since it’s the government, I suppose a little fraud is to be expected, as long as the overall intent was theoretically good.

While it’s great to see this story being reported by The New York Times, it’s a shame that Andrew Breitbart isn’t around to revel in the vindication of his efforts to expose the fraud in the Pigford settlement.


This article originally appeared at AIM.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

Image Courtesy Of Breitbart.com

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Video: This Is America On The “Drug” Obama

This past weekend, I saw the late Andrew Breitbart’s swan song Occupy Unmasked that exposed the Occupy movement for what it is: an orchestrated distraction by the hard Left and unions.

In a way, it was like preaching to the choir. I already knew the mainstream media had coordinated with the hard Left (including anarchists) and unions to make “Occupy” what Time magazine called “The Story of the Year.”

I already knew that the mainstream media was hiding the rapes and murders and OD’s and rats and STDs. Hiding the fact that college students were being bussed in; and the homeless and unemployed were being paid to act as props for the real Occupiers: the SEIU and anarchists.

Yes, the same SEIU that gave $100 million to Obama in 2008. The same anarchists that are a part of Obama’s “community organizing” circle of radicals.

But seeing the film moved this knowledge from the head to the heart; that is, enabled me to feel it viscerally.

And America, that is a scary feeling. For SEIU and the radical Left want one thing and one thing only: the destruction of America. To destroy America so that their perfect socialist utopia will rise from the ashes.

What the details of this socialist utopia will be doesn’t matter.

What matters now is destruction.

It reminds me of those “This is your brain on drugs” commercials of the 1980s. A commentator shows a pan filled with hot butter and says: “This is your brain.” He then cracks an egg into the pan, where the egg sizzles and sputters, never again to return to its original form, and says “This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

Another term of Obama will make America’s “fundamental transformation” complete. America will go beyond the point of no return. SEIU, the radical Left, and their dear leader, Barack Hussein Obama, will finish the job of destroying this nation and remake it into something unrecognizable, never to return again to the greatest nation on earth.

God help us if they are successful.

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