Stockman: I Couldn’t Take Hearing Obama Anymore

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman made headlines last month after leaving Barack Obama’s State of the Union address before it was over. The conservative legislator, who is gearing up for a primary battle against Sen. John Cornyn, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism, during which he explained his motivation to walk out on the speech.

He explained that members of the audience received a sneak peek of the address, which offered proof that Obama would “again say my way or the highway.”

Obama’s philosophy, Stockman assessed, is that “he doesn’t need Congress; he doesn’t need the Senate. He doesn’t need anybody but himself because he knows best for all.”

One need only observe Obama’s record, Stockman explained, to gain perspective regarding his future plans for America.

“We know when we look back at ObamaCare, we say this was your idea, this is what you championed; yet he is saying I want to do more of this – only this time I’m even going to do it without Congress.”

In the end, Stockman said he reached his limit of imperial rhetoric and made the principled decision to excuse himself early.

“I just couldn’t take hearing him anymore delivering that kind of speech,” he concluded.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wish more sissy ass republicans would have got up and left. I get tired of hearing that same old crap you have to respect the office well it works 2 ways the office has to respect you.This Sand Monkey doesn't respect any conservative or republican.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Stockman for president

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