Survivor Of Brutal Beating Could Face Murder Charges

A maintenance worker in Wisconsin recently found out exactly how important a concealed carry permit could be in the midst of a crisis. As the Milwaukee man performed his duties earlier this month, a gang of three individuals – aged 17, 19, and 20 – approached him and began savagely beating him, with at least one perpetrator using a baseball bat to inflict maximum injury.

Fortunately for the 39-year-old victim, he was able to retrieve his handgun and fire at the trio, mortally wounding the two youngest aggressors. Unfortunately, he now finds himself in county jail with the case being reviewed by homicide investigators.

A local Fox affiliate reported that the 17- and 19-year-old attackers, Anmarie Miller and James Bell Jr., were a couple who at their young age had already had two children together. Family members and friends mourned their deaths, while some from the community participated in a vigil in their honor.

No one, however, seems to dispute the fact that they were willing participants in the beating, which appears to have been based on mistaken identity. Reports indicate a friend of the trio was being kicked out of the apartment complex where the attack took place, and there is speculation that they believed the maintenance worker was the manager responsible for the eviction.

Bob Braun, a friend of the trio’s victim, described him as a “peaceful person” who spent a decade working in Milwaukee’s inner city area. He said there is no doubt in his mind that his friend acted in self-defense. A local attorney added that the man, who reportedly had legal possession of the concealed handgun, seems to have been within his rights to use deadly force against his assailants.

“In all self-defense situations,” he said, “a person may use that degree of force necessary to repel the force against him.”

Since the man was working at the time of the attack, he explained, the state’s Castle Doctrine might even play a part in his defense.

Nevertheless, the victim could still face criminal charges for using his weapon in the exact manner for which it was intended. Hopefully, for his sake and for the millions of licensed gun holders across the nation, authorities will reach a just conclusion upon hearing his full statement regarding that night’s events.

As for the only attacker to escape with his life, the 20-year-old has also been arrested and faces charges of substantial battery.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Bart Everson (Creative Commons)

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  1. Is the race of the victim (the guy being beaten) and the attackers being omitted on purpose? Could this be a racial motivated crime? Where is the ACLU, Rev. Jackson & all the other loudmouths?

  2. Two blacks held the maintenance worker down while the third black beat him with a baseball bat. Send the Mayor an email (google up his address). I heard Milwaukee is a cesspool of blacks with a whole lot of problems.

  3. “In all self-defense situations,” he said, “a person may use that degree of force necessary to repel the force against him.”

    I take exception to the word "may". That indicates permission is given to use force. NO ONE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO ASSUME THE AUTHORITY TO DEEM SELF-DEFENSE "PERMISSIBLE", but the following:
    1) the idiot(s) who made it necessary, by violating the rights of another
    2) the person who determined the need to defend his/herself against the idiot(s) and
    3) God, who created us and endowed us with rights.

  4. Well, at least two of the perps won't make that mistake again.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Instead of putting this man in jail he should be given a reward for helping to clean up the city of scumbags.Too bad he didn't get all 3 worthless coons.

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