Student Claims ‘Twerking’ Now Taught In Public School

Miley Cyrus SC 196x300 Student claims Twerking now taught in public school

For those lucky enough to have avoided pop star Miley Cyrus’ disgraceful performance at this year’s Video Music Awards, the concept of “twerking” might be foreign. The overtly sexual dance style involves a female gyrating her posterior against the crotch of a male partner, crassly simulating copulation.

While the 20-year-old’s behavior was bad enough, the craze has become widespread and, according to one student, is even an extracurricular course in high school.

Accompanied by a sign-up sheet he said was posted in New York City’s Millennium High School, a user on the website Reddit indicated a teacher is sponsoring a club designed to teach the scandalous act.

The poster, who uses the screen name Sharpinero, expressed his disapproval with a comment accompanying the photo.

“My school actually sponsors this,” he wrote, “and I’m just sitting here wishing we had a ping pong club.” As of the time he posted the photo, nine students had already added their names to the list.

Contacted by the Daily Caller, Sharpinero provided additional reaction to the club and those who are interested in joining.

“I was actually embarrassed for my school,” he said, after realizing that a number of his peers planned to take part in the activity. “I feel as if everybody who signed up either had no shred of dignity left, or was signing up as a joke; but it turns out that this is a legitimate club.”

Following Cyrus’ unbecoming display, many decried her performance, suggesting her young fans would begin to emulate that behavior. Unfortunately, these critics underestimated the depravity of today’s culture. It appears that kids won’t need to review the former Disney star’s moves — they can just sign up for lessons at school.


–Western Journalism staff writer

Photo Credit: xo xo know you love me (Creative Commons)


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    So Miley likes it doggie style is this why it should be taught in school.I'm sure most people who engage in sex don't have to be taught this twrking most girls even the young ones know how to make a mans banana stand.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    Wow, this is so disgusting, I hope the parents of these kids goes to school and create a ruckus over this disgusting dance that this miley did and now they this teacher thinks is a good idea to teach young people to dance this way.

    The truth is this is nothing new, this dance was started by blacks and it has been going on for a long time for years.

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