Supreme Court Torn Over Law Banning Lie About Medals

SupremeCourt5833 300x197 Supreme Court Torn Over Law Banning Lie About Medals

The Supreme Court appears to be sharply divided over a law that makes it a crime to lie about having been awarded top military honors.

The justices engaged in spirited debate Wednesday over the constitutionality of a 2006 law aimed at curbing false claims about military exploits.

Some justices said they worried that upholding the Stolen Valor Act could lead to laws that might make it illegal to lie about an extramarital affair or a college degree.

Read more at Official Wire. By Associated Press.

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  1. I would hope the Supreme Court would uphold this law. I have served in the Military, and for someone who has not been awarded a Medal to actually wear it, would demean the value and prestige of those medals. As to the worry about laws coming out about lying about an extra-marital affair and obtaining a bogus College Degree, I would see the Extra-Marital affair as part and parcel of that is between the Spouses (even though I am against Affairs personally), but I would hope that if someone Claims to have gotten a falsified College Degree, that there would be laws for redress, whether Criminal or Civil.

  2. Sad, really, that the need for hairsplitting even exists. Lying is false witness, a sin, therefore, against God's law.

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