Most-Wanted Terrorist Emerges From Shadows To Issue Chilling Threat To America

In a new video, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Khalid Batarfi called for more lone wolf attacks on America and glorified the attacks in Tennessee and Texas as part of the overall jihadist offensive against the United States.

He praised the July attack in Chattanooga, Tenn., in which a gunman killed five American servicemen at a military installation. He called for blessings upon Mohammad Abdulazeez, who “penetrated the base killing and injuring American marines in a blessed Jihadi operation.”

The gunman who sought to attack a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, in May was also praised as part of the exhortations supporting more such attacks:

And our words cannot give justice to their sacrifice and heroism, of which the later (operations), was the killing of many among those who insult Islam and the honorable Prophet. In … the targeting of an offensive drawings exhibition in Texas, supported and protected by the American government. By the Grace of Allah, lone jihad (has) proven to be and always will prove to be a strategic weapon successfully hitting and penetrating the enemy’s fort.

In the video, Batarfi condemned “America, France, and other kufr [disbeliever] nations” that “assist and make legislations to protect those who abuse Islam and the Prophets.” To that point he stressed, “And as you put limits to freedom of expression and punish whomever goes against them, it is upon us to punish whoever transgresses out boundaries and sanctities.”

Batarfi urged lone wolf attackers to refer to AQAP’s English magazine, Inspire, for help with planning and preparation.

“In terms of proximate threat, I would view … AQAP — even though they’re kind of consumed right now with what’s going on in Yemen with the Houthis — as probably our most concerning al Qaeda element in terms of threat to the homeland,” James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, recently told a conference in Aspen, Colo.

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Obama Assisting al-Qaeda In Saudi Arabia’s War Against Shia Islam

President Barack Obama still continues to assist Islamic Sunni fighters including al-Qaeda, and the Republicans in Congress still support him. When does this stupidity end?

On Sunday, June 7, 2015, under the direction of President Obama, air strikes were conducted by Air Force and Navy attack aircraft in support of al-Qaeda.

U.S.-led coalition airplanes carried out four airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIL) in the town of Suran in the Aleppo province during a battle between the Islamic State and the Islamist coalition led by Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra.

The Islamic State had seized control of Suran the prior week and has since been fighting an alliance of Islamist rebels, including Al Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front and the Ahrar al-Sham movement in the surrounding area.

The previous month, Obama ordered air strikes against both Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham. The last Obama-ordered strike against the al-Qaeda affiliate was on May 20th, near Aleppo
province in Syria, in which 15 Al-Nusra fighters were killed.

In May, our tax dollars were used to bomb al-Nusra; and in June, our tax dollars were used to bomb the Islamic State and help al-Nusra take a town. All of the fighters involved are Sunni.

Summing up in a paragraph: Three to four years ago, the United States helped to arm the al-Qaeda offshoot which became the Islamic State (ISIL) with the idea that it was more “moderate” than Jabhat al-Nusra–which is part of al-Qaeda. Then the United States armed Sunni fighters such as the Hazzm Movement, associated with the Free Syrian Army, to fight al-Nusra and the Islamic State. But the Hazzm Brigade joined with al-Nusra in January 2015. Obama then ordered the bombing of al-Nusra along with the Hazzm Brigade, which we had armed and trained. Then this month, we bombed the ISIL during a battle to help al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda affiliated groups, including the Hazzm Brigade.

If you understand the paragraph above, congratulations–because I wrote it, and I don’t even understand it. No one can understand the so-called strategy of President Barack Obama in Syria. What is even more mind-boggling is that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want President Obama to do more of whatever it is he is doing.

President Obama and a majority of Republican Senators want to somehow defeat the secular government of Syria dominated by Shiites and disband that nation’s army, just as was done in Iraq. At the same time, they want to defeat the Islamic State, as well as all al-Qaeda-associated groups including al-Nusra. After all these groups are defeated, including the ones we armed and trained in the past, the final goal is to establish a “democracy” in Syria. That really worked well for us in Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, didn’t it?

What is the result of the plans advocated by Barack Obama, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham? Their plans are destroying the churches founded by the Apostles including Peter, Paul, and John. Hundreds of thousands of Christians driven from their homes. Thousands of Christian men murdered. Thousands of Christian women and young girls forced into Islamic marriages. Married Christian women having been used as sex slaves passed from one Sunni fighter to the next. That, and millions of both Christian and Muslim refugees starving in UN camps.

Reality check: The Islamic fighters whom we are arming, training, and paying a monthly salary hate every aspect of America’s secular society.

Yet, President Obama and his pals in the Senate, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have the absurd belief that Sunni Muslim fighters they arm and train are actually going to carry out the will of a gay-loving, dope-smoking, alcohol-consuming, over-eating, feminist-dominated secular nation such as the United States, which they view as the great Satan!

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Exclusive Report From Israel’s New Front In Syria: ‘The Border Of The Islamic State Is Not In Syria And Iraq’

Katzrin is a town in the Israeli Golan Heights some 20 miles from the border with Syria. When I passed the town on my way to the border, I noticed unusual IDF activity in the fields in the vicinity of Katzrin.

israel front

Many tanks and armored vehicles were lined up on the outskirts of a temporary army base. IDF Humvees stood next to the private cars of reserve soldiers who were taking part in an exercise.

Ten miles east of Katzrin, close to Syria, I saw more temporary army bases. Merkava tanks and huge IDF bulldozers were visible from the road to Kuneitra.


I was approaching the border. At the Kuneitra viewpoint I noticed black flags on top of buildings on the Syrian side of the border. This was a clear sign that Jabhat al-Nusra is now in control of the Kuneitra area. The abandoned United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) buildings on the Syrian side of the border are also in the hands of the al-Qaeda affiliate. The staff of the UNDOF has been relocated to a camp in the Israeli Golan Heights and elsewhere in the north of Israel.

The ‘peace’ that existed on the Israeli-Syrian border for almost 40 years is gone. In the distance I heard explosions now and then. The fighting in the area next to the border has become somewhat subdued since al-Nusra and the Western-backed Free Syrian Army drove out Assad’s army last month.

Most of the fighting today takes place in the Daraa Province and Suwayda, the area where most of Syria’s Druze live. Just today Syrian helicopters dropped barrel bombs on several towns in Daraa. Regime forces also fired missiles on the town of Eastern al-Kark, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In Suwayda province, a fierce battle is taking place in the area of the vital al-Tha’ala airbase. The Syrian Observatory reported that eight fighters of the Islamist coalition led by al-Nusra were killed today; but in Kuneitra everything seemed quiet for the time being.

Several people in the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Israeli Golan Heights told me the quiet is partly because Israel is in contact with al-Nusra. They said Israel has warned the al-Qaeda branch not to attack the Syrian Druze town of Khader opposite Magdal Shams on the Golan Heights.

I drove to Lake Ram, close to Mount Hermon, where I met Hassan Safadi, a Druze resident of Magdal Shams who is well-informed about the situation in the Syrian Golan Heights. Safadi told me that the Druze in the villages in the Israeli Golan Heights are very suspicious of Israel, but now they have no other choice than to cooperate. Druze leaders have asked Israel to open the border in case the Islamic State launches its anticipated attack on the Druze villages and towns in Suwayda and the Kuneitra area. Safadi said he would prefer that the Druze stay in Suwayda and receive arms and other forms of help.

Safadi also told me that the Druze in Suwayda have established a new militia called Shiugh al Karama (Sheiks of Dignity) and that Israeli Druze and the Druze in the Golan Heights have raised $10 million over the last week to enable weapon purchases for the Druze in Suwayda and Kuneitra. He also reported that 35,000 young Druze in Syria have refused to serve in Assad’s army and now want to fight for the newly established Druze militia.

Druze journalist Hamad Awidat of Majdal Shams reported during the same meeting in a restaurant at Lake Ram that the militia already has 50,000 fighters and that the Druze in Suwayda will launch a preemptive attack on the Islamic State “in the coming days.” He even said that the Druze in Syria, Israel, and Lebanon are able to mobilize a force of 200,000 men to fight against the Islamic State.

Awidat, who works for the Iranian outlet Fars News, told me that the Islamic State is less than two miles away from the border with Israel. Western Journalism was not able to verify Awidat’s report.

Druze IDF Brigadier General Ma’da Hasbani refused to confirm or deny the report in a telephone conversation with Western Journalism yesterday.

Hasbani said that “Israel is not part of the conflict in Syria and should not be part of it. Druze are able and capable of defending themselves. In history Druze were known as good fighters and they are able to defend themselves.”

He also said the Druze will not leave Syria: “They will stay in Jabal al-Arab because a Druze knows that they are the protector of the land and they will not abandon it.” Hasbani also refused to comment on reports that Israel is planning to create a humanitarian buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border in Kuneitra.

Earlier, Druze Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs Ayoub Kara told the Hebrew news site NRG that Israel is carrying out certain “secret efforts to protect the Druze community in Syria.” Kara refused to say more about the matter at the time. “It is forbidden for us to talk about these matters, we are doing everything to help,” he told NRG.

During a meeting at Elyakim Junction, close to the Israeli Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel, yesterday, Kara seemed to backtrack on his statement to NRG. He told me he does not want Israel to support the Druze in Syria. “They are strong enough,” he said.

He repeated what Hasbani had told me and said, “Israel is not part in this conflict.”

During the same meeting, Kara warned that “the world must understand that the border of the Islamic State is not in Syria and Iraq.”

“They will move to Europe and the United States, so it is in the interest of the whole world to help the Druze and the Kurds in their fight against ISIS,” Kara added.

“Israel is the front of the free world in the war with ISIS. The world must understand that the border is not here. If they fail to understand this it will end as the Third World War,” Kara told me

Today the Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Eizenkot told the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee that the IDF will not sit on its hands in the Golan Heights and “will act to prevent a massive influx of refugees but will also take humanitarian action to prevent a slaughter of the fleeing refugees.”


Next report: The world upside down in the Druze town of Majdal Shams on the Israeli Golan Heights

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BOOM: What The U.S Military Just Did To Al Qaeda Puts A MAJOR Dent In Their Operations

On Saturday, two F-15 fighter jets deployed several 500-pound bombs on a specific target in Ajdabiya, an eastern town in Libya.

The U.S. military, working with Libyan officials, was targeting a terrorist leader, Mokhtar Belmokhtar. Libya gave the U.S. military permission to take action after consulting with the Libyan government to ensure that the intelligence was accurate. A government official in Libya stated that the airstrike was authorized and came after several attacks on the country’s citizens by the group that was headed by Belmokhtar. One of the attacks by the terrorist group targeted a hospital.

Belmokhtar was charged by the U.S. with conspiring to support al-Qaeda and for the use of a weapon of mass destruction. He was also charged with conspiracy to take hostages as well as discharging a firearm. Official terrorism charges were filed in 2013.

It was believed that Belmokhtar had connections to the Algerian attack on a gas plant that claimed the lives of 35 hostages, including three Americans.

The airstrike on Saturday comes on the heels of a declaration of holy war last week. The Islamic government of Libya praised its victory over the al-Qaeda extremist group when one of the group’s leaders was shot and killed by a masked gunman.

Authorities offered a $5 million reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of the terrorist leader. Belmokhtar also went by the name of “the one-eyed sheik.” He originally belonged to the Islamic Maghreb, a North African organization that fell under the umbrella of al-Qaeda. He left them and started his own al-Qaeda group.

While the U.S. military and Libyan officials are still reviewing the evidence, the military is confident that the strike was successful.

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Syrian Druze Fear For Their Lives After Al Qaeda Branch Massacres 20 Of Their Brethren

Western Journalism is reporting directly from the Israeli-Syrian border where Al Qaeda branch Jabhat al-Nusra controls most of the area. The Islamic State has announced that it will conquer the area soon and has already attacked the Druze living in the Suwayda Mountains close to the Israeli border.

This first report deals with the situation of the Druze community in Syria after Al Qaeda murdered twenty Druze in Northern Syria last week.

Last Wednesday, Jabhat al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda branch in Syria, shot and killed twenty Druze citizens in the village of Qalb Loze in the northern Idlib Province. The massacre raised fears in the Druze community that Islamist rebel groups such as al-Nusra and the Islamic State are gearing up for the annihilation of their (non-Muslim) community.

Al-Nusra killed the Druze after one of their fighters was killed in a shoot-out when the group tried to confiscate a house in the Druze village. Members of Jabhat al-Nusra had first killed the Druze tenant of the house who, they said, was collaborating with Assad’s forces. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that among the 20 Druze who were shot after the incident, there were elderly people and at least one child. Al-Nusra later issued a statement in which it showed remorse over the killings and announced that the perpetrators of the massacre would have to stand trial before an Islamic court.

Until recently, the Druze minority have succeeded in remaining neutral in the Syrian civil war by keeping a low profile. But after the Islamic State started to make inroads into the southern Suwayda Province and seemed to be preparing for a major assault on Druze villages in the Suwayda Mountains, the Druze started to mobilize.

They know what the Islamic State did to the Assyrian and Iraqi Christians and to the Yazidi community in Iraq, and they fear they will be next in line.

Druze are not Muslims; they have their own faith which has its origins in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and has elements of Buddhism and Hinduism. They have lived in mountainous areas in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel for almost a thousand years and enjoyed relative autonomy in Mount Lebanon during the Ottoman era.

In March, they called upon Syrian President Assad to provide them with weapons and ammunition but to no avail. When the Syrian army started to make preparations to abandon their positions in Suwayda last week, young Druze men stopped an army convoy and tried to confiscate missiles and tanks.

Druze men no longer want to serve in the Syrian army and are reportedly pressing the Druze leaders to form a militia that will be able to defend the Suwayda region against al-Nusra and Islamic State. There are also reports that Druze men deserted from Assad’s army after they learned they would not be deployed in the Suwayda region, but elsewhere in Syria.

Syrian Druze leaders called upon the United States to bomb Islamic State positions in the area and to provide air support in case they have to repel an attack by the Islamist rebel groups.

Druze leaders in Israel called upon the government in Jerusalem to open the border for refugees and to provide aid to the Druze in Syria.

Ha’aretz reported on Sunday that Israel had asked the U.S. to increase aid to the Druze in Syria. The request was made to Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey when he visited Israel last week.

On Sunday afternoon, Ynet reported that Israel is planning to create a buffer zone on the Syrian Golan Heights for Druze refugees in case Islamic State and other Islamist rebel groups conquer the Jabal al-Druze region in the Suweida Province and the Druze town of Khader close to the Israeli border. The report was later erased, probably by order of the military censor in Israel.

Israeli Druze leader Sheikh Moafaq Tarif also asked the U.S. to help the Druze community in Syria. “If the Druze do not live in peace in Syria, those who hurt them will also not live in peace,” Tarif said.

On Saturday, thousands of Israeli Druze took to the streets to demand that Israel and the international community intervene and save the Syrian Druze community from a massacre by the Islamic State.

A resident of the Druze village of Masada on the Israeli Golan Heights told Ynet: “I have family and friends who I’m very worried about and I try to help them in any way I can, I hope that the State of Israel will help them and let them come to Masada. We are all ready to take them into our homes.”

Israeli Druze have always been loyal to the Jewish State, and most of them (82%) serve in the IDF.  The IDF recently decided to disband the Druze Herev Battillion because Druze soldiers want to serve with Jewish soldiers in regular field units.

Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt tried to calm the Druze community in Syria and said the attack in Qaldb Loze was an “individual” incident. Jumblatt also said that the Druze did not need assistance from Israel or from Assad’s army. “Both sides are talking in a sectarian tone, which aims to perpetuate sectarianism and divide the country,”Jumblatt said during a press conference in Beirut.

Wiam Wahhab, another Lebanese Druze politician, seemed less sure that the killings in Qalbd Lose were an isolated incident. Wahhab, who has close ties to the Assad regime, urged all Druze to help their Syrian brethren with money, weapons, and volunteers.

Meanwhile, the news site Syria Direct cited an anonymous resident of Jabal al-Druze who reported that the Druze in the Suwayda mountains have a “high morale and have announced their readiness to fight.”

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