Subsidiarity And Solidarity In Health Care

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Obamacare is finally exposed for what it always was – dangerous and deadly, promulgated by unfriendly forces outside the halls of government.

The software also doesn’t work, whether by incompetence or by design.

The “Cloward and Piven” technique of overwhelming the system remains in play, coupled with Alinsky tactics of ridiculing any who question it. About 80% of those who signed up for healthcare chose Medicaid – not Obamacare. Hanging the lure of “free” Medicaid plays right into the single-payer takeover game Obama longed for in a 2008 speech to the equally complicit SEIU.

$1.25 to $4 – Few seem to understand that when needs are handled locally outside the immediate family, it costs the community about $1.25 for every dollar that reaches the one in need. If the state handles the problem, it takes $2 in taxes for every dollar that reaches the point of need. If a program like EBT is handled by the Federal government, it costs $4 in taxes and new debt for every $1 to serve the EBT card holder or ANY Federal health, education, or welfare activity.

Common sense would tell us to avoid any centralization of health, education, or welfare. The Federal Government has roles in national infrastructure; an honest monetary system which we’ve been lacking since 1913; a strong, well equipped and trained military; and the capability to meet dire emergencies as a last resort and only until the crisis passes.

  • Subsidiarity starts at the bottom and works up as needed.
  • Entitlement comes from the top to placate the restless natives and enriches its agents.

If I were a totalitarian “progressive,” I’d be sure this was done:

  • Attain single payer from here; kill the insurance companies or merge them into a giant one service – one coverage – one payer Federal Medicaid system.
  • Eliminate the necessity to deal with troublesome states and their Constitutional prerogatives.
  • Doctors must no longer run private practices or select their specialties as per their personal God-given gifts and talents (e.g., Dr. Ben Carson’s “Gifted Hands.”)
  • Muslims coverage must be free for all their wives – otherwise, it’s gambling! (pg 107 ACA on Dhimmitude)
  • Meet the Administration’s goal of drastic world population reduction by eliminating any who don’t fit the template. Saves a lot of trouble dealing with a drooling, stumbling grandma or that retarded kid down the street.
  • To finally succeed in a one world government – a fascist corporate state or a supreme caliphate, this population reduction technique is necessary to control a two class society, with the middle class eliminated.

The Federal Government has no competence or valuable purpose to be involved in Health, Education, and Welfare! Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee stood strong to defund Obamacare because it is intrinsically evil. Charles Krauthammer apparently only saw the structure, not what it was made of as he angrily demeaned Senator Cruz for his “unpopular” stand against “the law of the land.”

The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee calls for my feeble donation – “Yeah, when you publicly apologize to Senator Cruz!” Better to donate to Cruz and Lee’s mentor Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund.

Do our Congressmen and Administration encourage outside groups like Soros’ Tides Foundation to write bills in their image? 1,000+ pagers from Dodd-Frank to ACA to Immigration came from totalitarian sources. Bills limited to 100 pages can be exposed to the light of day.

Bureaucracies must never assume license to activate enforcement with an emphasis on their job security by imposing harassment, fines, and lawsuits instead of enjoying exhortation to competition and stewardship.

The Church has been in the development of health care a long time, leading to what Obama inherited as the finest system the world has ever seen. 90% Catholic Austria held that position until the socialist Nazis and Communists fought over her in the 1930’s. Today it’s “progressives” and jihadists.

[1]Fruitful dialogue between faith and reason cannot but render the work of charity more effective within society. It constitutes the most appropriate framework for promoting fraternal collaboration between believers and non-believers in their shared commitment to working for the health of the human family. Instead, the Administration, using the ACA, has been demanding that all faith-based institutions and their members’ businesses comply with the ACA’s lowest form of ethics and morality.

The principle of subsidiarity is particularly well-suited to managing health care and directing it towards authentic human development and prosperity. In order not to produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature, the governance of health care must be marked by bottom up subsidiarity, articulated into different levels that can work together.

The principle of subsidiarity must remain closely linked to the principle of solidarity and vice versa, since the former without the latter gives way to social privatism while the latter without the former gives way to paternalist social assistance that is demeaning to those in need. The current path will surely lock people into a state of dependence and has already fostered situations of oppression and exploitation.

Health care certainly requires authority. This authority must be organized in a subsidiary and stratified way if it is not to infringe upon freedom and if it is to yield effective results in practice. This has to include religious institutions that have pioneered quality health care for centuries while respecting their moral codes; for community organizations dedicated to specific needs; and to the charity of people who are “poor in spirit”, who recognize needs, and are willing to sacrifice assets and talents to help bring about solutions.

University hospitals and research facilities house the best minds and have proximity to serve the populace. Government can and should support basic research, as this also provides the ideal setting for catastrophic care when needed.

Sadly, the federal government has violated subsidiarity and destroyed solidarity in reversing the natural order. If it is to have an ongoing role, it must be in coordinating broader citizen efforts and picking up the tab for major (catastrophic) medical situations.

Institutions by themselves are not enough because integral human development is primarily a vocation; and therefore, it involves a free assumption of responsibility in solidarity on the part of everyone. Moreover, such health care requires a transcendent vision of the person; it needs God. Without Him, health care is either denied or entrusted exclusively to man, who ends up promoting a dehumanized form of health care.

I believe the American people are finally wising up.

[1] Paraphrased from “Caritas in veritate” encyclical letter by Pope Benedict XVI.


Photo Credit: caroline_1

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The main problem with our health care system is not even addressed with this over reaching power driven takeover.
    We have many free health clinics and hospitals throughout our country but yet they are overtaxed. So are our emergency rooms. The small resources are gobbled up by illegal aliens.
    Now while every American citizen MUST purchase government approved health care insurance, illegal aliens do not. Trouble is, they STILL will use our health care resources without the burden of payment. Any kind of payment.
    So who pays for their care? Who will pay for their children to be born? The American taxpayer of course.

    Instead of taking care of the real issues in our health care system, which is illegal aliens and unaccountable physicians, the government decides to make all taxpayers responsible for their neighbors.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Nothing for me to open my big mouth about when you said exactly what I think.My niece was rear ended by an illegal and the trooper told her that her insurance co. will have to cover it because by tomorrow he'll be out of state.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I know the feeling all to well. My sisters car was totaled by an illegal and so was one of mine. It's a good fight but you can win.
        Illegal aliens are the scourge that is the undoing of America.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Lawmaking and bureaucracy must incorporate “Subsidiarity” – personal responsibility (the opposite of entitlement) — and “Solidarity” (together in the unity of “e pluribus unum.”) It will always be played out in the wonderful Chaos of human interaction with proper and minimal government oversight. Then there is a chance to preserve the American Way of Life in our Constitutional Republic where all have a chance to prosper –  to try, to fail, and to try again to rise above our personal poverty to dreams fulfilled.

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