Students Receive Doomsday Climate Propaganda

Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)

The leftist brainwashing campaign within our public school system has been well documented over the past several decades. With the recent adoption by many states of a federally mandated curriculum plan, however, such anecdotal evidence has increased exponentially. For this reason, conservative parents have been rightfully critical of the Common Core standards backed by the Obama administration.

Along with issues such as guns and sexuality, educators are increasingly interested in exclusively presenting the far-left view regarding global warming. Despite the fact that recent science has disproved countless absurd projections by the radical environmentalist crowd, students are still being taught that man-caused climate change will have apocalyptic results.

One Colorado school illustrated this disturbing trend when fifth graders were forced to ingest the propagandistic rants of a Common Core-approved workbook author. The lesson requires students to envision a time in the future during which the entire east coast is submerged in water due to the effects of global warming.

“By the early 21st century,” the assignment stated, “people knew that the massive use of fossil fuels was heating up the planet. But people did not stop their destructive lifestyles.”

Despite empirical evidence showing that the earth’s arctic ice is in fact expanding, this intellectually dishonest lesson teaches students that, because evil humans “kept using up Earth’s resources,” melting ice sheets are an assured consequence.

After being subjected to this blatant indoctrination, the young students are then directed to answer incredibly leading questions such as, “How could the problems have been avoided?”

Of course, instructors are looking for the politically correct answer blaming mankind for these fabricated ills.

In a response to the controversy, a district spokesperson told Complete Colorado that any perceived controversy is unfounded because the assignment was based on a fictional work of literature. Obviously, disingenuous excuses like this one are even more insulting to outraged parents than if the district simply owned the fact that it is interested in instilling opinion – not fact – into the developing minds of the next generation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. priklypete says:

    We are warming the climate is "strictly propoganda" from our liars around the world.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This brainwashing of the young is how the Evil Empire will succeed on climate change.

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