Stimulus Grant Funded Sex Study Among Gay Dads

Gay Marriage SC Stimulus grant funded sex study among gay dads

When one considers the rampant waste associated with the ill-fated 2009 economic stimulus package, it is evident that the economy was not its true focus at all.

Apparently, the California district represented by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to instead focus on a “stimulus package” of an altogether different stripe.

Financed by nearly half a million in stimulus grant money, the San Francisco State University set out to unravel the mystery surrounding homosexual fathers’ sex lives.

The results of “Health and HIV Among Gay Fathers” was initially published in a psychology journal in 2012 and included the claim that homosexual parents are at a reduced risk for HIV because “they become very focused on the kids, they are tired, there is less time for communication and less desire for sex.”

Such a groundbreaking discovery is obviously worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from a stimulus meant to restart a depressed economy, but the researchers didn’t stop there. They also made sure to look out for those sexually promiscuous gay dads out there who might have missed the memo about the risks of HIV.

Calling monogamy a “stigma” for gay fathers, the report said that rampant unprotected sex “could be a concern” and urged men to “talk to their physician about their sexual agreement and get tested for HIV.”

The exhaustive – and exhausting – report touched on several other topics, including the “deepened … relationship” between two men after adopting kids.

Concerning the purported mission of Obama’s stimulus package, though, this grant was just another abysmal failure. Reports show that no jobs were either created or retained through the expenditure of all related funds.
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Photo credit: Dave Schumaker (Creative Commons)

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