Student’s Claim Of Racism Outed As Hoax

RACE BLUDGEON Students claim of racism outed as hoax

A black student in New Jersey was at the center of a local firestorm when he reported receiving a number of virulently racist texts. The teen happened to be running for president of the Saint Peter’s Preparatory School student council at the time, and the hateful messages he received certainly garnered him some sympathy support.

Compassion quickly turned to outrage when school officials determined he sent the texts to himself in an apparent attempt to portray himself as a victim.

Although the texts were sent through a smartphone application, police investigating the incident were able to pinpoint their origin.

The student, who was ultimately elected class vice-president, reportedly no longer attends St. Peter’s Prep; and a school spokesperson said the “community is relieved that this extremely distressing incident has found closure.”

Shortly after the story broke, the student’s father spoke to reporters on his behalf, saying the 16-year-old was “extremely nervous and feels threatened.”

There is no indication his father knew the entire ordeal was invented, describing the teen as “the type of boy who does not want any kind of trouble” and who “doesn’t want the image of the school to be tainted.”

With an increasing number of black-on-white violent crimes, specifically against the elderly, it is telling that this case is just one of countless hoaxes perpetrated to maintain the leftist narrative.

To the extent racism still exists in modern America, most of the blame lies with those who will not admit the incredible advances we have made as a culture. When Sharpton, Jackson, and the like blather incessantly about racism that exists solely in their own convoluted minds, it becomes easier for a younger generation to exaggerate and even fabricate their own stories of injustice.


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