Sharpton’s Daughter Suing For Sprained Ankle That Caused ‘Permanent Pain And Mental Anguish,’ Climbed Mountain Last Weekend

Even though Rev. Al Sharpton’s eldest daughter has sued New York City for $5 million because she sprained her ankle last fall, she managed to find a way to go mountain climbing in Indonesia.

According to The New York Post, 28-year-old Dominique Sharpton filed a lawsuit which asserts she was “severely injured, bruised, and wounded” after falling over uneven pavement on the corner of Broome Street and Broadway last October. The suit has been filed against the city departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection.

The lawsuit also states the younger Sharpton “still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries.” It goes on to say she has “internal and external injuries to the whole body, lower and upper limbs, the full extent of which are unknown, permanent pain and mental anguish” as a result of the injury.

Sharpton wants damages for “loss of quality of life, future pain and suffering, future medical bills, [and] future diminution of income.”

Her attorney, John Elefterakis, said his client had “multiple ligament and tendon tears” and “has not had any involvement in selecting a figure that would be fair and adequate compensation for her pain and suffering. The number was selected by my firm and is meant as a safeguard for Ms. Sharpton in a worst-case scenario.”

But the NY Post discovered after the lawsuit was filed that Sharpton climbed a challenging mountain while on vacation in Bali, Indonesia, this past weekend. “We hiked UP the mountain, over the clouds… into the SUNRISE,” she wrote on Instagram Saturday.

One of the most beautiful sites ever. And YES I ALMOST DIED GETTING UP THERE LOL. #Balidays we made it, WHEW.

“It is starting to look like Tawana Brawley is orchestrating the Sharpton trial strategy,” said CNN legal analyst Paul Callan. “It graphically demonstrates bad judgment and good feet. It all adds up to no case.”

Elefterakis told the NY Post that despite the climb, Sharpton “has not returned to her pre-accident form.” The publication breaks down the disposition of her case:

The younger Sharpton could still prove she was in bad shape for several weeks and deserves compensation — even if it’s much less than $5 million, said workers’-comp and disability lawyer Edward Scheine.

Nonetheless, Dominique Sharpton didn’t do herself any favors boasting about the mountain climb.

‘This could mitigate the value of this case,’ Scheine said.

A rep for the New York City Law Department declined to comment on Sharpton’s claims, other than to say, ‘The suit will be reviewed.’

If she is awarded any money, she might want to share with her father, who reportedly owes the Internal Revenue Service $4.5 million.

Is Dominique Sharpton just like her father? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dear Al Sharpton: You Lying, Race-Baiting, Hobbling Bag Of…

Hey Al! Looks like you’ve finally made your way down to Baltimore. I don’t blame you. Gotta make them dollar, dollar bills! All those unpaid back-taxes really add up.

So I want to make it clear that I don’t begrudge you one bit for trying to make a living. Heck, I don’t even mind your show on MSNBC. The mere blooper-reel has gotten more play in the Crowder household than anything else on cable news in the last decade. For that, I have to thank you. Matter of fact, I actually use your reel to defend our president!

See, many people attack President Obama for being useless to anyone without his teleprompter. I say that’s unfair when there are people like you out there who are of no use with a teleprompter.

With that out of the way, can I make one request? Just one. When choosing your career path and method of income, do you think that maybe, just maybe, you could try to not profiteer off dishonest, divisive racism? I know I’m asking a lot, but if you consider my request, I think you’ll see where I’m coming from. Allow me to explain.

See, MLK Jr. fought for equality in a way that’s moved me and I’m sure countless Americans for generations to come. If he were to be re-awoken today, I’m quite sure that he’d be thrilled to see a black president in office, to see that all black Americans share the same legally defensible rights under our Constitution as white Americans. That needed to happen. That was his end game, and it’s so sad that he never lived to see it completely fulfilled as it is today.

The good thing is that you, Al Sharpton, have! You live in an age where black Americans can vote, serve, eat, drink, and congregate freely. Heck, they can even become president. A significant portion of our police force is made up of black Americans. The only issue, really, is that you crap all over it. Your teachings rest firmly on the premise that not only has progress been too slow, but that America is more racist than ever.

Now, I don’t believe that you’re a stupid person. I can’t. I’m pretty sure that would be racist. So I have to attribute the nonsensical nature of your arguments to be rooted in more sinister motives. It only takes a little digging to see that if racism were to die in America… hell, you’d be out of a job. Nobody has more of a financial interest in the continued systemic racism in this country than you, Al Sharpton.

All of your businesses, and even your involvement with non-profits, depend entirely on the steady income of viewers and donors who think that in giving their money to you, they’re helping to end America’s systemic, racist blight. Worse, you tell them that, “Yes! I am the guy who can help!”

Only you never help. You only hurt. You never build black Americans up; you only destroy. You never deliver the good news; you profiteer off of false, negative sensationalism.

There are still some really great black leaders out there, people who truly follow in the footsteps of the great Reverend MLK Jr, but you are not one of them.

As I was in my office this week, I overheard my wife watching a video in the next room in which a rioter/protester shouted down Geraldo Rivera, demanding that he “stop making money off of black people’s pain.”  It was playing faintly in the background and, upon hearing it, my first instinct was to walk into the room… expecting to see your shrunken head on my television monitor.

… Because that’s what you do. You make money off of the pain of real people. Not only black people, but all people. For that, you are a hobbling bag of human feces.

Sincerely, Crowder

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Could MSNBC Bite The Dust Because Of The Proposed Big-Money Mega-Merger That Just Collapsed?

With its ratings in a virtual death spiral and its position among cable news networks diminishing by the day, MSNBC could be facing a very bleak future, if not an outright existential crisis. That’s because its parent, Comcast, just pulled the plug on a proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. So says the digital managing editor for the Washington Free Beacon, Andrew Stiles, in his analysis of the proposed big-money media marriage that never made it to the altar.

In an editor’s blog entitled “MSNBC’s Future In Doubt After Failed Comcast Merger,” Stiles notes that “the network’s future was in doubt long before the merger fell apart.” However, now that the telecom giants have abandoned their expensive effort to grease the Washington skids to try to win official approval of their plan to combine forces, Comcast may be compelled to take a long, hard look at the viability of the far-left news net that viewers are abandoning in droves.

Politico reports that Time Warner Cable and Comcast — which not long ago bought a controlling interest in NBCUniversal from General Electric — pumped tens of millions of dollars, reportedly more than $32 million, into lobbying firms and other means of regulatory influence to persuade the powers that be to bless the $45 billion merger. It was, as Politico notes, a strategy that had worked in the past.

“Comcast and its Washington chief, David Cohen, followed the company’s tried-and-true playbook, hoping free-flowing campaign donations and a ground assault could quiet congressional critics and win over the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department — much as it had in 2011, when it bought NBCUniversal. Instead, opponents are hailing Comcast’s failed strategy as a welcome sign that money can’t buy everything in Washington.”

Regarding that Comcast acquisition of control in NBCUniversal, Western Journalism published a post in December of last year detailing how Al Sharpton got his show on MSNBC after he helped to promote the deal among his political connections, including some in the White House. With virtually no professional TV broadcast experience, but with links to power and a no-holds-barred loyalty to Barack Obama and the Democrats, Sharpton was chosen to anchor Politics Nation. And despite a string of goofs and gaffes and controversies over his outside activism, Reverend Al survives in the anchor chair.

Now Politics Nation, as well as most other shows on the down-trending cable news network, could be facing a very uncertain future, given that Comcast’s political clout in Washington seems to be diminished. This harsh new reality leads one to reasonably wonder whether the company will decide that its political programming is less meaningful to DC movers and shakers and thus less valuable to the corporation.

In addition to the significant sagging in political relevance for its MSNBC unit, Comcast must also re-focus on the ratings disaster that continues to befall the network’s show lineup. In the coveted 25-54 audience demographic, Politics Nation, on a recent night typical of long-term trends, was very badly beaten in its time slot by both CNN and Fox News, which regularly trounces MSNBC overall.

Mediaite notes that one of the network’s weakest programs, All In with Chris Hayes, “was the lowest-rated show across all of cable news in primetime Wednesday night,” with only 77,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Commenting on the collapse of the long-sought merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement on Friday: “Today, we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn’t agree, we could walk away.”

The question now concerning MSNBC’s future is whether Comcast will “walk away” from the floundering network and, like it just did with the merger, pull the plug on an operation that has long been on life support.

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WATCH: What Ben Carson Just Said About Al Sharpton Could Create HUGE Shock Waves

“Dr. Carson, I think you just sent a shiver down the spine of a lot of Republican voters out there….” That was Megyn Kelly’s introduction to an interview with Ben Carson, a potential GOP candidate for president in 2016.

The host of Fox News’ The Kelly File was referring to Carson’s article in National Review explaining his recent speech to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The retired neurosurgeon who has gained quite a following among conservatives said that he and Sharpton share the same goal for America.

In his interview with Kelly, Dr. Carson explained what he meant, but it was an explanation that might not sit well with those who suspect that Carson could be naive in believing Al Sharpton actually wants for the country what he claims.

Ben Carson has said that he will announce on May 4th in his home town of Detroit his decision about running for the GOP presidential nomination. You can watch the Carson segment on The Kelly File by clicking on the video above.


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Young Phenom Who Tore Obama To Shreds Is Back For Al Sharpton

CJ Pearson

Western Journalism back in February showed you the outspoken 12-year-old CJ Pearson becoming an overnight YouTube sensation by backing and doubling down on Rudy Giuliani’s claim that Obama doesn’t love America.

Well, the young phenom is back; and this time, he has his eyes set on Al Sharpton.

Much like what he did with President Obama, Pearson lights into the “race-baiting” ‘reverend’ and is fed up with Sharpton being the supposed voice for his community.

The young man hits Sharpton hard for two minutes, then finishes him off by calling him a “waste of human flesh.”

h/t: Allen West Republic

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