Student Suspended For Including This Disgusting Secret Ingredient In Batch Of Cupcakes

Public school districts across the nation are prohibiting students from bringing food prepared elsewhere onto campus due primarily to allergy or nutritional concerns.

While many parents see the ban as an unreasonable demand, one California high school student offered a fairly compelling reason for implementing such restrictions.

According to local media outlets, a teenage girl at Centennial High School in Bakersfield was recently suspended for distributing cupcakes containing a variety of nauseating ingredients including semen, pubic hair, and pills. Reports indicate she targeted bullies with the sickening sweets; and when asked why the baked goods tasted bad, she told her fellow students what they had just consumed.

The girl has since been suspended, and local police confirm they have initiated an investigation into the disturbing series of events. No charges have been made and, according to authorities, the entire ordeal might have merely been a hoax perpetrated by the student.

Investigators described the situation as a “high school prank,” explaining they are now under the impression that the cupcakes were filled with mayonnaise and other sauces instead of the bodily fluids the teen claimed.

In any case, the remaining cupcakes were destroyed; and a scheduled ‘food day’ in one class was cancelled as a result.

At least one student who ate an entire tainted cupcake reportedly missed school the following day after complaining of digestive problems. Centennial High School also became the latest school to ban outside food, administrators confirmed in a notification sent home Friday.

Pranks have always been a part of growing up; and considering the myopic nature of adolescence, such practical jokes are often highly inappropriate. No matter what was included in this student’s cupcakes, it is clear how she portrayed them to their recipients.

Many believe leftist teachers unions and federal Common Core standards are working in tandem to replace traditional education with statist propaganda. Ideologically motivated school officials can easily use incidents like this cupcake fiasco to implement even more policies that in effect punish all students instead of the one responsible.

Photo Credit: Pamela (Creative Commons)

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