Support For Obamacare Killing This Democrat In Primary…

No matter what anyone in the DNC or RNC says, support for Obamacare is serious poison for a campaign. Forget the “scientific” surveys showing substantial support for Barack Obama’s monster among rank and file Democrats. The fiery plummet of Allyson Schwartz’s campaign to win the Democrat nomination for governor of Pennsylvania is proof that they are wrong.

Standing with Obamacare is killing her.

A November 2013 Public Policy Polling survey found the Obamacare-supporting Schwartz with a comfortable early lead in her primary race to the nomination. In a crowded field, she was at 21%; and her most serious opponent, Tom Wolf, was at 17%. Twenty seven percent were undecided, while eight other candidates divided the rest of the support.

Schwartz enjoyed a 31% favorability rating, which was the highest in the field; but there was even better news for anyone in a Democrat primary. The 38% who called themselves “very liberal” backed her. Before people realized what a disaster Obamacare is, she was home free; but that was then, not now.

Since November, support for Obamacare has turned into a serious drag, even for a Democrat in a Democrat primary.

The most recent poll of likely voters in the Pennsylvania Democrat primary shows that the ground has shifted under Ms. Schwartz; and she is now trailing far behind the leader, businessman Wolf. She has dropped to just 7% support in a Franklin & Marshall College poll. Her support of Obamacare has caused two thirds of her backers to run away. Based on the numbers, apparently even the “very liberal” voters who will turn out on Election Day have left her.

Desperate to get back on track, the self-delusional Schwartz has doubled down and is running a new ad showing her proudly supporting Obamacare. She is also challenging her rivals to join her in her mistake. “Misery loves company” comes to mind here.

The so-called “experts” who are telling us that Obamacare is not a “magic sword” that will destroy anyone who supports it are very wrong.

If Schwartz, a champion of Obamacare, is crashing in a Democrat primary, the national Democrats and Republicans are either lying or totally clueless. There is no reason to trust anyone who says that there is any significant support for Obamacare, even among Democrats.

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    live by the sword, die by the sword

  2. Anyone who voted for Obamascam Vote Them OUT, I don't care if they have any regrets, it is too bad, they got to go

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