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Obama: Leaked Afghanistan Military Papers “No Big Deal”

Ben Chapman, Floyd Reports Staff Writer

The news of the leak of over 75,000 secret military documents seems to be no big deal to Obama. After all, it’s only the largest leak since the Pentagon Papers about Vietnam and is likely to greatly endanger our Afghan allies’ lives.

I know I’d like to think our leaders in the White House are kidding, and the joke is going to get funny soon. Try again, because no one is laughing.

According to Colonial David Lapan, “the documents are at the ‘secret’ level; that’s not a very high level of classification.” If something isn’t confidential to begin with, how can it be “leaked”? Thank you Col. Lapan for your idiotic comments.

Also quick to the defense of our bumbling administration was Senator John Kerry, who wanted to quell our fears and make sure we don’t “overhype or get excessively excited about the meaning of these documents.”

What does the military, or voice of reason, say about all this? Admiral Mike Mullen, the top ranking U.S. military officer, said he was “appalled” by the leak of information.

The liberal democrats say it’s no big deal that these secret (apparently un-important) documents were leaked, yet the highest ranking U.S. military officer is “appalled.” I think it wise to side with the one who has a clue about military matters!

This latest gaff by the Obamites is another great example of their ineptness.

How does an administration that cannot keep secret documents under wraps expect to do a good job controlling and distributing healthcare to 300 million people?

There are only 500,000 people on the TSA’s “no-fly list,” yet Abdul Farouk Abdul-Mutallab (the December Detroit bomber) waltzed on the plane like the list was there just for fun.

Obama and your fellow idiots: get a grip on reality and the state of this country, before we have another terrorist attack, more important leaked military documents, or your impeachment!

Come to think of it, that last option sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?