Study Suggests Anti-Bullying Efforts Create More Bullies

School Bus SC 225x300 Study suggests Anti Bullying efforts create more bullies

With the possible exception of trashing the Second Amendment, bullying seems to be the major focus of today’s public school administrators. Targeting largely innocuous behavior no different than that of generations past, educators are now trying to ensure no child is picked on or singled out for any reason.

While this might appear a noble goal on the surface, a recent study indicates that the result of anti-bullying campaigns is counterproductive.

Seokjin Jeong, a criminologist at the University of Texas at Arlington, decided to take a look at data from across the nation for his investigation. He compiled information about 7,000 students and found that schools’ efforts to curb bullying was either ineffective or even exacerbated the problem.

Describing his findings as “very disappointing” and “very surprising,” Jeong said that “intervention or prevention does not work.”

Students in schools without an active anti-bullying campaign are actually less likely to be a victim of such behavior, he reported, noting that evidence also indicates the implementation of such programs encourages bullying.

One reason for this trend, he suggested, is that a school’s effort to educate students about bullying can actually teach potentially aggressive kids new ways to target their classmates.

He noted that some programs include ways to escape detection and information about cyber bullying, which can give bullies “new techniques” and “new skills.”

Jeong said that his study “raises an alarm,” noting that most parents are not aware of the “possibility of negative impact from anti-bullying programs.”

In their effort to redefine what it means to be an adolescent, administrators have been engaging in a seriously shortsighted campaign.

Teasing others has been — and always will be — a natural part of growing up. As unfortunate as it is that some students will be picked on more than others, and often for attributes they cannot change, these relentless anti-bullying programs are provably making matters worse.

These continuous campaigns represent just one more area in which government-controlled education is focused more on social experimentation than preparing students for the future. Since replacing a balanced education with indoctrination and propaganda, students have obviously suffered. The unintended consequences found in Jeong’s study prove that these policies have also made the public school a more hostile place.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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