Another Domino Falls In The Middle East–And Iran Grows Stronger


While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is coming to Washington to speak to the U.S. Congress on the Iranian threat, the Obama administration continues to essentially allow Iran to go nuclear and cement its hold across much of the Middle East. This past week, we have heard the news that the pro-American government in Yemen, with whom we had extensive counter-terror cooperation militarily, has fallen. A Shiite group with ties to, you guessed it, Iran, has taken control of the capital.

The terrorists who conducted the Paris attacks recently against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were trained and financed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.  The administration considers the Sunni AQAP, Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, to be one of the most dangerous threats to the security of the United States.

In an even more bizarre twist, the adminstration has signaled that they want to work with the new Shiite-based movement in Yemen against AQAP, a common enemy.  The Washington Post reported: “In a measure of U.S. concern over the crisis, officials also signaled for the first time a willingness to open talks with Houthi leaders, despite their suspected ties to Iran and antipathy toward the United States.”

WND reports: “The prospect of further U.S. cooperation – even behind the scenes – with the Houthis also may be emerging given the increasing effort by the U.S. to reach an accommodation with Iran on its nuclear program.”

So there we have it. In spite of Obama’s assurances in the state of the union address that we were decimating Al Qaeda, it turns out that AQAP is still very dangerous and the threat is growing. We also now know that in its desperation to get a deal with Iran, Obama wants to team up with Shiite Muslim groups from Iran that just overthrew a key U.S. ally in the fight against terrorism, or the War on Terror, or whatever you want to call it. (Obama certainly won’t call it that.)

I hope we can survive the next two years of this man’s presidency.  

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New Saudi King Appoints Successor

Photo credit: Presidency Maldives (Flickr)

Saudi Arabia’s newly minted monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, took steps right away to appoint a new successor.

Salman’s half-brother, King Abdullah, died Friday after nearly two decades in power, though he had only been king since 2005. Abdullah was buried Friday in an unmarked grave after afternoon prayers. The burial was attended by influential Muslim clerics, Saudi princes, and Arab businessmen, The Guardian noted.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the new king appointed his nephew, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, deputy crown prince. Bin Nayef will ascend to the throne after Salman’s immediate successor, Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. The Guardian pointed out that Salman and Muqrin are sons of Abdulaziz Bin Saud, who founded the Sunni kingdom in the 1920s.  

“We will continue adhering to the correct policies which Saudi Arabia has followed since its establishment,” the new Saudi king told a national audience.  

As The Journal noted, the 55 year-old bin Nayef, appointed Saudi Arabia’s interior minister in 2012, has been praised for leading the charge in eliminating al-Qaeda operatives from the Sunni led nation. Several pundits who observe the nation are hailing the royal decree by King Salman:

Salman, before assuming the throne, was defense minister. He gave that position to his son, Mohammed bin Salman.

h/t: The Guardian

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

WATCH: What The Man Who Killed Bin Laden Just Said About NCIS Probe Of Him May Surprise You

O'Neill Osama

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill went public in November of last year with his account of the 2011 raid that ended in the death of Osama bin Laden and how he, O’Neill, killed the world’s most wanted man with three shots to the face.

Then, just before Christmas 2014, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) announced that it had opened a probe into whether O’Neill may have leaked official secrets — classified information — in telling his story.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Monday night, Rob O’Neill spoke out about the investigation. One surprising thing the former SEAL revealed was that he had not yet been contacted by NCIS.

You can watch the “Hannity” segment to see what else Rob O’Neill revealed to Sean by clicking on the video above.


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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Video: Obama’s Secret Deal To Betray The US

The Obama Administration has sent Iranian/US national Valerie Jarrett to the Middle East, with the stated aim (once they got caught) of “negotiating” with the Iranians at CENTCOM Headquarters in Doha Qatar. But in reality, Jarrett has been conspiring with the Iranian mullahs to destroy the United States in any war between Israel, Syria, and/or Iran.

Former CIA spy Reza Kahlili, who spent years undercover inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp, says that the Iranians already have “Super EMP” weapons purchased from the North Koreans as well as warheads that the Iranians purchased on the black market from the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan.

Kahlili and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry of the Congressional EMP Commission have testified before Congress that an EMP attack launched on the United States with just two nuclear weapons detonated high in the atmosphere would send the country back to the 1800′s in an instant, without the infrastructure to support 311 million people. According to their testimony, up to 90% of the population of the United States would die within the first year.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, I continue my conversation with my fellow talk show host and fellow Marine Pete Santilli as we discuss the implications of this coming war. Most importantly, massive civil unrest will result as soon as the grocery store shelves are bare, medicines and medical care are nonexistent, and the water stops flowing to the taps; this is the very reason the the Department of Homeland Security has purchased nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition in the past 9 months.

We also discuss the threats being made against me, my children, and my wife – who was threatened with rape – and the refusal of the local television station, WBKB TV-11, to cover that story or anything to do with pro 2nd Amendment protests in Michigan. The station is absolutely refusing to air anything that might cast Obama or his anti-gun agenda in a bad light, and we take them to task for their blatant Progressive bias.

TTiV Forum thread documenting the threats in the video

WBKB PHONE: (989) 356-3434

God bless and Semper Fi,



Obama Says Libya is Not War, It’s “Noise”

Jim Emerson,

When asked about his personal war against Libya and criticism about ignoring congress in a blatant disregard of the War Powers Act the President brushed both aside as just “noise”. Obama has no intention to seek congressional approval as required by law. The President wants Americans to ignore the fact that the incursion into Libya was supposed to be a US Lead effort to establish a UN mandated “No Fly Zone” and no more.

He wants us to overlook the fact that this “kinetic military exercise” which started as a NATO air operations is now an overt effort to assassinate Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi.

Congress Strikes Back

In an effort to justify the president’s contempt for the law, legal adviser to the State Department Harold Koh stated “From the outset, we noted that the situation in Libya does not constitute a war”. Outraged, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) shot back, “When you have an operation that goes on for months, costs billions of dollars, where the United States is providing two-thirds of the troops, even under the NATO fig leaf, where they’re dropping bombs that are killing people, where you’re paying your troops offshore combat pay and there are areas of prospective escalation — something I’ve been trying to get a clear answer from with this administration for several weeks now, and that is the possibility of a ground presence in some form or another, once the Qaddafi regime expires — I would say that’s hostilities.”

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) accused the White House of “sticking a stick in the eye of Congress,” saying it had done “a great disservice to our country.”

On the other hand, Senators John Kerry ( D. Mass.) and John McCain (R. Az.) have passed a resolution supporting the president’s action while asking the House and fellow senators to forget how president Obama didn’t obey….

Read more.