Super Jew: An Exceptional American

Super Jew SC Super Jew: An Exceptional American

On December 22nd, 1992, America lost a colorful character who happily embodied her larger-than-life ideals.

Self-named “Super Jew”, Mr. Lawrence Freedman was working as a CIA paramilitary officer when he died in Somalia due to a land mine.

He retired from the US Army Special Forces as a Sergeant Major. He was a Vietnam combat veteran who served in the Army’s counter terrorism unit, code named Delta Force.

He served his country in various capacities for 25 years and helped make history we read today.

I’ve often said that America is a superhero nation. Folks like him show why I say it. Our super principles will produce super people so long as we don’t abandon what makes America great.

In Super Jew, we have yet another real-life superhero who led a life most can only dream about.

Study his life and others for ways to escape the ordinary, especially now when times are so hard for so many.

His exploits earned him two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart in Vietnam. He was also posthumously awarded the CIA Intelligence Star.

His courage, patriotism, and mastery of difficult, dangerous skills show yet again how great we can become if we meet America half way.

Super Jew met America all the way and in the process became a legend.

Links about Lawrence Freedman. Enjoy!:


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Photo credit: seburb (Creative Commons)

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  1. I'm confused on two fronts. The first sentence refers to a female but the article is talking about a male. Secondly, this was in 1992?

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