Students Are Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s Control Freak Ways And Now They’re Hitting Back Full Force

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It’s well known by now that First Lady Michelle Obama has long campaigned for “healthier” food choices in America’s schools. Out with the “bad”, in with the “good” — at least good in her opinion. And a lot of parents as well as nutritionists support the “Lunch Lady’s” effort to reduce kids’ sugar and fat intake. However…

There is significant push-back in many places. From kids who are unhappy. Parents who don’t like the dictates. School districts that find they’re throwing out tons of “healthy” but uneaten food.

And as students all over America return to their classrooms, a new twitter hashtag — #BringBackOurSnacks — is exploding with tasty comments about empty vending machines and unwelcome food menu selections. Here are just a few of the more choice tweets:

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  1. Hit that man back as hard as possible

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's about time that someone is telling the black ho to get out of telling people or students what to eat.Let her stick to feeding her two niglets bananas.Nobody elected her to anything,just look at her fat ass.She can carry a tray on her big black ass.

  3. When I was in school, a trip to the "store" was a real treat between classes. A candy bar before typing class made me number ONE in the class. Thanks to Clark and Butterfinger.

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