How To Battle Those Anti-Christian ‘Stink Bugs’ At Graduation

Graduation season is upon us. Be it middle school, high school, college, or graduate school, now is a time of joy and celebration for millions. From coast to coast, graduates, faculty, family, and friends are gathering, or soon will, to celebrate academic achievement and years of scholastic seed-sowing. It’s a time of reflection and hopeful anticipation as those who have earned the distinction “alumni” prepare to reap hard work’s harvest and traverse the winding path ahead.

I love the graduation ceremony. As a law school educator, I’m re-charged each year by the electric expectation that hangs in the air. It clings, like so much static, to baggy gowns and dangling tassels as young and old laugh, cry, hug, and high-five. For some, the job hunt now begins. For others, it’s on to the next level of learning.

Graduation time is also a time for thankfulness. With plenty to go round, grateful grads bathe in appreciation, and deservedly so, parents, family, faculty, and staff for the sacrifices of time, energy, and financial resources so that they might reach this important milestone.

Still, for many, there is one person above all to thank. He is Christ Jesus, God incarnate and Savior of the world. As it was with me, without Him, they would not have made it.

And so thank Him they do.

Yet as surely as the stink bug infests Virginia in May, spring brings with it a swarm of secularist bullies in the public schools. At once agitated and aided by left-wing extremist groups like the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Americans United, and People for the American Way, these anti-Christian segregationists seek to remove God from graduation altogether and intimidate His faithful into silence.

But try as they may, and succeed briefly they oft do, this annual campaign of religious cleansing is frequently stopped dead in its tracks when Liberty Counsel, one of the nation’s fastest-growing civil rights law firms, shows up with a colossal can of constitutional RAID. This band of Christ-serving attorneys works day and night to ensure that prayer and religious viewpoints are not suppressed during public school ceremonies.

To that end, Liberty Counsel is now launching its thirteenth annual “Friend or Foe” Graduation Prayer Campaign. The campaign serves to protect religious viewpoints at graduation and, from a legal standpoint, educate the educators as to what they can and cannot, must and must not do.

In a precedent-setting case against the ACLU that went all the way to the Supreme Court, Adler v. Duval County School Board, Liberty Counsel defended the right of students to pray or give religious messages at graduation. The case established the legal principle that public schools are free to adopt a policy that permits students or other speakers to present either secular or religious messages, including prayer, at commencement ceremonies.

“Despite what the secularists want you to believe, students do not lose their constitutional right to free speech when they step to the podium at graduation,” observes Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “To allow a variety of viewpoints except religious viewpoints at graduation is religious hostility and unconstitutional. While schools should not force people to pray, neither should schools prohibit them from praying. If they do, Liberty Counsel will act quickly and decisively to defend the students.” (Liberty Counsel has published a free legal memo on graduation prayer. Make sure your school administrators, faculty, and staff get a copy.)

What this means is that in every public school across America – from grammar school through post-graduate – student speakers have an absolute constitutional right to pray and/or share their faith from the podium, whether such sentiments are written in prepared remarks, or uttered ex improviso. This includes leading others who may wish to participate in prayer.

And those who don’t?

Well, don’t.

So, if any administrator attempts to censor a student speaker’s remarks by redacting references to God, Jesus, faith, or religion, or by otherwise prohibiting student-led prayer, then that administrator is in violation of the law. He or she, whether deliberately or otherwise, has trampled the First Amendment.

It happens every year. School officials hostile to religion, most especially the Christian religion, begin spouting the mythological “separation of church and state” talking points spoon-fed them by the aforementioned secularist organizations. This disinformation campaign has had tremendous success over the years, and so we must set the record straight.

That’s what Liberty Counsel is doing.

If you know of any graduate being told not to pray, not to lead his or her fellow public school graduates in prayer, or otherwise being told not to share his or her faith from the podium (assuming that graduate has earned a role as a student speaker), then please call Liberty Counsel at 1-800-671-1776 or email them at to file a report.

Let’s give these anti-Christian stink bugs a mouthful of constitutional bug spray.

And, graduates, congratulations. We’re proud of you.

And so is your Lord.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might …” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

“Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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School Suspends Students After They Go After Some Wearing Chick-fil-A Shirts On LGBT Day

A Pennsylvania high school suspended multiple students for taking to social media during school hours to attack two from the school who wore Chick-fil-A shirts on LGBT awareness day.

Last week, the Bangor High School Gay Straight Alliance Club encouraged students to wear different-color shirts each day to show their support for issues such as teen suicide and disabilities.

On Friday, the club asked students to wear rainbow colors to show their support for LGBT issues. During the school’s televised morning announcements, two boys chose to wear Chick-fil-A t-shirts, which did not sit well with some of the students, including Erin Snyder, 18, and Jeff Vanderpool, 16.

Responding to a tweet in support of the students in the Chick-fil-A shirts that read, “You’re expressing your feelings … Why can’t he?,” Snyder replied, “Being an offensive [expletive] is not expressing your feelings.”

Vanderpool tweeted, “Shout-out to the [expletive] in the Chik-fil-A shirts.”

“I wouldn’t be upset if they did it on a different day, but it was a day to not discriminate against LGBT students, and that’s what they were trying to do,” Vanderpool told the Morning Call.

Chick-fil-A made headlines in 2012 when its president and CEO, Dan Cathy, voiced his support for traditional marriage. Many LGBT supporters called for a boycott of the restaurant, while others responded by having a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, creating a record-setting day for the fast food chain.

Snyder told the Morning Call that about 15 students were suspended for using Twitter during school hours. Students are permitted to bring phones and other electronic devices to school, but they must be turned off during school hours.

Mary Catherine Roper, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, called the punishment “pretty harsh.” Her organization is investigating the incident for a possible violation of the students’ free speech rights. As reported by the Morning Call:

If officials objected to the content of the tweets sent during school because they contained explicitly profane or sexually graphic language, that’s within the school’s power. If officials objected to the tweets because they were touching on sexual topics, that’s not OK because students were discussing a political issue.

h/t: The Blaze

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ACLU: Baltimore The Beginning of ‘Black Spring’

As Baltimore returns to calm after last week’s riots, the American Civil Liberties Union apparently wants to keep the embers of protest alive.

The organization tweeted on Friday “#BlackSpring has begun. Protesters, #knowyourrights.” Included in the image of the tweet is a website explaining their right to protest.

ACLU Black SpringGoing to the site, one finds the ACLU’s explanation of the right to protest:

The right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is critical to a functioning democracy. But it is also unfortunately true that governments and police can violate this right – through the use of mass arrests, illegal use of force, criminalization of protest, and other means intended to thwart free public expression.

Thousands of protesters exercised that right Saturday for what organizers called a “victory rally,” during which they chanted, “No justice, no peace.”

President of the NAACP and former Congressman Kweisi Mfume said regarding the protests:

This current generation has realized that it has to shape its destiny and not wait for it to be shaped. I think now they’re starting to come to grips with the enormity of this and what they have caused to take place nationwide, and are embracing the fact that perhaps, this is our civil rights movement.

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, 35, echoed that sentiment when announcing the charges against six Baltimore police officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest. She said to the youth of the city, “This is a moment. This is your moment.…You’re at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our time is now.”

The ACLU’s use of the words “Black Spring” regarding the protests is a clear reference to the Arab Spring earlier in the decade, which, at best, has had mixed results. The BBC points out that some of the fallout of the movement, driven largely by Arab youth, has led to an increase in sectarian (Sunni vs. Shia) violence. Also, Iran has become the dominant power in the region, and women’s rights have been trampled on in many instances. Though the jury is still out, Tunisia and Egypt seem to be on a more hopeful path recently.

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Guess Who Wants You To Pay For Abortions For Obama’s Illegals?

The anti-American loonies in the American Civil Liberties Union want us to pay for abortions for illegal aliens. In the contorted minds that make up the ACLU, since they allege that 60 to 80% of the females who sneak into our country are sexually assaulted, we the American taxpayers are somehow liable to pay to kill the children that result from these rapes.

Naturally, these lowlife leftists are not in favor of the obvious answer to the problem they allege, which is to tighten up the borders so these “victims” can’t come into our “terrible country.”

The ACLU’s “better” idea is to force religious organizations like Catholic Charities to pay for the murder of these innocent infants so their “victim” mothers don’t have to be burdened with unwanted children in their new life as a Democrat voter and parasite living off of taxpayers. As they see it, religious organizations would then not be able to “impose their religious beliefs on these teens by denying them access to contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion.”

For the ACLU, this serves at least two important purposes. Not only does it fill the illegal aliens’ goodie bags; it also puts religious organizations (deeply hated by the ACLU) in their place, humiliating them by forcing them to violate their beliefs. And to add even more insult to injury, the ACLU wants us to buy contraceptives for these female burglars–which they will hand out presumably during their registration as new Democrats.

This bunch has already scored a big victory at our expense because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement is readying a ruling “that will force American religious relief agencies to provide abortions and contraception services to the illegal immigrants those groups serve.”

Unfortunately, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has responded with a typically weak and almost apologetic comment; demands that it distribute contraceptives and pay for abortions “create moral concerns.”

The irony here is that female illegals seeking to kill their children are actually acting in an atypical manner. It doesn’t take these invaders long to understand that the more children they have, the more money they can steal from us. Moreover, at least some are Catholics who would be repulsed by Catholic organizations handing out contraceptives and killing babies; but none of that matters to the ACLU – it never does.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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ACLU Threatens School District After Principal Acknowledges Student Prayer Group

As Christians continue to bemoan the ostensible attacks of leftist activists in the U.S., groups like the American Civil Liberties Union keep providing grist for their mill. Former U.S. Rep. Allen West recently shared one such story, brought to his attention by an email from an outraged mother.

“I wanted to get in contact with you because this week my son’s school principal came under attack by the ACLU,” she wrote. “A parent (who is not affiliated with the school) contacted the ACLU because they heard our principal was praying for the kids.”

The leftist legal group did in fact send a complaint to the superintendent of the Louisiana school district, asserting Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School Principal Albert Hardison “has engaged in a pattern of religious proselytization by sending message to parents invoking prayer, and through a lengthy ‘Principal’s Message’ on the school’s website.”

In the offending message, Hardison cited the importance of “the blessings of God, the love of our family, and the knowledge imparted by our teachers” as pursuits more important than money.

“Yep,” West wrote in response to the passages cited in the ACLU complaint, “them’s fightin’ words if you ask me, and must never be uttered in public lest they violate the legal rights of all.”

His facetious opposition was echoed in earnest by Marjorie Esman, executive director of ACLU’s Louisiana chapter.

“This letter is to inform you that these messages violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and comparable provisions of the Louisiana Constitution,” she wrote, “and they must stop immediately.”

Do you believe any mention of God within a public school setting violates the First Amendment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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