You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said

Ralph Peters

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss how ISIS – also known as Daesh – is not desperate after the burning of the Jordanian pilot, as the Defense Department claims, but instead loves to torture and is empowered by it.

“They’re having the time of their lives. This kind of violence is captivating, exhilarating and thrilling to these guys. It’s never going to get better for them than this,” Peters said. “They have power now. They can exert their will over others.”

Then he said this:

This was better than the best sex they’ve ever had, and it’s easier on the goats!

Peters added that if America won’t lead the Jordanians in this incursion, they can’t fight the war alone.

He concluded by calling out Obama on his polar extreme war choices of either “airpower alone” or “hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the ground” as “absolute bull” because there is likely a middle ground where there’s a “limited amount of boots on the ground for a limited time.”





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Allen West: Jordan Knows How To Fight ISIS Better Than President Obama Does

Allen West

Lt. Col. Allen West joined Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss the new video of ISIS – also known as Daesh- brutally burning a Jordanian pilot alive. West stated that President Obama’s strategy doesn’t measure up to how the Jordanians just responded by executing two captured ISIS terrorists.

“Jordan understands far better how to fight the Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) than the Obama administration,” West said and hinted towards the White House as to what our government should be doing.

“So the only way you can deal with savage, barbaric animals is to be tough and ruthless,” West continued. “And that is something that General el-Sisi understands in Egypt, that Prime Minister Netanyahu understands and that King Abdullah understands.”

“The one thing all three of them have in common: you have an airborne commando that leads Israel, you have an American-trained special forces officer that leads Jordan and you have a former Egyptian military general that leads in Egypt,” he concluded. “They understand the enemy and how you have to fight it.”

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Allen West: Obama Creating Myth Of Modern-Day Racism


Charles Payne asserted to Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News Live Sunday that many people believe President Barack Obama is the central reason why race relations seem to be getting worse in the United States. Colonel West commented that he grew up in the inner-city of Atlanta and remembers what race relations used to be like. West said that racial division is what Obama wants.

“For President Obama, when you look at it from his perspective as a progressive socialist community organizer, he believes that race relations are fine, because of the impact they’re having on what they believe is social justice. So when you have this incredible divide amongst us, because that is the aim and the goal of collectivism, which is what the president believes in, then everything is fine for him.”

Colonel West pointed out that the president and Al Sharpton are perpetuating a mob atmosphere:

“When you have someone like Al Sharpton visiting the White House and providing him counsel eighty-two times and standing and putting pressure on Sony and other individuals, and this angst that has happened, and this mob atmosphere that is going on, this is really what the president would like to have – this vomiting of dissension. But that is not what the inner-city needs right now. We need economic growth. We need better education opportunities. But that’s not the focus.”

Payne added that President Obama is stoking racial division because he is unable to improve the economy.

“I would actually argue that a lot of times the president’s fallback position with respect to stoking the anger and anxiety with race is because of an inability to move the economic needle … It feels like at every turn that he could blame or hint or suggest that racism was at the fault of criticism, the fault of failure, he took that.”

West responded that, although the nation has a black president and many other black people serving in positions of authority, it still is not good enough for Obama.

“Well, one of the things is that they created that atmosphere back early in 2009. Eric Holder said that we were a nation of cowards when it came to race. And you look at the fact that we have elected and re-elected the first black president, but yet he still believes that that’s not enough. We have the National Security Advisor, the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t know what more else you need to have.”


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Wow: Allen West Just Got Fed Up With Obama’s Latest Lies And Lost His Mind In An EPIC Rant


In a 60 Minutes interview that included Obama passing the buck for his botched reaction to the growing ISIS terrorist threat, it was another remark that caught the attention of retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West.

The former Republican congressman explained on his blog Thursday that Obama cavalierly asserted the nation is better off than it was prior to his 2008 election. In response, West pointed out several empirical facts he feels disprove that contention.

“We are at an all-time low for the workforce participation rate,” he wrote. “Poverty has increased and food stamp recipients are up from 31 million to 47 million. Home ownership is down and gas prices are still high compared to the $1.89 when he came into office.”

West also criticized the increased role of the Federal Reserve during Obama’s tenure, noting the nation’s debt has jumped by nearly $7 trillion since his inauguration. To combat this runaway spending, he wrote, the Fed continues to print more money and, in turn, usher in inflation.

As Obama prepared for a speech at Northwestern University being billed as a discussion of the U.S. economy, West contrasted what the president likely would say with what the American people deserve to hear.

“The discussion has to be about tax, regulatory, government, and monetary reforms that reignite a free market economic explosion,” he wrote “—instead we have a government spending-driven economy. Instead of Obama attacking private sector businesses with increased taxation and regulations, forcing more to escape his economic tyranny, he should advance reforms that enable the captains of industry to produce and manufacture more right here.”

West lambasted Obama’s energy policy, which he said includes preventing private entities from exploring new resources. Furthermore, he cited healthcare failures, the spread of disease throughout the U.S., the border crisis, and the rise in terrorist threats around the world.

“No B. Hussein,” West concluded, “we’re not better off than we were six years ago – and sadly we still have two more years of you. Go ahead and make your speech at Northwestern University, because everyone other than your kool-aid drinking progressive socialist acolytes ain’t listening to your lies anymore.”


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Watch: Obama Might Want To Stay Far Away From Al Sharpton After What Allen West Just Said

Allen West & Al Sharpton

Allen West was on Fox News this morning, sharing his concern that Al Sharpton will be helping choose the replacement for Eric Holder as Attorney General.

“I’m very concerned. I mean it’s unconscionable that Al Sharpton has this level of influence with the White House,” West began. “Everyone knows his history. He has no credibility whatsoever and for him to make a statement like that and also be on a news network, that’s very concerning.”

West, after being asked who he thinks will be picked as the replacement, said that he thinks that the administration will go with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D), “another activist.”

But as an article in Politico states, Patrick has ruled taking that position out.

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