Supreme Court Insults America With Immigration Decision

Supreme Court building 2 SC Supreme Court insults America With Immigration Decision

This morning, we have once again been reminded that our system of checks and balances no longer functions for the good of the American people.

Nine lawyers in the Supreme Court, hiding behind legalese written by other lawyers, has decided that Americans, through our various states, have no right to either enforce the sovereignty and security of our borders or demand that the federal government’s lawyers do so.

We don’t count in the cynical view of the lawyers who have wormed their way into controlling our lives essentially “because WE say so.” Oh, they claim the United States Constitution sanctions and supports their denial of our rights of self-defense, but the truth is they have stolen away the power of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution by bowing to claims that what is abundantly obvious is not at all obvious. In effect, the Supreme Court has cynically asked us: “Who are you going to believe: us or your lying eyes?”

To say this was not a political interpretation of law twisted to favor those who would erase our borders and open the floodgates of the world to our midst is the type of infuriating insult we have to take with us as we vote to correct what has happened to our government from top to bottom. This decision ought to be carried like a “bloody shirt” by every American who is alarmed by the ever-quickening pace of the destruction of our freedoms.

They have reduced our lives to a children’s game of tag as the Supreme Court, acting as egalitarian school yard monitors, admonish us to “Play nice with the new children!”

Well, we don’t want to “play nice with the new Children!” We want to kick them the hell out of our country – a county OUR forefathers risked their lives to build and gave their blood to preserve.

The Supreme Court has made it very clear they don’t give a damn what we want. They have told us we MUST share the bounty of America with people only interested in taking from us whatever they can grab. The Supreme Court has told us illegal aliens deserve “their fair share of America” based solely on their presence in our country. How stupid! How infuriating! How deserving of an electoral landslide to correct this injustice!

If ever there was a moment for those who shy away from voting with the tired old “Oh I never vote because it makes no difference anyway” to grasp the danger all of America has been put in by this decision, that time has come.


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Photo Credit: Laura Padgett (Creative Commons)

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  1. Notice to all:

    Have you ever heard of a website called
    "Vision to America" ? They claim to be
    conservatives. Over the last few months
    i've been trying to post certain information
    concerning Obama & they've consistently
    blocked me. Each time Vision to America
    blocked me I called them on it.

    Earlier today Vision to America has blocked
    me from making any further posts.

    I just want everyone to know what's going
    on, on Vision to America.


    • There is another site Human Events that does this to.

      Publius Huldad has taught the following:

      People don’t understand that the three prongs of our government SWORE an oath to defend and upkeep the Constitution.

      When they DO NOT KEEP their oath and go beyond their delegated powers the people must rise up and rebuke their leaders for they going into undelegated powers or their OWN WILL which is actually TYRANNY!

      When they do not change the people are no longer obligated to OBEY THOSE LAWS, they are NULL and VOID!. Because people obeying the civil laws depend on their leaders obeying the civil laws which is based on a higher law.

      • Mike Travis says:

        IN general I agree though rather than "rebuke" them, I suggest they should all be charged with treason for betraying the American People and the sacred trust we placed in them to govern on our behalf. Clearly they have only been ruling for their own benefit which is a betrayal of the trust we placed in them as well as the sacred oath they took to defend the Constitution. So even though their actions may not meet the definition of treason in a strictly legal standpoint (after all they wrote the laws!), they still deserve to be charged with treason for their betrayal of our trust. Of course the punishment should be the same which is execution.

    • Natalie says:

      Are you kidding?! Apparently not. I'm Natalie (you probably seen a few of my comments back at Vision) and I tend to 'thumbs up' most of your comments because they are prophetic, resourceful and biblical. Well, brother, not everyone who calls himself a conservative isn't always a conservative; likewise, not everyone who calls himself a Christian isn't always so.

      Because of what Vision to America has done to you, they can forget my support cuz I'm not supporting them ever–unless they change. Also, another site called Life Site News is one you might want to stay away from. Although LSN is largely pro-life and anti-homosexual, they suddenly went left-field by supporting a bisexual mormon man named Josh Weed, and his "Club Unicorn", a club for bisexual spouses who want to keep their sexual perversions and hope to remain married.

      I was blocked from commenting at LSN, and many of my comments (which rebuked homosexuality) were deleted. Sorry you went through that at Vision to America.

      • Over a year ago I started doing research on Vision to America
        and what I found out was disturbing to say the least.
        A guy named Gary DeMar is the founder, president &
        editor-in-chief of Vision to America. I called Mr. Demar
        on what I discovered about him & those who work with him.

        There are certain things about Obama & the homosexual community they want
        to keep hidden. Keep your eyes open & you'll see Gary Demar's
        name on other websites. Vision to America has connections to other "conservative"
        websites. Be careful.

      • Hi Natile,
        The same thing happened to me on LSN.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I will be making a trip over to "Vision to America". I'll let you know how long it takes for me to be banned.

    • Thank you Raymond, I get their e-mails ……so I will unsubscribe.

    • Carl Manning says:

      Try . You might learn a thing about why Neoconservatism and support for the terrorist Zionist government running the State of Israel is truly insane and extremely immoral. You will also learn the truth about 911. The site is run by Gordon Duff, an ex-Marine just like yourself.

    • Jennifer says:

      Dearest Raymond,
      have you researched the Constitution Party?
      Would it be realistic to presume to use the system to fix the system?
      Can we learn something from the Icelanders?


    • I agree 100%

    • ANTICRIME says:

      IF THE STATES SECEEDED, then the federal government would crumble; just like a wheel losing its spokes!!! ~ IT WAS THE STATES that CREATED the federal government and it is the STATES that can abolish it! (see U.S. Declaration of Independence)

      IF I were AZ Gov Jan Brewer, I would IGNORE the absurd decision of a corrupted U.S. "Supreme" Court and order the arrest and immediate deportation of any and all illegal aliens from the state of AZ! ~ WHAT are the feds going to do about it….arrest her?! ~ The County Sheriff has power over ANY FEDERAL AGENT within the county of their jurisdiction! ~ It's TIME for a STATE vs FEDERAL stand-off for JUSTICE and Constitutional RIGHTS!!! ~ DO IT GOV BREWER!!!!

      • charles says:

        Ive already contacted Sherriff Joe and volunteered to offer my services as a former law enforcement officer. I even offored to bring my own toys. I havent heard anything back from the sherriff yet.

      • Jennifer says:

        I agree!

    • Mike Travis says:

      I beg to differ Sir. We need a total and complete Restoration of our Constitutional Republic which was the finest government ever created, but the politicians have destroyed it out of self-interest. No, a revolution causes more problems than it solves. Name one other than our own War for Independence that led to a lasting peace and a prosperous, free country.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      EXACTLY WHAT the Commie Social Democrat-"Progressives" would LOVE to happen so their puppet usurper can declare Martial Law and suspend our U.S. Constitution! ~ R E A D the words of their prime professor, Karl Marx: "CHANGE through REVOLUTION"! ~ READ the history books that show all successful Communist dictatorships were spawned of….REVOLUTION!

      Our BEST, non-violent remedy is SECESSION OF STATES, following the guidelines of our U.S. Declaration of Independence, which sadly so many "Americans" know nothing about!

      The REASON there is so much fear and confusion is due to a serious….LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of our founding fathers documents and words!!! (Now you know WHY the Commies infitrated our schools and all major media!)
      Hosea 4:6 "My people perish for their lack of knowledge"!!!


  4. With the supreme court kissing obamas butt on the illegal issues, It makes me sick to my stomach to think what they'll decide to do with this obamacare nightmare! Why is it that no one will do whats right with this country! We have a communist muslim shoving all of this crap down our throat's! I can't wait for the rappture to occur, then the ones left behind can glory in all of the crap that will take place, after all they wanted this kind of life, and I'm glad to see you get it!

    • NOBO2012 says:

      >>>>We have a communist muslim shoving all of this crap down our throat's! <<<

      THAT is precisely the problem. We have a Communist Muslim in the White House!

  5. Carol, AZ says:

    Yes Kevin you are correct.
    The new age recorrection to accept the world masses who are poor, many come with outstanding warrants from their own counrty, many carry disease, and most are uneducated.
    It's the new age re-engineering by foreign student, el senor, Barry.
    The press refuse ot reported it, States Rights have been systematically trashed, and States like AZ are buried indebt fighting it.
    George your comment speaks volumes to the place we've arrived over this issue.
    We are becoming just like any other third world country without any regard for the rule of law.

  6. Wait. I thought the supreme court of all people would know what "illegal" means. Didn't they study law at all? The simple fact is, if you are here illegally, you-are-breaking-the-law. What, were laws made just to make ourselves feel better at night? Are they simply suggestion? Pick up your glasses and note books, Judges and go back to school. This time, leave the drugs at home.

  7. JacktheFAC says:

    What's the purpose of issuing green cards if SCOTUS ruled that these wet backs can just walk across the border and get job? They don't need green cards any more.

    • NOBO2012 says:

      Maybe jobless Americans need to brazenly walk into Mexico, and then SNEAK back over the border into the United States — we'll get EVERYTHING FREE!!!

      It seems to be a detriment these days to BE an American citizen! Looks to me like illegals have all the benefits of everything America has to offer, everything that most Americans have "WORKED" for all their lives, but are now GIVING it all to the illegals — FREE.

      • JacktheFAC says:

        I see you have a full grasp of the situation. Obama is fully accomplishing what he was put in to do–to bring this country down: "AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. HELP ME CHANGE IT." Have yoo ever heard any more assinine words in your life? But this is what Obamanation said in 2008, and the simple and gullible and freeloaders with their hands out cheered him, and voted for him, for saying such drivel.

        • Yeah, the "simple and gullible" didn't have a CLUE what he meant when he said, "We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." What about "fundamentally transform" is it that didn't they understand that they STILL voted for him. If they couldn't understand simple English, they didn't deserve to vote, IMHO.

  8. icetrout says:

    Fine with me ,THE RULE of LAW HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. Free-for-All time …

  9. James Bulger says:

    This Beautiful Country is going to hell in a hand basket if we don't WAKEUP! Come on people this is America,not Russia!

    • As long as BO is in the White House, our blessed Nation will be run like a Communist country, and BO will make sure it continues to head in that direction!

      A former Hitler Youth whistleblower WARNS of America's NAZI Future. And HE SHOULD KNOW — he LIVED under the Nazi rule. Hilmar Von Campe warns that America's collective turn AWAY from God is greasing the skids for the state to take over as the ultimate authority, threatening a repeat of the rise of National Socialism, as he warns that the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE and the U.S. govt in general now more closely embrace the political doctrines of the Nazis than they do those of the founding fathers.

      At no other time in history would a president have gotten away with defying law and shredding our Constitution — until now! Why is Congress doing NOTHING to get rid of Obama? Why is it America can have a CORRUPT White House and we all have to just sit here and watch it destroy our country and be unable to do anything? We have enough evidence he is corrupt. Yet we allow him to see out the rest of his term? and then we allow him a lame-duck session? And that's only if he doesn't get another 4 years. EITHER WAY, we're screwed! He will do as much damage as possible in the lame-duck session, OR just continue on with what he's doing now, only exponentially if in for another 4.

  10. ANTICRIME says:

    OUR PROBLEM IS that, other than Dr. Ron Paul, we have NO ONE as a GOP candidate to "VOTE" for that we could DEPEND ON to correct this terrible invasion of illegal aliens into the USA! ~ Here we have the "so-called GOP front-runner", Mitt Romney, stating that he "would staple a green card to every illegal alien's diploma, obtaining a college degree"! (AT U.S. TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!) ~ NOW even Michael Savage turned away from Romney advising the GOP to drop him and replace him with someone like Scott Walker!
    Bottom Line: Mitt Romney is as trust-able as the used car salesman he looks like!!!

    • Carl Manning says:

      Obama, the well-controlled Manchurian Candidate, has been caught with his pants down a few times when the teleprompter malfunctioned. The New World Order powers that be have sought to remedy this situation with Romney. That's why he is now a programmed robot. They likely have several backup models of Romney robots to be employed in the event that Romney suddenly malfunctions in public. The Secret Service considers covering Romney light-duty because they know he's just a programmed robot. His campaign this year is dubbed "Romney 2.0" because he is now programmed with the new improved software version. I hope y'all know I'm just kidding.

  11. Raymond; Re: Vision of America. It has been my gut feeling that many of these "conservative" websites really aren't conservative at all and are possibly just collecting names and email addresses for FEMA or Obama. Yeah, I know. I am probably becoming paranoid…………….:-)

    • Yeah, I actually removed my name from their sites when they would’nt let me post anything negative about the Commander-in-Thief.

      I got pissed because they were not derogatory but FACTS!

    • Prestor John says:

      You may be right. I've been blocked from some just for speaking out against Obama–nothing vulgar or anything, just speaking out against this tyrant.

      • Greetings,
        These "Conservative" websites are guarding certain
        information concerning Obama. When you visit a
        "Conservative" website, do some research on who
        runs it & where they get their money from. You will
        be surprised by what you find.


    • You're NOT paranoid, actually you're closer to the truth than
      you realize. If I wanted to create a New World Government
      & I wanted to learn who opposed my plan i'd create a few
      "Conservative" websites and let people say whatever they
      wanted to. Then I would create a list of names (with addresses)
      of all who opposed what I wanted to do and when the time was right
      i'd send those loyal to me to deal with those who opposed me.

      • you are right and that is what Obama is doing to this country. i think he is waiting for November just before election day to spring martial law on us all. congress doesn't listen to the people anymore. don't be surprised if and when it happens.

    • David F. says:

      Ma Slo, your not Paranoid if they are actually out to get you…if that's the case then your just "Hyper Vigilant"

  12. readerVS says:

    Our system is permanently broken. Time to replace it!

    • Mike Travis says:

      NO!!! Our system is fine if we would just use it. The problem is the politicians, most of whom are lawyers, have destroyed it for their own benefit. What we need is to restore our Constitutional Republic, starting by putting all politicians in jail for treason. Then we can get on with the business of restoring our Republic.

      Besides, with what would you replace it? There has never been a better system so talk of ditching it without having a much, much better replacement would be foolish.

      • Thomas Jefferson said, :When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." I don't think the government fears the people very much.

    • Yes, the system is fine…it's the corruption in the leaders that is the problem. John Adams said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Well, we no longer have sufficient moral and religious people to uphold our system of self-government.

    • And Ronald Reagan said, "“If virtue goes, the government fails. Are we choosing paths that are politically expedient and morally questionable? Are we in truth losing our virtue? . . . If so, we may be nearer the dustbin of history than we realize." It's the leaders that are the problem, not the system!

  13. Steve Dolyniuk says:

    Sick !!! The Illegal President, The corrupt Congress, the media, the courts, & now even the Supreme Court go against a State trying to do what the Federal Government is supposed to be doing. The Constitution & the laws of this land don't mean a damn thing to these people. Most of these A-Holes are attorneys. Doesn't say much for our educational system either.

  14. The end of every risen power always comes. It's no surprise to me. Study to show yourselves approved to The Almighty, he will show all of us what's coming! Do not continue to follow these standards, they are paved with good [deceitful] intentions.

  15. Neal Martin says:

    I am absolutely floored by the amount of abject bullshit flowing out of our government. We talk of the constitution and say it is the document that represents the law of the land, yet when it says a man is not eligible to be president, he is allowed to ignore it and continue serve. We pass immigration laws to insure the safety and financial health of our nation and the Supreme Court says, dont enforce them? Ladies and gentlemen, pull the constitution out of the drawer where you hid it, blow off the dust, READ the damn thing, and act accordingly, Lets make America healthy again. Start by putting Holder and Obama in prison and look for some honest people to run this country.

    • NOBO2012 says:

      <<<Start by putting Holder and Obama in prison and look for some honest people to run this country.>>

      Sounds logical, sounds easy, but with a corrupt White House they protect each other's backs. We'll just never get them out!

      • Please don't give Voice to that, Quote, "We'll just never get them out! " End quote.

        Never give that Voice –

        • Sadly, doesn't matter if I give voice to it or not — corruption is VERY difficult to fight, and Washington is oozing corruption! TRY and get them all out! There are too many of them. The corruption is vast and deep, encompassing department after department, committee after committee. It's endless! It's much deeper than anyone imagines. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg!

          I'd like to live in a perfect world where I thought it was possible to stop corruption in its tracks. But that's not reality! All we can do is continue the good fight and hope that somehow, with God's help, we can at least move Obama and his czars out of the White House! That'd be a good start.

  16. ANTICRIME says:

    THERE WAS A TIME when I had great respect for our U.S. Supreme Court and ANYTHING bearing FEDERAL within its name or title….until I grew up and became informed!!! ~ You can fool some of the people all of the time, most of the people some of the time….but never ALL of the people all of the time!!!

    Bottom Line: I am ALL FOR dusting-off our Declaration of Independence and seeing the STATES bring forth Articles of Secession to atrophy this rogue monster hiding behind the name, FEDERAL, whose intent is our country's destruction from within!

    • joseph g says:

      Amen! I have been saying that for months. This time I believe the Lord our God will be with us. He wants us to be free. He wants his people to live law abiding lives. He does not want his people enslaved. Whatever we do we must pray and ask God for his help and guidance.

    • Carl Manning says:

      I fully support Articles of Secession, too. I believe that's why guys like Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate for President in 2008, know Liberty will only come from the States. I do not even think nullification will work with this tyrannical federal government because the US Supreme Court is seeing to it that States cannot practice nullification effectively. The only way to get this tyrannical government's attention is to threaten Secession en masse just as the Confederacy did years ago. If Texas becomes the Republic of Texas again, I will move there in a heartbeat. What would be truly phenomenal is if all State legislatures seceded together in a joint resolution sent to the Speaker of the House, the Senate, the President, and the Chief Justice announcing their intention to secede for breach of contract and render all of their decisions henceforth null and void. It would be even more appropriate if this Resolution listed certain members, just about ALL of them, of the federal government as enemies of freedom to be arrested on the spot if they dare step foot in any State outside the District of Criminals. It would be even more hilarious if the States started having Secession Parades on July 4th because that is the only way we will ever truly again have INDEPENDENCE. I haven't celebrated July 4th in YEARS because it has become a completely meaningless holiday for the sheeple and idiots.

      • ANTICRIME says:

        Carl, I feel EXACTLY the same way as you do concerning celebrating the 4th of July, my friend!
        What is so sickening is that the vast majority of our youth only associate that day with FIREWORKS and the FUN involved without an iota of real knowledge as to what the day represents…thanks to our "Progressive" controlled public school system!

        IN TRUTH, America is under SEIGE by a domestic enemy that has long ago breached our borders and has grown under cover to the monster that is now openly exposing its teeth! ~ THUS we should reserve our fireworks and celebration for America's NEW INDEPENDENCE DAY, when this beast is put to rest…while quietly toasting the old day of independence, that died at the hands of domestic scoundrels in black robes!!!

    • David F. says:

      Perhaps it is time to cut off Washington DC and hold another Constitutional Congress, and create some new amendments to to the current Constitution. Things to change: 1. Do away with or rewrite the 14th Amendment so that "Anchor Babies" no longer automatically become U.S. Citizen 2. Set term limits for Congress such as a Politician may only stay in each branch of Congress for 12 years…after their 12 years in that branch of Congress they mat attempt to run for the other Branch of Congress or just get the heck out. 3. No more "Golden Parachute after Congress members retire 4. Congress Members can not pass laws that make themselves exempt (if it's good enough for their constituents then it should be good enough for them 5. When elected to Congress or any Political position, that person gets signed up for Standard Medicare/Medicaid and WILL NOT be given preference by the Doctor because they are a Politician 6. Federal Elections will be supervised by a new U.S. Commission expressly designed to ferret out Voter Fraud and will assist in the Prosecution of the Voter Fraud case. 7. When a Supreme court slot opens up, it will be the Voters who get to decide on who will fill the slot. This will become a Voters Right and will be removed from a Presidential Power 8. All Candidates for a Federal Position will submit all their credentials to the newly formed Federal Elections Committee to verify they meet the requirements for the position, and they will have the authority to examine all records of a Candidate (Birth Records, School Records, College Records, Passport Records, Selective Service Records, Tax records going back 10 years, and any other records they deem "Essential", and it will be this Commission that notifies each state if said Candidate fills all the requirements or not. 9. Each Federally held position will be defined Such as "Congress Creates Balanced Budgets each year or no pay for the politician till a Budget is passed, they also create Laws based on the Constitution", "President: Enforces ALL Federal Laws on the books and CAN NOT bypass Congress with an executive Order to implement a new law, The power to create Laws is strictly up to the Congress"…"The Supreme Court will judge if a law is Constitutional or not, and if there is no Precedent yet for the Law, the Supreme court will then review Notes, Laws, and anything written by the Founding Fathers to come to a Constitutionally valid outcome" 10. A new Amendment will be added with a new Civilians Right (There will also be a new Military Right for the same thing)…Civilians, if they feel that a Federal Position including President and Vice President can send a Petition to the Federal Elections Commission with 1 million verifiable names when they feel a Politician isn't following the Constitution and Rule of Law to which the Commission will then Investigate the claims and if found to be true, that Politician will lose that position and will banned from Politics for no less than 10 years…if they have been found guilty of a coverup depending on their involvement the punishment can range from Prison time and up to Summary execution (If by the politicians action, someone was killed inside or outside the U.S., that Politicians assets will be liquidated and give to the victim(s) family)

      I am sure I could come up with more, but this is a start.

      • David F. says:

        oh yeah, I also forgot 11. We will go back to the "Gold Standard" for Currency, no more "Fiat" based currency. All Printed Money will be backed by Gold and Silver in the U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Reserve will no longer be "Federal"…it will be called the National Reserve and will be extremely limited in their capabilities to affect the U.S. economy.

      • Phyllis Josleyn says:

        Sir, you have indeed been thinking about our problems. So MANY valid points there.

      • ANTICRIME says:

        David, As you can tell from my post, I firmly believe that we need an up-grade addendum to our U.S. Constitution using all the past experience to date in making it a stronger document for our future security and liberty!
        You have some valid points and I assure you a LOT more are needed, especially concerning prohibiting any private entity such as the faux "Federal" Reserve cabal from again gaining control of our monetary system! (they have played our economy like a yo-yo over the years at their profit and at our loss!) ~ I've been advocating for years that ALL judges should be voted into office by the citizens and that there should be NO "life" tenures to the U.S. Supreme court! ~ (continued)

        • ANTICRIME says:

          ~continued from above~
          Presidents should be limited to issuing executive orders only in time of national emergency when time is of the essence, otherwise Congress is to be the arbeiter of decisions of national importance.

          Bottom Line; we need to abolish the entire current, corrupted beyond repair federal government, including Congress, and rebuild a new federal government totally cleansed of Social Democrat Commie-"Progressives" and based on an improved version of our de jure U.S. Constitution!

          Lots of work, but the states can get us out of this current Constitutional crisis we are in today, as long as Commies are not running the majority of states!

  17. Ihatelibs says:

    It's time for anarchy

    • ANTICRIME says:

      NOT REALLY; but it IS high time for the states to start considering Articles of Secession in order to bring down and abolish the entire corrupt federal government…including CONGRESS!

      Our founding fathers penned and used the U.S. Declaration of Independence in their time but also intended for it to be preserved as a guideline for future generations that would find themselves in the exact situation that we are facing today with a rogue federal government run amok of the U.S. Constitution's original intentions!!!

      States all need to secede in order to totally atrophy the feds then rebuild an entirely NEW government totally free of Commie Social Democrat "Progressives", using our unadulterated de jure U.S. Constitution!!!

      • how would those on Soc. Sec., who have PAID into the system, keep getting it, if we secede?

        • ANTICRIME says:

          THE STATES would have the funds from the revenue money withheld from the federal government to support those already within the SS rolls. Keep in mind that all the feds are doing is over-taxing us, wasting most of the money on undeserved foreign aid and pork projects then throwing back some crumbs to us, that we are to be "so thankful" for!
          I would much rather pay ALL taxes to my state for use by and for the good of the state and its citizens than to give money to a Commie-corrupted federal government to BRIBE our public schools and law enforcement agencies to follow their "guidelines" in order to be eligible or to continue receiving "Federal Funding"….ie, OUR OWN MONEY!
          Bottom Line: States CAN survive on their own WITHOUT the federal government which was originally created to alleviate confusion in world trade along with providing national SECURITY! (Sadly, we have come to the point where the feds have proven themselves to be a THREAT to national security, thus the U.S. Declaration of Independence once again is in vogue!!!)

    • Mike Travis says:

      No! Anarchy is the absence of all law and order and we are already too close to that now. What we need is to restore our Constitutional Republic as it was intended by our Founders before the politicians warped it to their own benefit. In the process, the politicians all need to be charged with treason for betraying Americans and they should suffer the punishment called for by law which is execution.


    Idiots. You can't impeach an illegal alien. Impeachment law only applies to American citizens, which Obama is obviously NOT.
    Trying to IMPEACH Obama, or trying to collect a whole lot of money from a bunch of poor citizens that actually think you have a chance in hell of impeaching this impostor?
    ADMIT you can't do it. NOW. People, do not donate to this cause…it can't legally happen.

  19. wayne acree says:

    God help this great nation. Between these idiotic Justices and our "Community Organizer" our country is in serious trouble and I'm not sure we will ever recover.

    • Mike Travis says:

      Wayne, Joyce is right. God will help us when we get on our knees and ask for His forgiveness. If we do not, we deserve the same punishment He gave to the Israelites after they turned their backs on Him despite Him giving them freedom and a land of their own, which by the way is EXACTLY what He did for us.

    • JacktheFAC says:

      We won't, recover, ever. Obamanation has taken us down the sewer too far.

  20. Natalie says:

    What are we going to do now? Even if Scum lord Obama isn't president for next year, we will have a lot of work to clean up because of him.

  21. zanografix says:

    Article !! section 3 clause 4 Faithful execution of the Law….since the president has said we will not follow this law how is he following the Constitution as to his duties..I say impeach him for failing to faithfully execute the law just one more reason in addition to obstruction of justice and fraudulently holding the office.

  22. Puddentain says:

    EVERY DAY!!!…..It's seems like EVERY DAY this friggen KENYAN gets something passed somehow!!!….This is why the Dems LOVE big government…It opens many more avenues for them to get crap authorized…I'm sick of it!!…..I wish we could vote now!!…..I'm hoping Fast and Furious provides enough incriminating evidence for impeachment.

  23. oldgringo says:

    The Supreme Court has been Corrupted by the left…..If you don't believe this wait until you see their rulings on ObamaCare….Many of us will be disappointed…..Those of us military vets who fought to defend this country against communist agression now find that the communist have infiltrated our US Congress and the SCOTUS as well!

    • you are so right. what i'm worried about is will the military who has taken a vow to protect our country and it's people or will they protect this man in the white house or will they protect the citizens of the United States? if they obey this ???? person we will have to fight our own to keep us free.this is what i fear the most. those elected to the white house,senate and the house of reps. will not even look into his past why? that is what they are suppose to do before they let people get on the ballet. I would like to know what they will do.

    • Carl Manning says:

      They have infiltrated Congress, too, and indeed just about EVERYTHING. Between the Communists on the Left and the Neoconservative/Zionist Imperialists on the Faux-Right and the US military with its head up its hindside, true Conservative American patriots haven't an ice cube's chance in Hell of turning this thing around.

  24. Carl Manning says:

    The only solution left now is Secession. In fact, it is long overdue. When over 130 kangaroo courts refuse to try Obama for High Treason; when the US Congress will not impeach Obama or investigate Obama for fear of riots and rebellion by blacks; when the US military refuses to take action in a coup d'etat to protect the Constitution, which is required by their military oath; and when the States will not muster enough judicial or legislative courage or integrity to take on the High Treason in the District of Criminals at the Executive level, it is time for State legislatures to adopt Articles of Secession to end the Compact with the federal government known as the US Constitution and for Sovereign States to either go it alone or confederate as they see fit. Everything this federal government does now and has been doing for decades opposes the American People and the US Constitution. These are mandatory grounds for Secession. The Founding Fathers committed the first act of Secession in the Revolutionary War in that they seceded from England. They called for "dissolution" of any government which has outlived its usefulness, which implies Secession by its very meaning. The Compact under which the States entered the Union was a contract. Anyone familiar with basic contract law knows that when one party no longer cares to abide by a contract, the other party has all the right to nullify the contract.

  25. to raymond,not only vision to america,but also patriot update website.between both of these sites,they have blocked 11 of my posts.especially when i talk bad about ovomit or holdup,both sites are now going into my book of communist traders.and another thing,see i call all my local politicians,and email and fax them,but i call maxine waters from california.and the 1st time a called i said i wanted to voice my opinion,as soon as i started bad mouthing ovomit the women there hung up on me,i called right back and again the same women answered the phone and again i started to tell her facts about ovomit she said to me you aren,t educated,and i said know your aren,t educated and again hung up on me.i called right back a 3rd time,and this time a different women answered,and said to me,we have your phone# and if you call again,we will call the police,sends like a threat to me,this is a truly racist person,but i will not be detered or stopped,of my freedom of speech.and another of my friends called and the same thing happened to him.god bless ron paul.sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,border guard brian terry and family,and all american veterans/ nation under god

    • Myself & others I know have had numerous problems
      with Patriot Update & other so-called "Conservative"
      websites. The most dangerous enemy you have is the
      one you don't know is there.

  26. we the people lets communicate,to the nra,amac,aarp,john birch society,we the people its time,someone set a date,pass the date along,get the word out,talk/plan/communicate/gather.head for dc,with bible in one hand and second amendment in the other hand.these treasonous traders,are counting on people to lay back and not do anything about this treason.time to talk/communicate/plan/refine peacefully the nra 3 or 4 million members.even 1/4 of that number in dc,the traders won,t like,{the communist are coming{opps}there already here.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,brian terry and family,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  27. Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.

    • Tell me why I smell something foul, offensive and fishy with your post Raymond. I have read that more than three times and I believe it. Hillary is still that idealogue from college.

  28. I think this is a CLUE how SCOTUS will decide on BarryCare. SCOTUS will want to appease the left AND the right, so they'll uphold a little here and kill a little there.

    Yup, OBAMA HAS BEEN INFLUENCING OUR SCOTUS and they are CAVING to our Constitution.

    What good is Congress? What good is SCOTUS? Obama is controlling all — just like the dictator he is!!

  29. This site blocked my comment, so they all do it. Believe it, we are all being censored.
    I wrote a lengthy comment about how all of the powers that be are just puppets for the richest families in the world, such as the Bilderberg group.
    Their goal is total control, world domination, one world govt. and population reduction.
    I don't want to write anymore details or I'll probably be blocked once again.
    Go to YouTube and search Bilderberg group to learn more.
    The ONLY thing slowing them down is our right to bear arms. Wait and see what happens when they remove that right.

  30. greytigertx says:

    Well at least my idol, Antonin Scallia dissented. This is small comfort. the day when an irate and incensed citizenry marches on Washington grows ever nearer. The only way to correct these rampant Injustices is to drag the offenders from their thrones and toss them in the Potomac river. This will not stop until they experience the fury of the people.

  31. Tar and feather them as well as Congress…
    Fire everyone….

  32. michael says:

    These liberal appointees need to go. Some aren't or ever where judges. Gingsberg is a total disgrace to our country. The two women Obama appointed are shams too. This whole system needs to be redone and totally rebooted.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Talk about liberals we knew these 2 were in Obumas pocket but ever since that creep told Roberts off roberts is going to the liberal side.You know that a Kennedy is nothing but a liberal tool but Roberts I think he stinks.

    • David F. says:

      I heard something interesting the other day when I was surfing the net. There was a lawyer from Seattle Washington that said Obama received his degree from Harvard cause a Saudi Prince paid $20 million to Harvard so Obama didn't have to go to any classes and was just given his degree…and this gentleman said that the Saudi Prince gave the money to Elena Keegan who was a dean or something at Harvard at the time. I'm not sure how reliable this information is, but it sure does make you think.

  33. The US Border has no work ethic, illegals find it easier to get beyond what is not there than it would be if everyone that was there had to work or else not be there. What the Supreme Court missed is that workers pay tax and a million workers paying tax would certainly create a bundle of tax dollars that would have a destination aimed at a work ethic, if the highest court in the land wishes to live on that welfare it should be only fair that they cannot ever be present where a work ethic commands and control everyone and everything and only logical that they could never make the rules of protecting the work ethic. What happened to the work ethic was reshaped by a new ethic that someone wants to have it for illegals usage only, so no one has designed the adequate work ethic nor stands to consider a work ethic even at the highest court where the welfare bucks would hit first protecting the rest of America's work ethic and of course their retirement if they successfully continue to persuade you they wrote the best law for a work ethic which has not included at least a million workers or more, I did not count on the Supreme Court to make that decision and I do not believe you should either. Let's Lead Our People On The Path Of The Future, not their welfare.

  34. JacktheFAC says:

    With the disasterous way they have handled this case, it sure does not make me feel easy about the way that SCOTUS will rule about OBAMANATION'S CARE.

  35. Edwardkoziol says:

    What the hell did Obunghole promise Roberts for his betrayel to the Constitution.All Obunghole had to do is tell Roberts that he made lousy decisions and this half ass conservative sold the American people and the Constitution out.Anybody with the name Kennedy you always have to be leary of.That cazy old jew Ginsburg probably forgot how wipe her own ass especially since the old bat doesn't like our Constitution.As far as sotomayer after Obungholes balls bounce off her chin she doesn't know if to swallow or spit,besides she's a spic.

  36. I knew just as sure as hell you would be in rare form tonight, Ed!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I just can't help it when I was a kid many years ago we had freedoms that kids today will never see and when a supreme court rules on feelings and not law all Americans should be scared.Since when do illegals have more rights then real citizens or that half black son of a bitch president telling the federal law enforcement not to enfoce laws concerning illegals and that wacked out lezzie Incompatano listening to him some Homeland Security we have.

  37. Shellie Heffner says:

    This has been coming long before we even knew Obama was running for office. I live in Arizona and Napolitano was our Governor, I wrote a letter to her and told her about the jobs I had been denied because I wasn't Hispanic and didn't speak spanish. I told her that I felt that if something wasn't done about the illegal immagrants coming into the country. On the States website, it said that all questions and concerns were addressed in the order they were recieved. That all incoming mail would be responded to, however, due to the high volume of mail,there could be a delay. I never did get a response, so it surprised me very little when Obama had promised her a higher posisiton in our country's government. The people he has in office that he has appointed during his time of chaos were people that helped him get there by sabatoging our country's state offices.

  38. Mutantone says:

    It just means that the focus was on the wrong party of the issue. The states need to sue the Obama administration for it's failure to control the borders as required. Charge him and his fellow members with a breech of their duties of their jobs, dock their pay accordingly. Fire them, confiscate their assets as ill-gotten gains. Prevent them from holding office again. Fire them from their jobs.without benefits and a bad reference.

  39. defender3 says:

    The Supreme Court along with our corrupt President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Marxist Communist, and cowardly Republicans are a direct assault to all freedom loving Americans in our country. We have so many asleep citizens in this country who are standing by passively waiting for our elected leaders to restore this nation to it's constitutional foundation. They will do nothing unless we demand that they act. Write them, and demand that they fulfill their constitutional duty and enforce the rules of law that this great country was founded upon.

  40. Disgusted says:

    Hang ‘em high! All of them. The “supreme” court are nothing but the current Disease’s puppets, as are the blacks and hispanic illegals. Execute them all for high treason. A revolution will come, bet your boots on it.

  41. Hagar Beeker says:

    As I have said for a few years now. The worse enemy of the "productive people" in the US is not some foreign nation, it is the govt of the US, all of them. Look at the screwups that has been wrought on the US since 1964 and guess who paid for it. Was it the stupid and weak?? What happened to the constitution of the US. LOL

  42. And those sorry son of a bitches and bitches will approve Obamacare. They have backed Barry on everything. After all there are no bigger dictators than the 9 assholes on the Supreme.

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