Surprise! Obama Ignores A Law To Aid His Reelection

Barack Obama speech 14 SC Surprise! Obama ignores a law to aid his reelection

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Obama administration’s Friday afternoon document drop was a memo from the Department of Labor telling defense contractors not to provide legally-required notice to thousands of employees that they are about to be laid off, if automatic spending cuts agreed to by the President and the Congress take effect.

Translation: President Obama wants to prevent thousands of employees, especially in swing-state Virginia, from being told that they are going to be laid off due to Department of Defense funding cuts. Because of the timing of the cuts, those notices would have been sent to employees just prior to the election in November. The man who signed those funding cuts into law would like to avoid that.

When the administration first proposed this idea back in June, defense contractors patiently explained to the reelection-obsessed President that there is a law, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (“WARN”) Act of 1988, that requires federal contractors to tell employees 60 days in advance of expected layoffs. There are quite a few layoffs expected for the end of the year as a result of a genius agreement between President Obama and Congress to cut astonishing amounts of funding for the Department of Defense. Companies that fail to meet their obligations under the WARN Act can be sued by their former employees. Defense contractors indicated that they would not be ignoring their legal duty under the WARN Act.


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  1. The big question…Will this be brought up in the debates? If not there, will the media talk about it?
    I'm guessing no in either case.

    • Either Romney is another one of these socialist/globalists OR he just doesn't really want to win; maybe he just enjoys the campaigning. There are so many things that O has been allowed to get away with that it makes it difficult to answer those morons still FOR him, when they ask, "If he is guilty of all of these things, why hasn't someone in power, done anything?" Why haven't they? Remember this at election time…if you live in Texas, DO NOT VOTE FOR JEB HENSARLING. He is a republican who won't do a single thing about calling oblahblah out…. before you vote in your state, check and see how YOUR reps voted and where they stand. Write and ask them….TELL them you are their boss, DO SOMETHING!
      Bet they won't. So hedge your bet and vote em out….we may get stuck like chuck with the kenyan muslim again, but these suckers won't get back in…..

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Doesn't this "payoff" need to be passed in the House first? All that would be needed then is a bill to stop it.

  3. Jeffrey melton says:

    Ignoring the WARN act is further proof that Obama feels that he is above the law and the Constitution.

  4. PSUTOPGUN says:

    If a law does not comply with obama's agenda, at the moment, HE IGNORES IT!! This administration must not only be removed but must immediately escorted to JAIL. Treason is a daily occurance with this Marxist and laws, Constitution, Courts and Americans mean NOTHING to these people.

  5. With all of the turmoil in the world, and countries that want us annihilated, we should be building up our national defense, not cutting funding for it. At the same time Obama wants to cut our military, he wants us to send billions to Egypt and the muslim brotherhood so they can build up theirs. What is wrong with the senate and the congress that they let these kind of things pass with no objection? Also, another border guard killed today. They should be able to shoot to kill all of these gangs as they come over our border. Give two weeks notice to Mexico that anyone who illegally crosses our borders do so at their own risk. I am sick of our servicemen and border guards getting killed for people who would annihilate us in a heartbeat.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Can anyone imagine what would have happened had Bush done something like this.The shit would have really hit the fan but because Blackie Carbon suggested it the press will lay down like an obedient dog.The best part is if workers go after companies for not going by the Warn act law the government will pick up the tab instead of the companies paying out law suits.Where is he outrage from the public when they here this crap.Every republican should be out there telling workers that Obutthole told companies not to say anything about layoffs till after the election.

  7. As the situation worsens and the illegitimacy of this governmental fraud becomes more pervasive we can see that those responsible cannot and will not be brought to justice as that door is obviously closed — which means we are left with the only effective alternative: Justice must be brought to each and every one of them.
    They seem to believe nothing can cause the release of their grip on powers above the law; but the real power, which has been diverted from honest production to the purposes of abusive authority, shall boil them all in their own juices.
    I will be happy to see and make a contribution to that happen in my lifetime — the restoration of the Republic.

  8. We should be building up are national defense, not downgrading it. With all of the conflict in the world, and all of the countries that want us annihilated, we should not be cutting our armed forces. The administration wants to give Egypt 450 million dollars, which will be to the muslim brotherhood, to build up their defenses, but cut ours to the bone. Why? Also, another border guard killed today. The government should give Mexico fair warning that any further illegals coming across our border will be immediately sent back, and if they are mobs they may be shot. I am sick of our young men going to foreign countries that hate us and dying, or maimed for life, and our border agents hands tied so they can do nothing . I believe that 360 men off the street could run this country as well if not better than the congress and senate are doing.

  9. For anyone, especially any voter, who hasn’t yet realized that Obama has from day one felt and acted like a dictator here’s just the latest proof. Obama has told private sector defense-related businesses to break the very law which he played a major role in effecting and then, on top of that, broke another law himself by bribing those businesses into breaking the law…and with tax-payer money to boot!

    Any voter who still doesn’t realize that doesn’t deserve the right to vote.

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