Study: Lesbianism Quadrupled In Past 20 Years

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Though the left denies it exists, a homosexual agenda has infiltrated our culture in recent generations. Along with other self-absorbed proponents of moral relativism, adherents to this cause assert that homosexuality is inherently no different than the union of a man and woman.

Obviously, a large number of people – specifically those with a moral compass guided by a faith in God – believe same-sex relationships are sinful. Plenty of others, however, have accepted the false equivalency endorsed by the politically correct crowd at face value.

This trend is illustrated in an eye-opening study among British women. While less than two percent of females reported having at least one lesbian relationship, more than four times as many – almost one in 10 – admitted to the same in a recent update.

Experts believe the findings would be similarly as alarming within the U.S.

Research scientist Debra Herbenick cited a more permissive culture as the cause, describing an environment of “encouragement for both women and men for exploring the desires that they do have.”

While secular leftists might contend this is a positive step, more traditional individuals believe there is virtue in modesty and, to a certain extent, shame. Permitting any and all exploration of personal desires only leads to a society with no boundaries.

Increased legitimization of homosexual relationships has already led to calls for even more inappropriate activity to be accepted. Though gay activists guaranteed their cause was not the first step of a proverbial slippery slope, the shift has prompted other groups – including child molesters – to claim a right to similar acceptance.

Kay Wellings, one of the researchers responsible for the study, suggested that “the profound changes in the position of women in society” played a role in the increased levels of homosexuality within the gender’s ranks.

No matter the cause, though, it is apparent that sexual perversion is now seen by many Westerners as a completely normal option. It would be an absurd argument to suggest that four times more people are born homosexual today than a mere two decades ago, which means the only logical explanation is that people are choosing to engage in such behavior.

Meanwhile, those who hold the position that homosexuality is a conscious sin like any other are roundly demonized in the media and by gay rights activists. Nevertheless, just as these advocates stand firm on their dysfunctional belief system, those guided by their faith must adhere to their moral compass.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: °]° (Creative Commons)

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