Student Forced To Remove NRA T-shirt

NRA 2 SC Student forced to remove NRA T shirt

In yet another drastic overreaction by public school administrators, a high school student in Anaheim Hills, Calif., was recently reprimanded for wearing a shirt bearing a message supportive of the National Rifle Association.

Bearing the likeness of a hunter and an NRA slogan, Haley Bullwinkle said she was sent to the principal’s office because her shirt supposedly “promoted gun violence.”

The NRA has long been a lightning rod for leftist vitriol; however, the mere mention of this highly influential group being seen as an incitation of violence is absurd.

“They were treating me like a criminal,” Bullwinkle said, prompting her father to seek answers from the school.

According to an email response to his request, principal Kimberly Fricker indicated that it is “protocol to have students change when they’re in violation of the dress code.”

The concerned parent shot back by pointing out the hypocrisy of allowing drill team members to handle replica guns while not allowing his daughter to wear a completely innocuous T-shirt. He also pointed out the fact that the school’s own mascot could be seen as problematic.

“I think that if you consider the … image of the hunter to be offensive,” he said, “certainly there are groups that would consider the Comanche Indian to be offensive.”

He has since been in contact with an attorney regarding possible legal action.

Considering the utter disdain shown by today’s educators toward any reference to firearms, it can be difficult to believe that Second Amendment rights were once embraced within American schools. Unfortunately, that widespread demonization of guns has correlated with a spike in preventable gun violence.

–Western Journalism staff writer

Photo credit: HunT Trader (Creative Commons)

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