Watch: MSNBC Just Pointed Out The 1 Thing Trump Said About George Bush ‘Not Even Democrats’ Say

At Saturday’s Republican presidential debates, Donald Trump made a controversial claim currently reverberating into this week’s political commentary.

Trump’s comments came amid a heated exchange between Jeb Bush and Trump. Bush said;

So here’s the deal.  I’m sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming my brother for all of the problem’s that he’s (Obama) had. And frankly, I could care less about the insults that Donald Trump gives to me. It’s blood sport for him. He enjoys it. And I’m glad he’s happy about it. But I am sick and tired. I am sick and tired of him going after my family. My dad is the greatest man alive in my mind.  While Donald Trump was building a reality-TV show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. And I’m proud of what he did. He’s had the gall to go after my brother…

Trump immediately jumped in saying, “World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign,” to which the crowd instantly booed Trump’s comments. Taking it one step further Trump said, “That’s not keeping us safe.”

Marco Rubio reiterated Bush’s claim that George Bush kept the U.S. safe.

But Trump rebuked him, as well.

“How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center came down? I lost hundreds of friends, the World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” Trump said, while the crowd booed again loudly. “That is not safe, Marco, that is not safe.”

Trump then intimated Bush could’ve prevented 9/11 by killing Osama Bin Laden but Trump stated, “But he didn’t listen to the advice of his CIA.”

Now, even liberal left-leaning commentators are pointing out what they see as an obvious flaw in Trump’s Bush-blaming beliefs. MSNBC commentator Joy Reid remarked on the exchange from the Republican debate. “No elected Democrat has even said that,” Reid said, referencing Trump blaming Bush for 9/11.

Katon Dawson, former George W. Bush campaign chairperson and a guest on Reid’s show, said it was a big mistake for Trump to blame George W. Bush for 9/11. Dawson said Bush’s popularity rating is still in the 80th percentile among South Carolina voters, and going after the former president was a mistake for many reasons.

Dawson said South Carolina voters now know Trump can’t handle a punch and the other candidates have all the video and audio sound bites they need to oppose Trump in South Carolina.

“Trump didn’t handle a punch very well,” Dawson concluded.

Shocking Truth About Trump And 9/11 Charities Revealed – He Wants This Kept Quiet

Donald Trump, who played the “9/11 card” against Sen. Ted Cruz during last week’s Republican debate, reportedly was not very charitable in the aftermath of the attacks towards his fellow New Yorkers–but the campaign disputes these findings.

As reported by Western Journalism, when Cruz accused Trump of having New York values that do not resonate in Iowa, the candidate responded, “New York is a great place. It’s got great people. It’s got loving people, wonderful people. When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York.”

According to RedState, though the billionaire candidate spoke eloquently about New York values, he did not open up his wallet to give to charities supporting the victims of Sept. 11.

RedState cites the Foundation Center, which released a report in 2003 chronicling the “unprecedented outpouring of charitable support that followed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” The conservative blog found that the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation was not among the listed donating charities.

RedState referenced a November story from The Smoking Gun, which determined that Trump’s foundation had made only one donation identifiable with 9/11: a $1000 contribution to “a controversial Scientology program that administered treatment to firemen who inhaled toxins while working on the World Trade Center pile.”

After the Smoking Gun’s story about Trump’s dearth of donations, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the New York Daily News, “Mr. Trump has donated close to half a million dollars to organizations as a result of the 9/11 tragedy including the American Red Cross and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Fund, in addition to a total of $102 million donated to hundreds of charitable foundations over a relatively short period of time, many of which helped people affected by 9/11.” 

RedState founder Erick Erickson disinvited Trump from his organization’s annual RedState Gathering in August after the candidate made some controversial remarks about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Watch: ‘Chilling’ New Video Just Surfaced That Could PROVE Trump Was Right About 9/11 Celebrations

New Jersey Muslims were watching the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and gleefully celebrating the slaughter they witnessed, according to a 2001 CBS News video clip.

Coupled with other contemporary evidence from the New York Post and Washington Post, as well as the recollections of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, there can no longer be any doubt that Donald Trump was correct that Muslims in America were celebrating the 9/11 attacks, and that the news media at the time reported this fact.

The CBS News clip shows investigative journalist Pablo Guzman explaining the Jersey City, N.J., connection to the World Trade Center attacks. Police had been called to a Jersey City address that was “swarming with suspects” after witnesses reported there was “cheering on the roof” as the two planes slammed into the Twin Towers on that fateful September morning.

A model of the World Trade Center was found on the roof, Guzman reported in the 2001 video clip.

“They knew the planes were going to hit and wanted a ringside seat,” he reported, calling it “chilling” to know that as most Americans innocently went about their business that day, these men were waiting, then watching, then celebrating.

Guzman noted that the address to which police were called in 2001 was also a location of interest in 1993, when the first World Trade Center explosion that damaged the Trade Center’s parking garage took place. Islamic terrorists were arrested in that 1993 explosion.

Former New York City officials recall that there were areas in Brooklyn and Queens where celebrations of the attacks took place. Giuliani characterized the areas as “pockets of celebration.”

From a dispassionate law enforcement perspective, Kerik summarized what took place that day, when news media reports and personal accounts blended what took place locally with what took place around the globe.

“There were tens of thousands of people around the world celebrating,” he said, “and some were in New York and New Jersey.”

Fox News host Eric Bolling emerged Tuesday as one of the few media voices to support Trump.

“I remember specifically the news reports about Jersey City,” Bolling said. “They said people were on the roofs watching the planes fly in. They were tipped off prior to the thing, and this was a narrative that was going on. I remember video. I don’t remember if it was Pakistan or Paterson.”

Bolling said the significance is not the numbers celebrating, but that there was celebrating at all.

“Whether or not it was a thousand, thousand, a few hundred, a handful. Who cares, there were Muslims,” he said.

h/t: Top Right News

Wow: What Just Surfaced Will Have Trump Claiming A HUGE Victory Over Media

When the media howled for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s head and an apology for claiming that Muslims in America celebrated as the Twin Towers burned, he stood tall and refused to back down.

New evidence shows he was right.

Amid silence from the media giants who claimed Trump was wrong, the truth emerges in the form of a New York Post article from September of 2011, in which writer Fred Siegel recalls the events of 9/11.

“Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington,” Siegel wrote.

“But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible,” Siegel wrote.

More evidence to support Trump came Monday from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani himself.

Appearing on CNN, Giuliani admitted that some parts of New York City itself celebrated the attacks on the day they took place.

“Were people celebrating on 9/11? Yes,” New Day co-anchor Chris Cuomo admitted.

Trump this past weekend stood by the claims that earned him derision from the media.

“I’ve heard Jersey City. I’ve heard Paterson. It was 14 years ago,” Trump said. “But I saw it on television, I saw clips, and so did many other people — and many people saw it in person. I’ve had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump organization saying, ‘We saw it. It was dancing in the streets.’ ”

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Trump said it was only logical that celebrations took place in America because Muslims everywhere cheered the attacks.

“Why wouldn’t it have taken place? I’ve had hundreds of people call in and tweet in on Twitter saying that they saw it and I was 100% right,” Trump said. “I saw it and so many people saw it … So why would I take it back? I’m not going to take it back.”

Since Trump’s initial claim, many have noted that celebrations were held in many major Western cities. Commentator Pat Buchanan recalled that the New York Times magazine had chronicled the Muslim celebrations in Berlin.

“Bottle rockets were set off from building courtyards, a poor man’s fireworks, sporadic, sparse and joyful; two rockets here, three rockets there. Still, altogether, hundreds of rockets were shooting skyward in celebration of the attack, as most Berliners were searching for words to express their horror,” Buchanan wrote.

h/t: Breitbart

Watch: Reporter Blows Up When He Hears Trump’s Muslim Answer. Donald Doesn’t Back Down- ‘Take It Easy, Chuck’

A phone interview with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump put Meet the Press host Chuck Todd into a frustrated tailspin over Trump’s repeated statements that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating the 9/11 attack in 2001.

“I saw it on television. So did many other people,” Trump insisted.

Todd challenged Trump’s assertion.

“Nobody can find evidence of this,” Todd said, adding that New Jersey media reports in 2001 stated that claim to be a false rumor. Finally, with Trump insisting he was right, Todd lost it.

“You’re running for President of the United States! Your words matter! Truthfulness matters! Fact-based stuff matters!”

Trump attempted to tone down the argumentative stance.

“Take it easy Chuck. Just play cool.”

The five-minute interview began routinely with Todd asking Trump if accuracy matters in claims.

“You demand, and you’ve demanded of me, pinpoint accuracy when we report on things about you, including, for instance, your net worth. Why shouldn’t we demand the same pinpoint accuracy in the claims that you make? Isn’t it hypocritical of you calling us out, if we’re not calling you out when you stray from the truth?” Todd asked.

Trump addressed inaccuracies with his net worth and strayed into his stance on the issue of Syrian refugees flooding into the United States. Todd then tracked back to the question he wanted to ask regarding purported Muslim celebrations in New Jersey after 9/11.

“Many people saw it in person,” Trump said. “I’ve had hundreds of phones calls to the Trump organization saying ‘We saw it.’ It was dancing in the streets.”

Trump said a couple he met in his most recent campaign stomp Sarasota told him they were living in New Jersey at the time and physically saw the celebrations after 9/11.

Todd challenged the Republican candidate stating there was no evidence of that ever occurring in New Jersey.

“It did happen in NJ. I have hundreds of people that agree with me,” Trump said.

Trump continued, saying the Washington Post reported at the time there were tailgate parties with Muslims celebrating. He said his staff is looking for that and other articles, along with television clips, to prove his point but that evidence is “not that easy to come by.”

Trump also said there was a “huge Muslim population” in parts of New Jersey, so it was plausible for such an event to happen because it was happening all over the world. The presidential candidate said he feels sure about the facts because he saw it on television and hundreds reported to his organization they saw it too, either on television or in person.

Todd said Trump can’t use retweets and hearsay as evidence of the claim and then lunged further into the argument.

Although Politifact and the Washington Post have stated that Trumps assertion is false, with Politifact rating it as a “Pants on Fire” falsehood, many are commenting on social media threads that the businessman is correct. They claim they remember seeing it too.

“A Muslim Dosctor was celebrating at the Cleveland Clinic as he watched it on TV in the hallway and Lobby…the officials excorted him out of the Hospital!” said one post.

Others said they saw celebrations in the Middle East and suggested people were confusing that with Muslims living in the United States. Still, others were certain similar celebrations happened in this country just as Trump said.

“But they were filmed and reported on the news. that is where I saw it most in the Middle East where they were handing out candy to children in celebration but also in the U.S.A. where one store owner was seen celebrating and a distributer went in and pulled their products off his shelf and refunded his money and told him they would not be doing business with him henceforth,” another comment said.