Support For Voter ID: Another Poll The Media Has Swept Under The Rug

fraud Support for voter ID: Another poll the media has swept under the rug

The media loves polls. Why shouldn’t they? For the most part, they control their outcome and can use them to generate fake “news” items. The media used a steady stream of twisted and distorted polls to try to convince America that we were “demanding” strict gun control – even offering one that said eighty percent of Republicans favored tighter background checks. Of course they failed, but that hasn’t stopped them from using polls as weapons against conservatives. Nevertheless, one feature of a poll that will keep the media from using it is a message that the media and its Democrat pals don’t like.

Last month, McClatchy quietly released the results of a survey they did on sentiments toward required voter ID laws. The results are so important that all of us should make note of them and make sure our Congressional Representatives hear about them.

An astounding 83% of the respondents in this survey agreed that requiring voters to “show identification in order to vote is a good idea,” and just 13% did not think it was a good idea.  More damaging to the Democrat/media propaganda message is the 72% of Democrats who agree that voter ID is a good idea, with 65% of those who see themselves as “very liberal” supporting the concept of voter ID.

At this rate, the Democrats and the media are on their way to losing another of their attempts to subvert American freedoms. Made-up stories about Republicans suppressing minority voters in Southern states (while ignoring real stories about Democrat voter fraud) doesn’t seem to be rallying Americans against voter ID laws.

Once again, the media had shown itself to be dishonest, abusive, and highly biased against conservatives. They don’t report things they don’t like, and they have become an enemy of America’s liberties.

McClatchy’s survey was conducted between July 15 and 18 – during the height of the fake rage over the Zimmerman case. They spoke to 1204 adults 18 and over using both landlines and cell phones.

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