Stunning Report: Abortion Leading Cause Of Death In America

Abortion II

Barack Obama’s administration is “the most rabid pro-abortion administration in US History,” according to the recent Christian Action News.  As the 41st anniversary of Roe V. Wade approaches on January 22, the question is asked by the editors: “In a nation that regularly polls as majority pro-life, how on God’s green earth have we not been able to end the killings:”

Abortion is now the leading cause of death in the US, with  1,310,000 pre-born innocent human beings ripped apart in their mothers’ wombs either by hard cold scissors rammed into the back of their skulls or by burning saline baths or by some other horrific method of death.  This article, also, points out that “98% of abortions are for CONVENIENCE!”  Pope John Paul II best summed up why abortion is so wrong when he said, “It is difficult to imagine a more unjust situation, and it is very difficult to speak of obsession in a matter such as this, where we are dealing with a fundamental imperative of every good conscience–the DEFENSE OF THE RIGHT TO LIFE OF AN INNOCENT AND DEFENSELESS HUMAN BEING.”

But to liberal judges, liberal feminists, our mainstream media and liberals in general who rigidly cling to Justice Harry Blackmun’s penumbra of privacy that millions of adults worldwide use as their legal OK to terminate pregnancies, perhaps a viewing of this shocking video that is banned on youtube and Facebook will change some cruel hearts and minds.  Go to, “This is Abortion” to see what really happens when a baby is killed in what once was the safest place on earth to be, a mother’s womb.  The yellow and black warning label warns viewers of graphic, disturbing images. But perhaps we NEED to get disturbed.  By the way, some Black pastors warn parishioners that abortion kills blacks over and above the national statistics. But their message, like this video, is stifled by a media that refuse to tell Americans what really happens when a baby is killed.  Demographic suicide is a term this newspaper article uses to denounce countries like South Korea which “has the highest abortion rate in the world–1.5 million abortions per year for a population of 49 million–about seven times higher than the rate in the US.”

We need to pause to contemplate how our media gods could fail to realize the enormity of what they are doing by failing to show what really happens in an abortion.  The editorial that appeared in one of South Florida’s very liberal newspapers on Christmas Eve may give readers some perspective into the mindset of one American editorialist.  PALM BEACH POST editorial writer Andrew Marra ( castigates Governor Rick Scott’s administration for refusing to allow the display of a falling angel by the Satanic Temple of New York.  “Where exactly is the problem,” Marra asks of Governor Scott?

The satanic themed decoration was rejected because it was “grossly offensive” and would have been placed near Christianity’s Nativity Scene in the Florida state capitol.  Marra equates the display of the satanic fallen angel depiction with the display of Christ’s birth because the right of free speech requires a “content-neutral” application.  Here we have a content neutral approach to humanity’s goodness vs. evil and as our culture slides deeper and deeper into its culture of death, the media gods are winning.  These culture neutral gods have control of the vast US, bi-coastal media-entertainment complex and we are fed their sickness day after day, year after year.  More babies who are womb murdered are replaced on screen with over-the-top pictures of dogs and cats being “loved” by tv actors who show care for animals, but who ignore human suffering.

The media’s religions of Pantheism and Zoolatry (the worship of animals) can not see God in a baby in its mother’s womb, but can feature love of animals. When the left grabbed control of our courts and media institutions, the lives of millions of American babies not even yet conceived, were sentenced to horrible deaths we never are allowed to see.  Instead, we see humans kissing dogs, cats, pushing them in baby carriages in images that just do not seem right.

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  1. Breaks my Heart. So Sad and God Is Crying.

    • oldtimered says:

      God is God and the more we reject God and His commandments and love the more he allows us and the devil to run things. The devil's time is getting short, if we want to continue to follow him our time to hell is short and for eternity. That is the thought the pro abortionists can not allow themselves to contemplate. Maybe God's forgiveness if they repent should be stressed. Eternal mercy and compassion is what God has always wanted for us.

  2. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

    Why is this not categorized as genocide? What choice does the fetus have? With this day after pill there shoould be no need for abortion, right? This is just too out of hand and must be stopped or limited somehow. With all of the brainpower in this society, why can't someone come up with a solution?

  3. I know I'll be labeled "cold", but I feel that a vast majority of aborted babies would become future liberal idiots who would be hell-bent yo take my freedoms from me. Under that guise,though repulsive to me,I look at abortion as the liberals attempt in self destruction and applaud them in that effort.

  4. Obama and his goons love that.Happy New Year

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe that if you kill a baby who can live on its own outside the womb it should be murder and any doctor who performs the abortion should end up like that Philly doctor Gosnell.The mother or so called mother should be jailed or sentenced to death with the medical person doing the abortions.

  6. Simple solution….
    Every single woman, with the exception of cases of rape or medical necessity, need to be immediately STERILIZED after their first (and last) abortion…with NO EXCEPTIONS.
    The fact that they would so easily and willingly end the existence of their own flesh and blood should more than amply demonstrate their lack of any respect for life, and therefore prove their inability to be proper and dependable stewards of parenthood.
    In a nutshell, GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT….in perpetuity.
    It should be painfully obvious that people will NOT learn to keep their pants up instead of acting responsibly.
    They want a 'convenient' abortion to escape their parental responsibility ? Fine.
    Make their first abortion their last. Then they can go out and screw their brains out without the murdering-the-helpless-unborn part, and the 'inconvenience'.

  7. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Every single soul who has committed abortion – even if it was by "encouragement" or financial assistance – will be confronted with their evil deed when they stand before Almighty God. When they are confronted with Judgment before the throne of Almighty God, they will see their baby that they aborted. If they die at an advanced age, that baby they murdered will be a full grown human being residing in Heaven. If they have not repented of this heinously diabolically evil selfish sin, they will be confronted 24/7/365 with the image of that child for eternity in Hell. The untold story is that so many women who have committed abortion along with men who have paid for them are spiritually tormented by demons they have invited into their lives by this diabolical sin. Many can't even sleep at night without taking sleep medications. Many try to hide their dirty laundry in alcoholism or drugs, but those haunting demons of depression, suicide, guilt, and nightmares will not let them forget the evil they have done.

  8. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Many States have already met the Constitutional requirement for an Article V (Amendments) Constitutional Convention for addressing such issues as Abortion, Term Limits, and a Balanced Budget, but the US Congress hasn't even been keeping tally on the number of State Legislatures who have petitioned them for such an Article V Convention. In fact, Congress, since its inception, has NEVER acknowledged on MANY OCCASIONS when the 2/3rds requirement was actually met. It has already been met MANY TIMES!!! This Article V in the US Constitution was the failsafe that the Founding Fathers put in there for just such a time as this when the entire federal government has become a runaway instrument of diabolically mad tyranny.

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