Study: Leftist Films Highly Influential

Photo Credit: Kiran Ambre (Creative Commons)

It should come as little surprise that much of Hollywood is under the control of virulent leftism. While films espousing traditional values are often relegated to limited engagements and shoestring budgets, huge amounts of money are earmarked each year for movies that trash conservatism at every turn.

Even ostensibly kid-friendly films often express deeply ideological messages that serve to indoctrinate the next generation with leftist themes.

According to one recent study conducted at the University of Notre Dame, this trend might be even more dangerous than conservatives initially thought. Apart from merely reflecting the personal beliefs of a film’s writers, producers, and directors, movies with a leftward slant can actively change viewers’ opinions on some issues.

The study followed approximately 300 students separated into three groups. While one was shown a politically neutral film, the other two groups were subjected to movies with a partisan bias toward leftism.

As a result of the study, political scientists were able to determine a movie’s message can hold significant sway over its audience. Lead author Dr. Todd Adkins called it “puzzling” that “research has generally ignored the possibility that popular films can affect political attitudes.”

His team was able to conclude that it does, he explained, noting the change is effectively subconscious.

“Viewers come expecting to be entertained and are not prepared to encounter and evaluate political messages as they would during campaign advertisements or network news,” he said.

Furthermore, evidence shows the effect is “not moderated by partisanship, ideology, or political knowledge.”

Unfortunately, the left continues to exert a stranglehold on much of the entertainment industry. Given its effectiveness, it seems unlikely Hollywood will reverse its course anytime soon.

In a free market based on supply and demand, however, a movie’s prospective audience often determines whether the project will be completed or not. If enough patriots demand to see movies that more closely reflect their worldview, some entrepreneurs will identify the revenue source and provide such content.

Much like A&E’s decision to reinstate Phil Robertson after his recent suspension, profit is the only thing many media moguls care about more than ideology.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Kiran Ambre (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I watched a movie called White House Down,at first I thaught it was a good action show until I realized it was libturd propaganda movie trying to make that half black cockroach Obutthole look like a nice 1/2 coon.

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