Student Faces Expulsion For Drawing Ninja


The outrageous overreaction of school officials toward any mention of guns on campus has been well-documented by the conservative press in recent months. Naturally, schools should be practicing commonsense safety procedures in the wake of several mass shootings; however, many students continue to find themselves in trouble for the most innocuous of infractions.

Among the latest disciplinary overreaches took place in Scottsdale, Ariz. as Halloween approached. While thinking about what he wanted as a costume, one eight-year-old student drew a sketch of a ninja, a soldier, and a character from the ubiquitous Star Wars franchise.

Each of the figures naturally held a firearm, a requisite accessory for such professions. The headmaster at Country Day School was not pleased, however, and threatened to invoke a harsh penalty for his drawing.

After his father learned the boy could be expelled from school for the doodles, he decided to remove the child from that particular school.

According to the parent, his son posed no danger to his classmates. Even the headmaster conceded that his journal contained wishful prose regarding the elimination of nuclear weapons and a plan for “saving the earth and protecting humanity.”

Like almost all other boys his age, however, guns are likely an interesting topic that no amount of indoctrination will completely erode. Such an interest has absolutely no correlation to a child’s potential for violence.

Nevertheless, the headmaster concluded that this child posed such a risk that the school “couldn’t guarantee the safety” of the other students as long as he attended.

The father, who along with his son was not identified in the press, said the administrators behind the decision was not only guilty of bullying students in the school; they also “bullied the parents.”

A myopic zero-tolerance policy regarding anything gun-related stifles creativity and imagination while sending students the tacit message that firearms in any context should be shunned.

Unless parents are willing to stand up for the proper education of the next generation, this leftist indoctrination will continue unabated as wave after wave of cultural zombies enter the real world. A healthy respect for and adherence to the Second Amendment will create a far more prepared populace than the knee-jerk fear of anyone who believes in the right to bear arms.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. mutantone says:

    time to remove the ones pushing the agenda to such extremes. Remove them from their jobs for a lack of common sense

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    We do background checks so when going for a job in the education field so why not check for stupidity and common sense.This political correctness bullshit has gone way to far.

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