Styrofoam: Bloomberg’s Latest Victim

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Though he will soon be replaced by Bill de Blasio, a Democrat with socialist ties, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg apparently wants America to remember that he is in favor of an invasive government, too.

Criticized for a number of failed attempts to regulate or ban certain purchases, including soft drinks, his opponents have bestowed upon him the appropriate moniker of “Nanny Bloomberg.” Among his final proposals in office is a call to prohibit one ubiquitous product that should ensure his nickname is safe for years to come.

Bloomberg has organized a hearing set for next week that would prevent New Yorkers from using Styrofoam containers. A group of city council members serving on the sanitation committee will hear the proposal, which Bloomberg’s representatives claim will reduce waste.

Still, the foam products used by many retailers serve a vital purpose and are far more cost-effective than other options. One restaurant owner said she uses them “because they’re great at keeping food fresh and because they’re economical.”

Rosemary Nunez explained she feels that this “is just another example of the administration trampling on the interests of the people who create jobs in the city.”

Obviously, if Styrofoam is made illegal, entrepreneurs will be forced to switch to another product and pass the cost increases on to their customers. Given New York’s outrageous cost of living and confiscatory tax system, any increase in prices could have widespread repercussions to the local restaurant industry. Studies show that the total cost of replacing these products with the next cheapest substitute would be close to $100 million.

Furthermore, more than 1,000 employees in the New York Styrofoam industry would undoubtedly face an insecure working environment.

These consequences have little bearing in the decision-making process of a leftist like Bloomberg. In his zeal to save the world from sugary drinks and convenient packaging, he rarely mentions the negative reactions his proposals would initiate.

In order to dispel any optimism that de Blasio will support less regulation, he beat Bloomberg to the punch by advocating for a similar proposal three years ago.

The nation’s largest city, which improved remarkably under the leadership of Rudy Giuliani, is now hopelessly mired in leftist ideology. Elections have consequences, however, which is why New Yorkers are fleeing the city in droves to relocate in more conservative regions of the nation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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