Rep. Steve King: Pray For A President To Restore The Soul Of America

At the Susan B. Anthony List Campaign for Life Summit in Washington, D.C., last week, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, finished his speech by asking the audience to pray with him.

King’s speech centered around the notion that pro-life Republicans were gaining the upper hand against pro-choice politicians in Washington.

“You’re watching America be deconstructed from the White House,” King said. “A man who is taking on the pillars of American exceptionalism with a procedural jackhammer, over and over again.  And the American – young people especially – are not learning the things they need to learn at the age that they are.”

“We need to put that all back together. And how’s that going to happen?” King asked. “Well I think that right person is out there, but I’m going to ask you to do as I do; put up a regular prayer that God raises up a president whom He will use to restore the soul of America.”

h/t: CNS News

Has Obama destroyed America? Will you also pray for a God-fearing president in 2016? Let us know what you think.

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Watch: Here’s An Actual Ad For A New DC ‘Abortion Spa’

Okay. Firstly, yes this is a real ad. No, it’s not from SNL or Comedy Central. At first, I thought that it was a joke. I mean, it had to be. Until I went to the Carafem website and saw that they were genuinely presenting an abortion procedure to be as relaxed as a day at the spa. Watch the video for context first.

See, this is how society circles the drain. I predicted this exactly 6 years ago. Liberals understand how to subvert culture. This commercial is so flippant, so coarse, that people may just be fooled into thinking that abortion is actually, completely normal. In one of my first videos ever, I addressed the abortion lobby’s “used car salesman” tactics. At the time, they seemed far-fetched.

Some conservatives were offended at that video 6 years ago. You should be. Because killing a baby and sucking it down a tube is offensive. But if you compare the two videos, mine, which was designed as over-the-top satire, is now actually quite tame compared to the real thing. Abortion clinics are now calling themselves “spas” and putting out comedy commercials. That’s how far we’ve come.

Conservatives need to address this head-on and stop playing nice. Stop being polite; stop fading into the night in the name of “civility.” Get angry, get loud, get offensive, and go save some babies.

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Doctors Discover Protocol To Save Babies After Abortion Is Started

A young woman, 10 weeks pregnant and distraught after the death of her father, decided she could not cope with a pregnancy at that time. She went to her local Planned Parenthood office, which provided her with the abortion pill RU-486. She took the pill and left the office.

Later that day, she regretted her decision and went back to the Planned Parenthood office the next morning to see if she could reverse the effect of the pill. The staff there informed her that she could not–and that if she did not finish the series of pills, she could face medical complications.

Still in the waiting room, the woman Googled ‘abortion pill reversal’ on her phone and found a number to a national call center that linked her with doctors willing to help reverse the abortion. Within 45 minutes, she was in the office of Dr. Allan Sawyer, an Arizona OB-GYN, who showed her an ultrasound of her baby moving in her womb with a heartbeat. He prescribed the hormone progesterone to reverse the effects of RU-486. Now safely through the first trimester, this grateful woman’s baby is due in September.

Although this procedure is fairly new, 80 children have been saved using it; and 60 more pregnancies like the woman’s described above are ongoing due to the procedure. Lifesite News published the account of Dr. Matt Harrison, who describes how he performed the first RU-486 reversal.

Eric Metaxas writes in Breakpoint:

Dr. Sawyer cannot be written off as a fly-by-night character, either. He is the former president of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and he has delivered more than 10,000 babies on three continents.

In testimony before a state legislative committee, he said the abortion pill works by attacking progesterone in the pregnant woman, which kills the baby in utero. This effect can be reversed if progesterone is given to her quickly.

In early April, Arizona Governor Ducey signed into law a requirement that physicians must inform women who take the abortion pill that the pill’s effects may be reversible.

Who could be against that? Only those who say it infringes on a woman’s “right to choose.” Except that they don’t seem so eager to guarantee the right of a woman to choose to have her baby.

 Are you willing to help spread the word about reversing abortion pill RU-486? Like and share. 

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Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Is Anti-Woman


Hillary Clinton claims to be a champion for the middle class. Laughable.

Hillary Clinton also claims to be a champion for women. Extra, double, super laughable. Why? Here are 5 reasons:

1.  Hillary intimidated and suppressed any women who came forward with accusations against her husband while he was serving as President. To quote Political Insider, “Hillary ran a ‘war room’ to crack down on so called ‘bimbo eruptions.’ This was the name given to the countless stories of infidelity and sexual assaults committed by Bill Clinton over the years.”  For some reason, I thought silencing women and being a voice for women were two different things!


2.  She defended a child rapist, and laughed about it. Laughed. About. It. Or, in the words of the victim, Hillary Clinton took me through hell.”  Sound like a champion of women’s rights to you?


3.  Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate for abortion. Have you heard of gendercide?  Abortion has been consistently shown to affect girl babies at significantly higher levels than boy babies.  It’s absolutely tragic. We’re killing baby girls by the millions, and ‘pro-woman’ Hillary supports it.


4.  She doesn’t believe women can afford their own birth control. Instead, she believes the government should force employers to provide contraceptive coverage of every kind, even if it’s against their deeply-held religious beliefs. Don’t worry about freedom, sweethearts; let the taxpayer get the bill.


5.  Hillary Clinton accepted millions of dollars from countries who oppress and suppress women. Senator Rand Paul may have said it best“In countries that stone people to death for adultery and imprison people for adultery, this is the kind of thing you would think someone for women’s rights would be standing up against, instead of accepting thinly veiled bribes.” Boom goes the dynamite.


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Austin Charges $1 Per Year Rent To Abortion Clinic

While small business owners are having a hard time staying in business during the Obama economic disaster, the City of Austin is only charging $1 per year rent to the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics.

That’s right. Planned Parenthood, more appropriately nicknamed ‘Planned Barrenhood’, gets far better than ‘most favored nation’ status. They get a totally unfair boost from big government for offering their murderous services to underage girls who get pregnant and never tell mom or dad and visit the clinic again and again and again–all compliments of U.S. taxpayers’ subsidization of the biggest and most horrific exterminator of pre-born Americans in the history of our once great Republic.

How dare government politicians spend our money like that! How dare they even allow this evil practice, no less subsidize it–without the vote of taxpayers who fund it! And nationally, Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars of federal funds per year.

But this is nothing new for the city of Austin. They haven’t just been subsidizing abortions for the past 4 years. They’ve offered this $1 per year rental of the huge government-owned facility to these butchers for the past 40 years! And it doesn’t matter how bad the economy is; come rain or shine, they keep that blood money flowing.

Kind of makes you wonder what similar dastardly deeds are happening in your community.

Heaven help us on judgment day.

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